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  • The very first time I first heard of this hit Korean drama here in my country was when it was reported that many in Hong Kong watched the finale and it broke the record in terms of viewership ratings there. From then on, it had got me intrigued.

    Based on the life of the first ever woman royal physician in the now Korea, it will definitely pull your heartstrings and move you. The age-old philosophy of perseverance and facing whatever adversaries no matter how big or small is dominant in this drama serial.

    Lee Young-Ae plays the role of Jang Geum very well. So do the other cast members as well. Those who play the evil court ladies are really so convincing that it made me forgot for a moment that it is only just a show.

    The spread of food being shown in the drama serial can really make you go mouth-watering. You will be surprised as to why each dish has its own significance and all that. The medical knowledge that Jang Geum has later on in the serial is really impressive but then at times, it got her into trouble as well. But she always persevered and save the day. The scenes with Lord Min are always very sweet and romantic.

    In this current age and times where the traits Jang Geum possesses really make people try to understand more of the world they are in, this show is definitely a winner. Virtually almost no sex is involved here and this is something Asian societies has been waiting for a long time, given our culture can be conservative at times. But as long as anyone is interested in checking out this drama serial, you need to find out first whether there's dubbing and/or subtitles involved if your local TV station is showing it. Chances are there will be, given the original language is in Korean. As I watched this drama serial through DVD, the dubbing and subtitles really helped me understand what is happening.

    After finishing watching this show, I understand why so many love it. I do too.
  • (Just finished the series in S.F./Oakland bay area channel 32 - KMTP (KMTP). On the 4th of July.) WOW! I was always reminding myself that she'll be OK, so calm down. (I looked up two sites to help me):

    1. The Chicago Korean Drama Fan Club at: - excellent site!!

    2. - details of each hour.

    The subtitles are fantastic and clear. The details of all the characters is again fantastic. The cooking and medicine details are amazing. Her adopted parents and friends are priceless. THE WHOLE SHOW IS FANTASTIC!!!

    Being 2006, I'm sure, I'm the last to find this "jewel" (sorry - could not resist) it did first come out in 2003. Hope more are as lucky as I am, and find this great series.
  • This is the first time I have written a comment on IMDb in all the years I have used it avidly to search for worthy videos to watch. I am writing it not because there is not enough comments already for this wonderful series, but to additionally help you decide if you should invest a whopping 54 hours of your life on watching one drama! Since this is aimed at convincing you why you should watch it, I will keep spoilers to a minimum.

    So how did I get involved with it? I was searching for worthy Korean TV series to watch after having seen the more contemporary setting drama such as Stairway To Heaven, which is highly recommended. When I came across this, although rated highly by others, I shy-ed away from it for the same reason above ... I just couldn't imagine how this kind of drama can entice me. But...someone I know asked if I have it to lent them due to the fact I told people I watched Korean Drams. I did not in spite of my collection of top DVD titles. I decided to get it just to find out what it was all about. At the time, IMDb did not have this title rated to assist in my decision.

    Episode one was interesting. Not hooked but enough interest to keep me going...same with the next one...and then when I finally got to the part when the little Jang Geum became orphaned and out-shone the other little girls in the palace in her determination and diligence, that is when I really got hooked, which brings me to a suggestion ... watch the first 3 episodes in their entirety. If you are still only on the sideline not sure to continue or not after watching episode 3, then you should probably stop watching (really unthinkable to me but I suppose it is possible). The actors/actresses are handsome/pretty, but that is not why I continued.

    The first set of DVDs I purchased was made in China and had OK English translation. The problem with the English translation, while subtle, surfaced more in the second half, as one can tell they are not done by the same person(s). An anal movie-buff that I am, I sold it and bought the YesAsia edition, more expensive but has much better translation (a very prominent example would be: Palace Girl in the China Edition is Court Lady in the YesAsia edition -- while Palace Girl is the "literal" translation, the proper equivalent by title is Court Lady). The picture quality is also better. In fact, my wife commented that Jang-Geum (grown up) is not as pretty as in the China version now that she can see the imperfections on her face close up.... So I ended up spending yet another 54 hours re-watching...but it was worth it...because the translation clarified things that otherwise would have been lost as "cultural differences." This is the set that will remain in my library as one of the rare "worthy" TV dramas to collect in its original form. By the way, the China edition in the green box has bonus materials of interview with some of the cast members as well as the last 7 days of filming -- even though there is no English subtitle on the bonus materials, it was still quite enjoyable to see how the cast looked in "modern" attire and their reaction to the questions! :)

