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  • I saw this guy for the first time on the DVD "Live At Bolton", and would now rank him in the top three comedians I have ever heard in my life! Everything about his show was funny and uplifting, From his running for a bus to, well....I won't spoil the surprises, I swear he will have you and your whole family in Knots. A truly naturally funny man in every sense. He also does some superb impersonations including Jim Bowen(presented bullseye) and a very good one of a typical drunk uncle at a party. Another notable talent he has is that he hardly swears during his show. I say notable because a lot of comedians use swearing as a driving force for their comedy but this guy doesn't need to. There are only a few other British comedians out there that can touch this guy, one of them being The Big Yin himself, Billy Connolly and Lee Evans being the other one and I think with his upbeat personality and well timed wit he will go far! Out of 10.... 9.5, Superb!
  • I love this DVD! He is one of the funniest men nowadays! This is a must-have in every household! It includes something that all of us has encountered in our lives - mine is the "People say stupid things" and the Wedding jokes. Peter Kay is so funny and those who find him not funny, well, that's their sense of humour. I recommend his other stand-up DVD, Live at the Top of the Tower, it was released before this DVD so you might need to watch that one first to understand some of the jokes in Bolton Albert Halls. If you haven't seen any of his Phoenix Nights, then you must. Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere is a sequel to it.
  • Forget Billy Connoly or Lee Evans Peter Kay is the best comedian there is. The one he done in Blackpool was good but his best stand up has got to be at the Bolton Albert hall in front of his own home crowd. He does phoenix nights as well but probably better at stand up. He does a new show called Max and Paddys road to nowhere which is genius he is pure genius. He makes great jokes like knock!knock! who's there Bigish! Bigish who not today thanks. I Hope he makes many new live shows hes done a lot of them around Gritain but many of the same jokes and he brings many more out on DVD because he is hilarious.

    WATCH PETER KAY HE IS Brilliant!!!
  • johnpearce4815 October 2005
    Simply wonderful observational humour! Before you watch this try and remember what it was like at family weddings; and then let Peter Kay tell you.

    Imagine what it would be like to be an old lady whose family still surround you and gently smile at your little ways; and then watch Peter Kay tell you about his gran - who is in the audience and laughs as much as anyone.

    Peter Kay analyses people and reduces them down to the scared little kid in us all and bursts the bubbles of pretencion in anyone. We all know that deep down we would like to be the kid who slides across the floor on his knees at a wedding and it makes us laugh to realise that.

    Peter Kay has the ability to craft a show about us and show us why we are all really scared little kids in big peoples clothes and we love every minute of having our egos and pretencions destroyed.

    Peter Kay takes us to a world that we would all love to live in and it is only afterwards that we realise that we already do.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love the Bolton comedian and I have seen some of his live stand-up comedy stuff before, this particular one was made around the time he was successful with his sitcom Phoenix Nights. Peter Kay here plays to an audience at the Albert Hall, in his home town, including his mother and grandmother, plus Coronation Street stars Sally Lindsay (who she starred in an episode with) and Jennifer James amongst them. His material is always stuff you can relate to, he talks about his observations on many things that sound familiar to you, including his experiences with his mother and grandmother, classic jokes analysed, taxi drivers, old people, home entertainment, television - specifically Crimewatch, shopping, silly sayings, and much more. Also starring, the opening and closing sequences, Amer Nazir as taxi driver Mr. B. Peter Kay was number 22 on The Comedians' Comedian, he was number 12 on TV's 50 Greatest Stars, he was number 7 on Britain's Favourite Comedian, and he was number 2 on 100 Greatest Stand-Ups. Very good!
  • studioAT28 April 2017
    He's gone on to find the balance between being a comedian and a comic actor, but if ever there was a good example of Peter Kay at his best doing stand-up then this is it.

    Good, old fashioned style humour, based on everyday observations. It's great stuff, and has the audience in stitches.

    Less sweary than his previous tour, and certainly less than the 'tour that didn't tour' DVD, this is an enjoyable 80 something minutes, displaying a guy at the peak of his comic powers.

    It's comedy like this we need right now. Well done Peter Kay for this great DVD.
  • Top of the Tower was good, it's a classic in fact, but Live at the Bolton Albert Halls is something special. It is in my top stand-up shows of all time with its relatable stories and signature jokes. Filmed 3 years after his first tour, Peter Kay returned with a bigger reputation, bigger venue and even bigger jokes! His style may not have changed but his all-round performance as a comedian is much improved on an already sterling show 3 years earlier.

    Again, his jokes are consistently relatable. He tells us stories which literally have us linking ourselves to over and over again. He really is naturally funny and it seems effortless to him the way he reels off story after story. This tour is my favourite of Peter Kay's and I still re- watch it every now and then.

  • dave-greg24 June 2004
    Only kidding of course!!! What can you say about this show, apart from it's brilliant. The 'Blackpool Tower' show was a good gig, still is in fact, but this one is in a different league. He's definitely the most naturally funny man on the planet. It's not so much what he says, it's the way he says it. His observations of life, his delivery, his funny shape ,with that northern wit and Bolton accent combine to great effect. To be honest i don't want to see this vd again for about another year or so, because i've seen it so many times, but i still laugh hard at it. The tour was a virtual sell-out, so he must have made enough money to 'buy his mum a bungalow' by now!!
  • Peter Kay appears in front of a large audience of his Northern brethren and goes through a routine that runs just under an hour. Kay runs through a range of observations made against his own life growing up in the North (where it, as I understand it, is grim). From drunken dancing at weddings, watching Bullseye or taping the top 40 charts off the radio, he covers a range of subjects – but this is also a weakness.

    Outside of the group that will be familiar with what he is talking about (not many outside the UK I'd reckon) he isn't going to get many laughs, but I suppose I'm in the UK so it shouldn't matter – but it does. The problem I had with the show was that it never gets close to the inventiveness and wit of Kay's TV shows (specifically Phoenix Nights), instead it more or less just picks easy targets – dancing at weddings, drunken relatives, rubbish television shows and so on. It is amusing in a 'oh yeah' type of way but I must admit that I wasn't roaring with laughter as much as the (badly timed) cuts to audience were. I say badly timed because the odd time it is apparent that the individuals are not actually laughing at that specific joke but I suppose the important thing is that they were laughing at that moment.

    The material won't travel well but it is worth seeing if you are in a relaxed mood. Ironically Kay seems happy to be just a notch above the working men's clubs that he lampoons so wonderfully in Phoenix Nights but the crowd (a rough looking lot) seem to enjoy it a great deal and I suppose that if you're a fan of his type of humour then you'll enjoy this too. I did identify with the people and situations he joked about and I did laugh a handful of times but basically I didn't think he stood out from many other stand ups who also do the 'have you ever noticed…' stuff but do it better. Kay is better than this.