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  • Press coverage of this would have the average reader thinking this show is disastrously bad. This is unfair to the very strong cast. If anything, in fact, the cast is TOO strong. There's no reason in the world Ed Asner and Olympia Dukakis were hired to play the main character's parents--neither of their roles ever rise above standard sitcom clichés. The same is true for all of the regular cast. The situations, plots, and laugh lines might be more attractive if they didn't look so shopworn and threadbare next to the sterling cast list.

    None of this means the show isn't watchable--it is. The network probably wonders why they're shelling out so much money for all those Emmy- and Oscar-winners, though, since a cast of nobodies would probably make just as good a show.
  • The cast is perfect, and it is very refreshing to see decent comedy again. Jean Smart and John Goodman are always topnotch in whatever they do, but the surrounding ensemble makes the show even better. The topic matter has been very appropriate and the writing is excellent. I would rate this show in the same category as All in the Family (although not so heavy on social issues and more light hearted), Designing Women, and Golden Girls. Bader's character as the brother adds the perfect touch and it is great to see Asner play the father. I highly recommend this sitcom and I hope it airs for a long time.
  • King Ralf stars in this delightful romp thru the cholesterol ridden jungles of his fat, fat heart. This is the best show of all time. In fact, not only is it the best "show" but it is the greatest thing that has ever been created by man or god. I would put this show on the level of Hamlet, or perhaps the Bible. I also think it is funny and neat. Plus it is very very terrific. I encourage all to watch this program since Ed Asner and John Goodman will clearly be dead soon. Well, gotta run --hugs and kisses to that favorite misplaced monarch of ours, John Goodman