    With so many TV programs trying to "buy" an audience with "sex, violence, and improper language (lack of respect)" screen time nowadays, it is truly refreshing to see something that not only serves to entertain but also educate at the same time without emphasis on sex and violence! It is little wonder that this series has swept away audiences all over and realigned some of the younger generation to the ideals that seem to be eroding away in the modern world.

    In closing, none of the episodes disappointed and they were all enjoyable, but it is just a small few minutes here and there of extra details that seem to drag a bit in the first 10 episodes. In fact, I have a feeling that if you are KOREAN you will probably not feel the drag due to your ability to relate those details better than non-KOREANs like me.

    The quality of research that has gone into making this production (the cuisines and the medicines) is impressive and educational. The music - excellent. Combined with the singular vision of one director and one writer for this drama, it is a COMPLETE experience that, in short, will enrich the lives of anyone who is open-minded and willing to invest the time to watch it.

    Please let me know if my comment is helpful to you. Thanks!

    P.S. Here are some additional research sites that has helped me to connect and enjoy the drama more:

    * stillwatersca.blogspot. com/2005/04/dae-jang-geum-background-information. html (please take out the spaces for it to work)


    * Lee Young Ae (lead actress) 2006 New Year Message to fans @

    Copy and past it into your browser.
  • tils422 June 2006
    Jang-geum's story is engrossing, as other comments have noted, for all sorts of people. Very inspiring for its central moral drama, it is also full of great incidental historical and cultural information. The lead, Yeong-ae Lee, as Jang-geum, is a fine, subtle actress; here's hoping she will appear in more films. Since she apparently was part of the jury at 2006 Berlin Film Festival she should have a wider world cinema audience. Also, the English subtitles are exceptionally well done, but I regret that they don't give English language production information. Those writers, directors, producers and actors deserve to be honored. It is good that IMDb lets us fans research this, though. Thanks IMDb and commenters, too!
  • This is the best thing I have ever seen for the big screen or small screen. It is a semi-historical costume drama depicting the life of Jang Geum, a Korean girl/woman/lady of the 15th century. If you are partial to long, involving stories, I think you will like it too. Although it is episodic in nature, it is important to see it sequentially from the beginning to appreciate the story to the fullest. This story is shamelessly sentimental at times, but pulls it off very well. There are no special effects worth mentioning, no sex, no graphic violence and no snappy dialog. In short, this would never be made for U.S.A. viewing. In spite of this, I am sure that it will find a loyal audience. With so many movies and television shows being made according to formula, it is refreshing to see something that is counter-formula and done so well.
  • I can't believe how captivating it is to watch people cook or how people diagnose sick people.

    Unlike Hollywood where they seem to overdramatise these simple actions. In korean TV shows...they don't do this. But somehow it turns out more captivating and enthralling than any Hollywood show available.

    Its still an mystery to me. But I can tell you I was glued to this show for days on end.

    The storyline seems good. The story of the only ever korean royal physician. You can imagine how Hollywood would have protayed this.(Dr quinn medicine woman anyone?)

    But when you watch the show..this story fades quickly into the background. Instead you are taken into life of young Jang Geum at the korean royal court and the daily workings of the kitchen and later medical/hospitalside.

