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  • Warning: Spoilers
    LOST is a cool experimental TV series. It has been wrongly labeled as a simple concoction of well known stories (e.g. Lord of the flies, The beach). Due to its complexity, you feel lost at times.

    The unnumbered flashbacks, which were conceived as a novelty at first, have turned off many unprepared viewers. A few flashbacks didn't seem to contribute to the overall plots and only broke the flow of the story, especially when the viewers were eager to know more about what's happening on the island. Admittedly, they helped build the characters and explained their behaviors and the choices they made, but in a very short-lived manner.

    I had an impression that the series was written and rewritten as it was filmed. There were very few plots that ran through the show. At times, the characters, instead of the stories, explained the rationales to 'patch up' the illogical parts.

    The quirky, thus interesting, characters dominated the latter part of the show and initial two main characters seemed to fade into the background. A nice balance could have been better. There were a lot of character pruning throughout the show. Introducing new characters at the latter part of the show was a mistake. It only confused the viewers. This shows that the script probably wasn't complete before the shooting had started.

    LOST played with the ideas of alternate realities, time travel, multi-worlds, life after death, and spiritual worlds. This complicated the plots but I commend the bravery and its nice execution.

    For me, the most fascinating thing about LOST is the philosophical questions it imposed on us: Do you have somewhere or someone to go back to? How far are you willing to go to save yourself or your loved ones? Is having a faith, blind or not, better than having no faith at all? Can you really get away from your past? Do you really know the people you wholeheartedly trust?

    If you like multi-plotted stories like LOST with twisted endings, you will love 'Somewhere carnal over 40 winks'.
  • With so many high-quality shows ending or getting cancelled recently (Friends, Frasier, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel), and with the decline in quality of many others (The West Wing, Smallville), not to mention the egregious rise of turgid and tasteless "reality" programming, I'd just about written off TV as an entertainment medium. I was seriously considering ditching my TV and cable subscription in favour of my computer screen and broadband Internet connection.

    Then along comes "Lost". I missed the first few episodes, but was able to catch up thanks to BitTorrent. Now I'm hooked. There are several things to like about this show, but here's a quick list:

    1) Outstanding, intelligent, layered writing. There are multiple mysteries here, and for every answer we get, more questions emerge.

    2) Rich, complex characters. Just when you think you've got a character pegged, you find out something new about them that's often surprising or even shocking. I'm enjoying watching the various relationships emerge and develop.

    3) Strong performances. This is a remarkable cast of mostly journeymen actors with a couple of newcomers, and they're all turning in star-making work. Even some of the cameos have featured recognizeable, talented actors (e.g. Mira Furlan, Victoria Hamel).

    4) A mysterious and fascinating setting. Of the four main story elements you learned in school, plot, character, theme, and setting, the latter is often the poor, neglected cousin. Not here. The island is dangerous, beautiful, creepy, and undeniably intriguing. It's like a character unto itself. Part of the fun of this show will be unravelling the Island's secrets.

    5) Thematic depth. This isn't just a soap opera on a desert island. There are rich metaphors and themes to be mined here, such as on the challenges of morality; on the nature of communities and civilization; on our relationship with nature/the environment; and on spirituality, even mysticism, as well.

    I'm grateful to see this show is a hit. Too often lately I've committed to a quality show early on ("Wonderfalls" being the most recent and much-lamented example) only to have a jittery network cancel it prematurely. I'm hoping "Lost" will have a long, successful run--if its creators, cast, and crew keep up the level of quality they've shown so far, I'm sure it will.
  • Just about when you think you're about to get an answer, two more questions come. It skews off to be one of the most interesting, complicated, mysterious, T'v' shows out there. Season 1 starts off slowly, being a classic "where are we?" situation. From there, J.J. Abrams creates one of the greatest programs in T'v' history. Each character was interesting in their own way, and the answers to the secrets had me satisfied - despite the Arminian implausibilities. Highly recommend you watch this show.
  • sufyaan16 October 2018
    There are a lot of great shows, like GoT that many regard as the best out there. However you can't argue about lost, it will forever be legendary and the show all shows look up to.
  • At first blush, "Lost" seems like an impossible concept: a bunch of people stranded on a mysterious island. How many story lines can you POSSIBLY take from that before the idea's been sapped completely dry?

