Started out as a workshop project with each actor coming up with their own characters.

Each storyline began as individual short films. It wasn't until the filmmakers saw "21 Grams" that they chose to edit the four short films into one feature film.

The original titles of the short films were as follows- "Tucson", "Mushi, Mushi Bowl", "The Standard" and "A Once Grand Estate".

The filmmakers never had any intention for the film to be seen. It wasn't until an associate mentioned that they should try to sell the film that they considered taking the film to the Cannes Film Market in 2004.

'Christopher Ramirez' also served as the Co-Cinematographer along with Director Erin MacMillan. They Shared the credit under their Married Hyphante name "MacMillan Ramirez", only the Hyphen was removed.

The project was intended to act as a show reel for all involved and was never meant to be a feature film.

The film was shot using the Panasonic 24p.

The short film version of "Mushi, Mushi Bowl" (The storyline with the bunny suits) actually ran almost an hour on its own.

Director Erin MacMillan provided the voice of one of the actresses who was unavailable for ADR.

Each of the actors in the project paid $400.00 to help "Beef Up" the budget.