    This show has more a feel of a reallife documentary than that of a movie. I guess thats why this show and all other korean show is so good. They know how to make this show as realistic as possible....that you aren't exactly an audience anymore. But it's like you are watching someones real life. It has a feel of watching something like big brother show...but than with a (good) script. :) I
  • xylec21 December 2004
    This is a good drama recommended for ladies and young people as the show is about a persistent person who never give up, despite one obstacles after another. I have recommended to my son and daughter to watch. The plot revolves around how a common girl could work in a palace as a palace girl, be bullied and because she was determined to learn, she overcame all odds to be the top of her palace girl career, but was derailed by many political opponents. Although framed, she came back via a different career path as a female doctor. All throughout her struggles, it was her reminders from her mentors that made her succeed, and on the verge of giving up, motivated her to try harder. As I watch the drama, it reminded me of the way corporate world works where competition will prevent you from moving up. This story has many plots and subplots, love and romance, and sacrifices. There are also funny moments acted out by Jang-Geum's foster parents. As the story unfurled, I learned many things about taking care of one's health and traditional Chinese (in this case, Korean) medicine, and about healthy cooking. It also gave me insight into how medicine works. Recommend that you watch the Korean dialog version,with English subtitles, or Chinese subtitles, as it gives you the emotions from the Korean dialog and insinuations.
  • This is a popular Korean historical drama based loosely on a real-life woman who became the King's personal physician. This was during a time when Confucian rules were extremely strict and patriarchal, so it was very unusual for a woman to attain such a high position. The show's writers used the bare historical framework available and heavily embellished it to construct a wonderful drama.

    Jang-geum is the daughter of fugitives; she is orphaned at an early age. She enters the royal palace as a palace maid, and begins training to be come a court lady under the tutelage of Lady Han. However, the palace is rife with the machinations of the evil Lady Choi, until Jang-geum and her mentor are finally sent into exile. Jang-geum finds another career path and is able to re-enter the palace as a physician lady. Of course, there is a love interest: the handsome and noble Sir Min who unconditionally supports Jang-geum's career ambitions at his own expense. Women figure prominently both as plotting against Jang-geum and helping her. There are a few touches that remind one of a Gothic novel, such as the occasional vision of those who have passed away.

    This is a wonderfully compelling show full of lovely costumes, sets, scenery, cinematography. The makers obviously set out to show Korea in all its beauty and miss no opportunity to place a mountain in the background. I believe real palaces were used in some of the shots, and these are beautiful as well.

    The show is also rather wholesome, and I mean that in the best sense possible. The virtuous heroine is eventually rewarded for her good character - her courage, loyalty, strong work ethic, desire to help others. There are absolutely no sex scenes or revealing clothes - a bare foot seen for one second is as suggestive as it gets. In this day and age it's refreshing to see a TV drama that can be wholesome without being sappy. Somehow, Jang-geum and Sir Min's long romance is the more beautiful because they aren't allowed to Be Together.

    Anyone who has enjoyed Jane Austen adaptations, Gothic novels, and other story lines with a long-suffering heroine struggling with class prejudice, sexism and the plots of other women will certainly enjoy this. As long as you don't mind subtitles and can find a subtitled version, you'll be fine. The Chicago Korean TV station aired this with subtitles, and Yesasia is promising to release an English-subtitled DVD set later on this year. Google "Jang-geum forum" to find English-speaking forums that will answer a lot of your questions regarding the show.

    Seek this out, it's a hidden treasure.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When my wife suggested I watch this show I never expected to get sucked in by what looked like a Korea, costume drama, soap opera, but I was so wrong. I started watching this show on TV Japan a few months ago - dubbed in Japanese and without English subtitles - yet in spite of the language issue I was able to quickly follow what was going on in the story. Recently they have begun showing Dae Jang Geum on our local Korean station in the original language with English subtitles and now the show is even more enjoyable. A great story. Great characters and lots of food that constantly sends my wife and I off to our local Korean BBQ.

    Basically the story starts before Jang Geum is born and follows her from childhood and up through out her life. She goes from being the child of fugitives on the lam, to kitchen apprentice/lady in waiting in the royal household, to outcast on an island prison, to the first woman doctor to the King of Korea.

    The Palace is a genuine snake pit of intrigue and the trials do take their toll on Jang Geum - she changes and grows and is shaped by the influences of his friends and enemies alike and yet still she manages to retain her essential spirit.

    What I like most about this show is that Jang Geum is the true hero of the show, whereas her male love interest remains only in a supportive role.