    It's a legitimate concern, but in the case of "Lost," totally unwarranted. "Lost," unlike many shows today where the plot drives the characters, is in fact the opposite: the characters drive the plot. This isn't "CSI" or "Law and Order," where each week is a variation on the same theme. On "Lost," you have a group of fascinatingly different, tragically flawed characters who must somehow learn to survive together, while at the same time trying to keep their secrets hidden. That's a method for disaster. After living together for a long time, the characters are going to find out it's impossible to keep their pasts a secret.

    Yes, there's a monster on the island. Yes, there are mysterious happenings.

    Yes, a sense of dread often hangs thick in the air. But to me, the exterior problems presented by the island itself are NOTHING compared to the INTERNAL problems the characters must face, both with themselves and with each other. That's where the REAL drama lies. And it's fascinating to watch.
  • LOST transcended TV Drama writing and encapsulated theme theroy when it burst onto the scene in 2004. That's 14 freakin years ago, and the show still holds up. Seriously. Jack, Kate, Saywer, Hugo, Locke, Sayid and yes, even Benjamin Linus' story lined were crafted in a manner few, in any have since. My then-16 year old Son said it was the best written show of its time, and now that he's 30, and a writer himself, maintains that commitment to this day: all the other show follow in the shadows of LOST
  • Lost is a controversial show amongst fans. Many remember Lost for being too confusing at times, but those of us that stuck it out, and really got swept away by the story, found the ride to be more than worth it.

    Lost, along with a couple of other shows, like The Sopranos, kicked off what myself and others like to call, "The Golden Age of Television." This refers to the time that many incredible shows, dramas mostly, were released, and enveloped fans everywhere. Other shows that are a part of this include: Breaking Bad. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and many more. Lost paved the way for shows like these. With amazing character development ahead of its time, it utilized the medium of television just as good, or better than the majority of shows before it. Sadly, this Golden Age is coming to an end, as more and more TV shows are made and the medium is quickly getting bloated. Only a few shows made during this period remain, such as The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and some others, but most are coming to an end relatively soon.

    Lost, itself, is completely amazing, and pulls the viewer in immediately. The show has one of the best pilots of a series that I have ever seen; and is comparable to TWD's pilot, in how it pulls the viewer into the world of the show. This intriguing premise, is perhaps, one of the strongsuits of the series, and a large reason why viewers kept coming back. Lost features many things needed for a show of the Golden Age of TV, such as: great acting, incredible characters, and beautiful, emotional moments. Lost, as mentioned previously, is one of the first to capitalize on character development, and as a result, is better tuned for viewers that can just binge watch as opposed to those who watched live when the show was initially airing. The cast is also incredible, and the chemistry between them is electric on screen. Matthew Fox is a fantastic lead for the show, and Evangeline Lilly plays off of him perfectly. The dynamic between their characters, Jack and Kate is one of my favorites of any TV show, and adds to the weight of it. Another such parallel is the one between Jack Shepherd and John Locke; two phenomenal characters/actors playing off of each other spectacularly. This dynamic in particular held great thematic value for the show. There are many, many more of these dynamics mentioned here, and each one of them will grab you, and not let you go. The characters and their relationships are what will get you most invested in this show.

    Many people have a problem with the ending, but if you understand it, you'll find it to be the perfect ending for the series, and it is really a beautiful bookend for it. Lost is one of the 3 shows I say that everyone should watch at least once in their life. The other two being Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. If you love Lost as much as I do, check out these other two shows as well. They share many similarities, as Lost paved the way for the other two.

    My Rating: 9.75/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched the pilot of this show and for the first 15 minutes my jaw was hanging by a thread. I have never seen a more intense, gripping sequence in my life. As an actor and budding filmmaker, I was amazed by the skill of the writers, actors, director, camera crew, f/x peeps, and composer to fill the screen with images of a plane crash aftermath. The woman screaming and Dom Monaghan wandering around clueless were brave,

    effective choices to show the absurd realities of trauma. And just when it can't get any worse, women start having babies and things start blowing up. And then the trees are crushed by some...thing....which the characters avoid for the next 45 minutes.

