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  • I was channel surfing and ran into this show and decided to watch it. I was not disappointed. Good action, some tech stuff, nice scenery (both the landscape and some of the female cops *wink*) and I like the way the writers were able to weave the A & B plots into each other. (one plot supplying info or items to support the other plot) and I felt the writers did a pretty good job of it. And as a bonus, a "C" plot was also thrown in for good measure. It was a shock though to see Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (normally the heavy in most films) playing the ultimate good guy as Captain Terry Harada. (I kept wanting to tell the other cops "Lookout! That's Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat! He's Evil!") But it was interesting to see him in a different role. Most of the acting was decent and the plots were interesting and even funny.

    I recommend this show to those that like to see several well written tales woven into each other.

  • "Hawaii" is probably one of the best shows that has been on television in a long time. Now that the ratings for NBC is lower than last year they have decided that it is time to cancel it after 6 or 7 episodes! Come on now. Who makes a decision like that after that few episodes? I recently visited tvtome and it had that it was canceled/ended. Then, I went to and it had it returning on December 1st. I am really confused but most of it is anger!! If NBC gave "Hawaii" a REAL chance I believe myself that it would take off and eventually raise ratings. I wish that NBC would get over themselves and put it back on November 3rd at its original time 8 p.m. I think that the last two episodes that were aired were the best ones ever and now they want to give up on it just like that. Please any fans who want to take action on getting this changed please write to them. Thanks and good luck to "Hawaii!"
  • I am not, in general, a fan of "cop" shows. I decided to give Hawaii a shot, however, and it has proved worth my while. I have watched from episode one, and the show consistently earns my respect with plots and development of the characters in each episode. It does not waste any time explaining who each character is in every episode and assumes the intelligence of it's audience to be able to keep up with the quick pace of the show. I hope NBC continues to nurture this show and give it time to find it's niche and audience. It is well worth the time, and I and my family devote ours to watching it every week. It is excellent as is, and can only get better with time.
  • This show is above average, with good strong acting and beautiful scenery. I want to give it more time to develop but one thing is for sure, more Aya Sumika. She's talented, beautiful and will definitely be going places! What else has she been in??

    The interplay between the characters is going to take some time to develop, but I hope they try and do something different. Too many shows go for the tired formulas and the unfortunate demise of the very fine Boomtown may discourage producers to be daring. Let's hope Hawaii can rise above being a "guilty pleasure" cop show. Great location ( i Used to live there). Good all around cast. The story lines -- we'll have to wait and see. But these guys are off to a good start. Viva Hawaii.
  • frankiem4014 September 2004
    If this series is supposed to be a representation of compelling dramatic television for the 21st century then please turn back the clock. HAWAII is a drama series, and I use the term lightly, wrapped up as a 45-minute Ludicrous video. The episodes thus far have run the gamut of A to B on the believability scale – giving us heaping doses of every possible island cop-cliché we've been privy to since the days of HAWAIIAN EYE back in the 50s. Unrealistic characters, over the top theatrics, sophomoric writing, unrelenting quick-cut editing, bad CGI effects and unnecessary whoosh photography all add up to an hour of mind-numbingly, boring television. This series is so atrocious that I'm surprised Aaron Spelling's name is nowhere to be found in the credits.
  • I think Hawaii is very original. At first, when I heard about, I thought it was going to be one of those junky reality shows. I think that the seven to eight main cops or coroners make the show very realistic, because, in real life, you cannot pull out a full sqaudron out of your back pocket. I think Micheal Biehn and the guy from ER makes the show very lovable. I think that if you have seen an episode of Hawaii, you might agree with me. I also think this show is better than the CSI and the Law & Order shows. This is in a totally new atmosphere and a totally new culture to learn about.
  • Well, I wasn't expecting Hawaii Five-0 but I did expect a decent cop show there with themes of the 21st century. This looks like Miami Vice action with better scenery. I didn't like Miami Vice and it is too early with one episode seen to make my final time slot decision. It is not the characters that are lacking. It is the storyline or lack there of. It was the pilot so you would expect the best. Another cop with a prize possession of a somewhat vintage car. Starsky & Hutch? CHiPs? How hard was this setup? Good cast so far and beautiful location for the show. This might work with some medium tweaking but it is an NBC cop show (doomed) and with a must have good viewer numbers rating needed within the first two to four shows, can they put it all together? …And hey, if you're going to have a commercial every 3 ½ minutes for 5 minutes is it really worth your time? The 50% commercial time for prime time TV shows has many tuning out all together. Good luck producers. Pull up!
  • While this is network television, I was impressed with some of the acting, some of the writing, most of the scenery, and the comedy.

    I watch non network TV 99 percent of the time. It was only the cast that got me interested enough to watch. Not perfect, but better than half of the USA, TNT, FOX, Sci Fi original programming. We should encourage any attempt at good programming on NBC, CBS or ABC. If I see one more Reality show announced, I think that I will barf. The CSI clones are just more of the same. The only other shows that I like are 'The West Wing' and 'Will and Grace'

    Bored to Death with 99 percent of Network TV.

    Thanks NBC for at least a good start. Keep working on it.
  • The title, "Hawaii", drew my attention to this possibly new TV Series and I was looking forward to something new, refreshing and entertaining. There was lots of nice scenery of Hawaii and the film was filled with heads being cut off, sharks teeth the weapon, even a short clip of two cops naked in a antique bathtub, a kidnapping and everything but the kitchen sink shoved into the 60 minutes of boredom! Michael Biehn(Max Harrison),"Cherry Falls",2000 gave a convincing performance and newcomer, Dekoda Adams(B DelaCruz) gave a great supporting role. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this first showing of the series and hopefully it will improve. There was even some COMEDY in this FILM!
  • Many great television shows have been canceled prematurely because the

    networks did not give them a chance to find their voice ('My So Called Life', 'Boomtown'). There are still some shows on today that don't have the ratings, but the networks haven't given up on them ('Alias', '24').

    Don't rule out this show based on the first few episodes. Many shows find a

    LONG life because they were given a shot (look up the history of Seinfeld if you doubt my comments). The networks need to let these new shows find their

    niche. This show has some potential. It's got a great cast and a beautiful

    setting. Hang in there Hawaii. I'll keep coming back.
  • I gotta tell you that this is CSI and NYPD Blue combined. I liked both series and this ones warming up to do the same. I look forward to see how the rest of the season goes. THUMBS UP and stay away from that plug. Your on the right track and remember.... The trophy is always worth the chase. G R E A T so far ...... If if were writing the script ? you might want to throw in a cute ME to get that love/romance thing a kick. I can see from the first show you got one started but, GIRLS need COMPETITION from other girls. Lets get it on.... No Charlies angels please but a cute M.E. will do. Cops gotta have a romantic side too (besides there job) and a medical examiner on a island that has so much crime ? Hey Yeah....