    This is a great show and worth watching.
  • Kirpianuscus24 February 2017
    it was the first historical Koreean series who I saw. and this first contact remains, after more a decade after it, real significant. because it was the best introduction to an exotic universe. because the simple story about the success of a poor young lady has the flavor of spices and food and medicine and lovely costumes and dramatic events.Lee Young-ae is the best choice for the leading role and the explanation remains very simple - more than a nice girl , she gives to her character a subtle and delicate, impressive and fascinating force , remembering the heroes from legends. or, maybe, Soviet Unions good guys. a series about the small things in soft and charming manner. so, a n aesthetic gift and a beautiful story.
  • Vincentiu20 November 2010
    A fairy-story. Delicate, subtle, beautiful images and characters of childhood. A movie like a fall music. Life of a great woman and the way of self - definition. Enciclopedia and travel book in the Coreean past.It is an experience. Pieces of soap opera in the skin of food taste, songs of another time and impressive images. Love and persecutions, grace and cold events, joy and nostalgic wind. In fact, propaganda and courage to be more than a shadow on map.A film as a seed. In a chaotic world - a open window. In the crisis shadows - a spring morning. Without great ambitions. Without many desires. Picture of a universe, time and few feelings. A book about existence behind spectacular definitions. An Aladdin's carpet. To a place of a lost fragment of Asia.
  • This is my all-time favorite drama! The OST is absolutely amazing. The plot is captivating, the acting is outstanding, and the actors are well fit for their roles! This drama is so colorful and inspiring in every aspect, and it represents, especially to me a different Korea, a different way of life. The storyline displays Korean way of living in the 16th century, and emphasize an ancient culture. The culture of royal court cuisine, traditional medicine and outfits. Dae Jang Geum's determination, courage and kindness make her a model for imitation. A girl that becomes a woman, a chef, a first female royal physician and a mother despite all hardships. Min Jung Ho's devotion and faithfulness throughout the whole drama, make this to be one the best love stories ever!

    If you have yet to watch this drama, make sure you do so!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i only watched jewel in the palace out of curiosity. it was highly advertised as "phenomenal" and "record breaking" in the Philippines. i watched the first few episodes and got interested enough but a rival show got my attention more.

    but my mom, dad and brother were hooked! it finally came to a point where my mom borrowed the disk set from a friend so she can catch up on the episodes she missed. well. they were there and i had nothing else to do so i watched it.

    I'm kinda young so i thought it most probably wouldn't float my boat. but surprisingly, i saw myself waking up day after day watching at least 3 episodes of Jewel in the palace.

    it was interesting cause no one ever dislikes watching prodigies at work. and that's what janggeum is.. it's just a plus that she's really pretty and has a good heart etc.

    seriously, if i watched this on TV it would've driven me crazy. good thing for DVDs! :D the universal appeal that it claims to have seems to be in the fact that it is entertaining, educating and practically without sex and violence. a few fist fights here and there and a truckload of back stabbings, schemings and conniving but not very much blood, gore and general things-that-would-make-your-kid-hit-other-kids.

    i haven't finished the entire series but because the TV show is ending here in the Philippines, i already know what's going to happen.

    it's a great show to learn from: cooking, medicines, values and standing up for what is right.. all that blah.

    apparently, it was well researched and is based on true events.. and who doesn't like that? dae jang geum was the first (and possibly only) personal physician to the king. and that was even after a few death threats and several frame ups. mostly, it's an inspirational story about not giving up

    "She is like wild grass. No matter how you pull it, that plant will return and return." -Geum-young
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a fan of DJG/ Dae Jang Geum/ Da Changjin. A huge one! Last year, I watched those movies on ch 55, avoiding DJG at all costs, because one of my friends told me,"So ancient...don't watch!" One night, I was bored out of my brain. I switched to ch 55, and guess what was playing- DJG. Since I was so bored, I decided to watch anyway(This is the one when the miso tastes funny; in a bad way, so Jang Geum and Han Sang Goong investigates). And holy crap: I was drawn to it. I stared at the TV until the end, and I was officially HOOKED.

    Every night, I watched watched watched... even 'preaching' to my friends about it. The friend who told me not to watch it was also hooked. In fact, practically my whole class was hooked.

    This drama series is both funny and soul touching. Lee Young Ae is a great actress; it is undeniable. Choi Pan Sool, the merchant who monopolized the palace's goods, has such solid acting that every time I see him angry, I feared that he would burst a blood vessel! Truly memorable.

