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  • muhon-nin5 February 2007
    This film gives a common subject that normal people don't recognize, and explain the issues through Patten's and Lee Cohen's eyes. Lee Cohen, an immigration lawyer, defends two Canadian refugees. Although the film is a short, it still goes in depth of the current moment in American. Both with the Cnadians coming to America, and Mexicans coming to America. I thought that Patten did a great job following and showing the problem this is. Also, like in Patten's other great documentary, "Words of My Perfect Teacher" it has a soft side that the audience has to chip away to get to the real meaning of the film. I think Patten has a good documentary style that has yet to be recognized, and the big audience has yet to find this treasure. I enjoyed the intensity and complexion of the piece, and hope many others like this will be made. Especially in this day n' age. Like I said this is very overlooked!! 10 out of 10!!