    While some may say this is unrealistic and gimmicky, I maintain that this is a brave, bold choice for ABC and like other bold movies and shows, if given the chance it will change the art. I can't wait for next week.
  • Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of the hit show LOST. You've seen the previews, read the 5-star reviews, and heard the conversations about it at the water-cooler. If you haven't started watching it yet, you might wonder if you should start watching. Well, let's put it this way.

    If you like shows with action, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with complex characters and interactions, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with drama, mystery, and suspense, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with humor, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows where you can watch an episode twice and view it in an entirely different way, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows where each and every scene has a meaning... Get the picture?

    Quite simply, if you have ever liked a TV show at all, you will be hooked.

    LOST is a show about a plane crash on a mysterious island. 48 people survive, but the show centers around 14, all with secrets. At first, there is confusion. But as the show goes on, friendships develop, and we learn that there is more to the island than what it seems...

    The characters are fantastic--don't pay any attention to those who say the cast is so diverse it is clichéd, those are probably the same people who would have criticized it if it was all white.

    In short, watch. You will be hooked, unless you're one of those nitpicky people who have a hernia if every single detail in the very first episode isn't exactly correct. Otherwise, I must ask the question... Why aren't you watching?

  • This is a show I've loved ever since I saw the first episode back when I was 13. It's Intriguing, mind-bending, well written, perfectly acted, and the story was masterfully told through flashbacks (which I found rather fascinating). Definitely check this one out! Although the finale to Lost was quite underwhelming, it's the moments in between the first episode and the last episode that really make this one of the greatest things to ever be broadcast. My personal favourite TV-show of all time.
  • I just need to add that the mystery does indeed get solved. For the haters who didn't figure it out, seriously you must have not been paying attention because the mystery gets solved. I'll give you a hint. the title of the show LOST is a metaphor for something other than the passengers being stranded on an island...
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  • I just watched all 6 seasons in around 3 1/2 days😮I very rarely watch anything twice but I watched the finale episode 61 minutes ago and I'm already on episode 2 again

    Amazing click on the peoples names who gave this a 1 or a 2 and see how terrible their tastes is

    " ya want to go for coffee sometime" I can't this machine just ate my last dollar " you'll know what it means when you get there
  • This is one of the Best TV series that I have seen in a long time. Go watch it. Great actors, great story and great fiction.
  • "Lost" was the best TV show I ever watched. It was intelligent, creative, original and funny. It left my mind chewing over the week's episode until I could get my next "Lost" fix. I always found sitcoms silly and a general waste of time. I've been looking for something that would seriously challenge my intellect and this was extremely difficult to find in a television show. But once I watched the first episode of "Lost" I was committed. And I knew that I had found gold. I was obsessed. I took notes. I tivoed every episode. My friend from work and I would do lunch the day after a new show. We'd dissect the twists & turns we'd became addicted to, courtesy of Damcar. I became so spoiled by the intelligence the show. I couldn't even watch a sitcom or movie without thinking I'd much rather be watching "Lost". For 6 amazing thought-provoking years "Lost" kept me on the edge of my seat excited, confused and happy. A number of people have criticized the show's ending. I'm not one of them. I know all questions weren't answered. This show has entertained and challenged me for 6 precious years. I am not going to spit at the sky because of 1 episode, the ending. If I ever create such a masterpiece I will do it my way. I respect everyone who worked to make "Lost" the glorious journey that it was.
  • I gotta say this show is the best show ever. It never gets old and I personally have finished the whole show at least 6-7 times. Every time i watch it i see something new. And the show just gets better and better as it goes!! The first two seasons are my least favorite seasons but they are still very good!! Just be patient because it gets WAY more interesting later on..
  • I've watched lots of TV in my lifetime, perhaps too much. However this is the best TV series i've seen in ages. Probably even the best ever. You just can't predict what is going to happen. Each week the show seems to tell you something new about the Island and its inhabitants. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what's going to happen, then before I know it the programme is finished and I have to wait to find out what happens next. Utterly gripping! This show is amazing and I hope they continue to make it because often fantastic US shows get cancelled because the ratings start to dip slightly or the executives think the shows are too weird. I really hope the series continues so that we get it over here in England because it is a fantastic show and I would like to have DVD's of this series so I can get all my friends hooked too.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show could have been brilliant, if it hadn't spent so much time trying to convince us it was brilliant. The problem with Lost is that it does not come through on it's central premise--- to explain the unusual events on the island.