    This is about the story of Jang Geum, a palace maid who is an orphan, but adopted by Kang Dook Gu and his wife, 'Qiuxiang', I assume (It is later mentioned that when Jang Geum's house was raided by Yin Mojie's men, all letters were taken, and all of them were love letters from Kang Dook Gu to his wife, and the letter always starts with 'Blah blah blah Qiuxiang'. That part is HILARIOUS). She is exceptionally bright and goes under the wing of Han Sang Goong. However, due to Chois' meddling, the two were exiled to Jeju island as slave-servants, in which Han Sang Goong died on the way. Jang Geum then trained to be a Medical Lady, because it was the only way a slave-servant can enter the palace. After much work, Jang Geum manages to re-enter the palace and meet up with her old friends. But when Choi Sang Goong and her gang find out, they try in vain to drive Jang Geum out. During the time Jang Geum was a Medical Lady, she contributed much, and in recognition of her work, King Jungjong bestowed on her an official title. She was the first and last woman to gain an official title and be the King's principal physician. However, in the end, she chose the path of a commoner. Waaaaaaa.......I wish she didn't.

    Leaves you wanting more, doesn't it?
  • I watched Dae Jang Geum from DVD. I was more convince by my best friend Jory . i had always associate Yeong-ae Lee with a sort of saccharine , sweet piety but watching it showed a different side and made me admire her deep humility, a virtue that is strange to us now a days, Yeong ae Lee infuses her character with beauty , wit, and intensity. I personally enjoyed the period of settings, customs, " Cooking demo" colorful costumes, etc. as well as finding the character believable and engaging. I recommend this film to anyone of any age, who is looking for uplifting, true story , that will make you laugh and cry ones in a while..Mabuhay!!
  • In my opinion, this is the best Korean Drama I've ever watched.
  • from the score, which i couldn't get out of my head .. to the story, the acting.. this is a first class epic tale of a character from Korea's history This series was so good i watched it twice in a row.. and it's 54 hours long! I have never seen anything better come out of Hollywood. I'd have to give this 15 stars out of 10! "Yi Dong" is another epic tale worth watching if you like this.. or if you liked yi dong then jewel in the palace is even better! Wow! what an epic classic!! I will watch this again for sure. "Jewel In The Palace" / "Dae Jang Geum" got me hooked on Korean drama! what a find! .. i thought i had seen everything the tube had to offer.. then i find Korean drama! wow!!!!!! These Korean drama's only come with subtitles.. but few episodes in.. i don't even notice them. With subtitles however you should try to watch when there are few distractions.. careful tho.. one or two hours in.. and you start to get addicted!
  • It is a real shame that the series has not been able to get over hundreds of thousands of votes. This series is extremely uplifting, full of suffering and shows a great personality development. I definitely suggest you see it in full once.
  • The Great Jang Geum aka as Jewel in the Palace on Rakuten Viki, is indeed one of the best K dramas I have ever watched. Excellent cast, direction, gripping storyline and cinematography all added up to a masterpiece drama. I will watch this again and recommend that others watch it too.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first, I was hesitant watching 'Dae Jang-Geum', thinking it is only a cooking show, and now after finishing the series, I realise just how wrong I was. This series is far more than just a cooking show. It's a masterpiece.

    Storywise, the plot itself is a masterpiece. It's just such a well-written story that you barely can pick out any defect from it. Throughout the series, there will be problems for Jang-Geum, and there will be solutions. She is always in trouble, and yet she manages to get herself out of it. This occurs in every episode.

    One time you'll be happy and cheerful because she is doing well, and the next minute you want to pause the show, take a deep breath, contemplate, and then resume. Something important happens at the end of each episode, and right at that moment when you want to know what comes next, the episode ends...

    The way she always manages to get herself out of the hole someone hat digged for her is just an amazing depiction of perseverance. She always continues and fights; something that we shall learn. Another lesson is that, when you try to eliminate someone or harm them by any means, at the end of the day, you are the one who will pay the price. A Persian idiom says "The digger is always at the bottom of the hole himself...". Anytime one of the characters tried to harm or eliminate Jang-Geum, she used it as a fuel to strike back and gain strength; something we shall learn too!

    Besides Jang-Geum, the other characters are also quite well-made and well-designed. You can understand the thoughts and emotions that each character is going through. In fact, the characters are quite complex, and sometimes you feel sorry for the 'bad' characters.

