Mad Bob: [showing off long scar on his arm] Shark. Thirty-five footer.

Danny Campbell: [showing off small scar on elbow] Fell off my bike. Two-wheeler.

Danny Campbell: How far is it to France?

Eddie: We're in France, ya dipstick.

Frank: I knew a guy once. He could fart in German.

Frank: There's not a man in this yard would piss on you if you were on fire.

Danny Campbell: You know, I can have a go at the channel, too.

Frank: Think you're up to it?

[Holds up his arms to show his muscles]

Danny Campbell: Definitely!

Rob: I just don't understand why he is doing this. Swimming The English Channel will NOT bring Stuart back.

Joan: [as she leaves the kitchen, she turns back to her son] It's not Stuart he wants back, Rob.

Frank: Things aren't meant to be fixed now a days. Not by you any way.