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18 October 2005 | Addonna
| Food Fetish Fun
Food and Sex, two things that humanity needs in order to survive. In this case, they are blended with perhaps the most popular part of the female anatomy. Not that this hasn't been done before. But it is doubtful if you would see the kind of action at a Hooters restaurant that you see here.

The breakdown is four scenes involving one busty woman spreading some sort of messy, gooey substance all over their boobs (naturally), as well as the rest of their body. The first scene is Chocolate sauce, the second scene is all about whipped cream, the third scene utilizes some sort of green syrup, and for the films' finale - orange sherbet. They then proceed to boink a very willing guy while at the same time making a huge mess all over themselves, and the backyard they were in.

If it sounds primitive, it is. And that is what makes it erotic and fun. The move delivers what it promises (a rare feature for adult movies, that) and all the girls end up wet and messy. Some even get hosed off at the end. Olivia's scene is very erotic because she had so much fun with the sherbet, laughing and sliding all over the place with orange sherbet all over her.

The favorite scene here is with Holly Body, a very voluptuous brunette whose mounds demand at least 3 cans of whipped cream to finish the job. If you like the idea of food and sex, then this is your thing. If you have never watched it before, then it might make you a fan.

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