Brainwash 2: The Rescue (2003)

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31 May 2017 | lor_
Sloppy seconds
For a full assessment of this 2-part debacle, see my review of "Brainwash". Billed as a "Stuart Canterbury Xperiment" this is a case of a usually reliable auteur trying something different, with random editing of footage resulting not in the artiness desired but rather pure slop.

Much of Part 2's content is recycled footage from Part 1, made worse by repeating the same shots over and over within Part 2 itself. Heroine Marisa Adams (played listlessly by beauty Amythiest) is comatose in the hospital attended to by doc Tyce Bune, who notes she's trapped in a mixture of fantasy and memories -this gives director Canterbury license to rearrange all the scenes and flashbacks in random order as pure filler between equally random XXX sex scenes. Released by Elegant Angel it has the overall pretense of being a feature video, but is as pointless and tiresome as the wall-to-wall sex exercises that are the label's bread and butter.

Several times a flashback Evan Stone declares to the heroine "We'll get you out", having already sprung her from stir early in Part 1, taking her to Bune's hospital where the good doc attempts to revive her. Part 2 opens in a strip club where Evan as a military guy named Wallace is watching the pole dancers, and gets humped right in his ringside seat. This porn scene is cross-cut endlessly with nurse Gina Ryder humping the unconscious Amythiest in her hospital bed (our heroine seems to come out of her stupor to actively participate in the Sapphic sex but this is written off as imaginary) and a third scene of Chris Cannon having anal sex with a pretty brunette.

Lots of sexy soft-core scenes with the femme supporting cast are thrown in and repeated, notably a nude leapfrog session already shown in Part 1 as well as a hot/cool shower scene of the girls in stir. Movie's sole action footage is shredded and teased out, depicting the already-shown prison breakout engineered by Stone to spring Amythiest in Part 1.

A cocktail party at John West's lavish mansion takes up plenty of footage and shows once again our secret agent Amythiest stealing info there and getting caught (how she got into stir). A blonde dominatrix not up to Ilsa standards (but wearing fetish gear) is ill-used in what might have been some quality bondage/fetish content in some other director's hands, say Bruce Seven for example. Instead we have a blindfolded John West being confronted by Amythiest with the guy all trussed up and our heroine sort of wielding a riding crop, clearly imaginary.

Nonending is terrible -merely Amythiest finally waking up for real (after nearly 3 hours of pointless sludge in Parts 1 & 2) to declare "I remember everything now. I know who I am." Certainly such verbiage like that should have won writer-director Canterbury some phony industry awards, but I presume he or Elegant Angel head honcho Patrick Collins neglected to grease the proper palms.

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16 November 2003



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