    Additionally, this series had one of most jaw-dropping plot twists I've ever seen. You probably know which one I'm talking about if you have watched the series. Quite a turn in the story that changed everything. It was a clever one.

    As well as that, this series had one of the most realistic and decent depictions of love I have ever watched in a movie or series. Most interestingly, this decent depiction of love was done without a single kissing scene, and this has earned my respect for this show. This shows how off Hollywood is. It took years for them to hold hands and to express their feelings, even though they had feelings for each other from the very beginning. This is truely the correct way to depict such feeling in a series or movie.

    The soundtrack is also quite beautiful. There are energetic songs when there is action going on, such as cooking and preparing for an exam. And then there are beautiful emotional songs when the scene is sad or sentimental. Sometimes, the songs are repeated many times, but nevertheless, I believe the soundtrack was well-done.

    The clothing and atmosphere design was also decent and well-done. You would actually feel as if you are in the 16th century.

    Overall, a great series! One of my all-time-favourite! Definitely will suggest it to eveyone!
  • First I saw a few episodes in 2007 (on DD National), I liked the show but somehow they stopped the telecast. Somehow, this show came into my mind and watched. The story, sets, actors and all did the great job. It is not a just a normal love story drama, but emphasises on the historic aspects as well. Really a motiving tale of Jang Geum.
  • asadbanana12 June 2022
    This was my first kdrama, and after many years and many re-watchings, it is still my favourite kdrama. The plot, the acting, the storyline, the OST, everything about it was perfect. Jang Geum is a female lead you grow to love with each episode, and your heart will honestly break when she hits her low points. Min Jeong-ho is a male lead that complimented her and didn't overtake the plot and turn into the white knight that drags her along. It was a relationship built on so much mutual respect I honestly couldn't believe such a thing actually existed. I hand holding in this thing meant more than any kiss scene I've ever watched. I shed tears over these two.

    Even the antagonists are well-written, the Choi's aren't just evil for evil sake, because even their bad deeds are for the sake of family (and greed).

    I am, honest to god, thankful I was lucky enough to watch this drama. It was wonderful, heart breaking, touching... empowering. This story is about a woman who tries, fails, laughs, cries, grows, stumbles... never fails to extend a helping hand and is not too proud to accept one either. It's just beautiful. Watch it carefully, don't play it in the background, pay close attention to the world she lives in, and the stakes within.

    It's a beautiful experience.
  • chunw-576888 January 2021
    Just read kenalbertson review, i can´t describe so well, although this is the best drama, best Tv show, best everything i have ever seen. i am just thankful for being able to find this masterpiece that i certainly gonna watch again from times to times.
  • This was my first K-Drama .If you love learning about different cultures then this is best start to know Korea and its great culture . We all have heroes and their great stories of achievements, but rarely we know about there struggle . This is a serial worth watching because in this you will walk the path of being something via hard work and rock-determination .It will give you hope ,inspiration and faith . As a drama acting ,costume ,dialogue,script and presentation is superb .Even though most part of story is fictional but it is very close to reality .The depth of characters and there emotions ,relationships and struggle is well presented . Storyline revolve around "How a little girl looses her parents and with this grief how she work hard to become the finest in whatever she do ". Each and every episode will teach you something and you will just fell in love with the characters ,even one with grey shades .

    It also has one of the best traditional Korean title song with amazing lyrics .A beautiful triangular love story and a wonderful lesson . A must watch .
  • sghay16 September 2007
    this series is stunning in every way..the story of Suh Jang Geum, the first woman to ever become the personal royal physician is a gripping story with more plot twists than a plate of spaghetti. the series follows Jang Geum's life in and out of the royal palace in 16th century Korea. Without giving anything away, i just want to say i found the characters very inspiring, as well as entertaining. from a production point of view, the beauty of the sets/costumes, art-dept stuff, the acting from all the major characters was incredible, the story was completely fascinating and the characters were just awesome. if this is the stuff they get to watch in Korea, i'm jealous. i'm thinking of moving. Also, on the DVDs i got (3 box set Korean produced) the English subtitles were really good. which, as someone who mostly watches non-English language movies, is a HUGE point in their favour!!
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