    First of all, the show is basically a revved up version of the show Mysterious Island, based of the Jules Verne book of the same title, which I believe was a Canadian television show. But Lost did bring a lot to the table that was promising, if not wholly new. The acting was generally good, and every now and then there were outright fantastic performances. The drawn out emotional montages in the first few seasons actually worked quite well. And the mysterious elements of the Island were intriguing: Smoke monsters, 'Others' weird scientific anomalies, possible conspiracies, etc... but then, once it becomes apparent (around S4) that the writers can't explain anything they've set up within the established reality they've created... they start adding alternate realities. They even jump the shark and add Time travel. And this wouldn't even be problematic for many viewers --- these are good sci-fi staples, and Lost always had a sci-fi appeal --- but rather than explain anything with these clichés, the plot is simply muddled. By the last episode, it becomes apparent that neither the 'alternate realities' or the insertion of time travel into the story actually explain anything, but rather complicate an already complicated story into obscurification.

    The final episodes of Lost, where 'all is to be revealed' leave plenty to be revealed. Even if you're willing to accept that there are god-like beings (or maybe gods, it's never clear) or simply 'magical' folk running things, this is not enough; you must accept that these gods act without any clear purpose, insisting on the legitimacy of 'rules' that they can't explain. And once you accept that, then you see that those 'rules' don't actually have any purpose, either. Anything an audience holds to in effort to make sense of the reason the island matters, or the reason these supernatural god-figures who can't leave the island (but do) should matter will be disregarded within a few episodes. In the end, Lost, which was so promising, doesn't really mean anything.

    And worse, as it loses any attempt at making sense of itself, it revels in drawn out sentimentality. All the cut scenes become interchangeable dumb expressions of people refusing to explain themselves, or acting shocked when they're promised that they're about to be told something.

    Why can't women on the island have babies (even though they do)? This is never explained. What 'sickness' on the island drives people crazy? Never explained. What is 'the light'? Never explained. What reality of the many glimpsed in this show is 'real'? Never explained.

    There's sooooo much unexplained; and what does actually get explained is usually just explained poorly, and upon some examination falls apart. But all this aside--- is it a good story? Is the action worthwhile? Yes and no. The action scenes are good eye candy most of the time, although the actions of the main characters become more and more contrived. People begin initiating fights for no reason, and the characters seem to be acting very willfully against their own interest, as often pointed out by more reasonable characters; but it doesn't matter; these type-A characters are driven to act by fate itself, apparently. In fact, many of the 'main characters' (Jack, Kate, John, etc.) become irritating and unlikeable, despite their continual hero status. But action? Yes, as implausible as it all is, some of it is good action. There are good plot twists, but these are entangled with repetitive clichés; guards are always easily overcome; something will always give one second before the explosion; someone always got away from that explosion, even though you didn't see it. It eventually just gets boring.

    In the end, is Lost is the best-made dumb show ever. It severely underestimates the intelligence of it's audience, and this is a mistake when you're selling what's supposed to be a 'smart' show.
  • This show means to me a lot... it is one of the best tv series and I really love it and i will watch it again
  • LOST has amazing cast fiction and story.Its always special and best for me.
  • This show is incredible great character development from the beginning I watch this show on a yearly basis and it gets better and better every time I watch it. Lots of characters to like plenty you hate then love by the end I recommend this to anyone
  • cn4ta11 April 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Now 2019, I'll look at this series . so special & competitable. There are a lot of great shows, like GoT that many regard as the best out there. However you can't argue about lost, it will forever be legendary and the show all shows look up to.
  • This show is still the best out there since it's premier in 2004. From the original score that I still listen to, to the casting, this is one of the best shows ever.
  • While originally reluctant to jump on the bandwagon of watching "Lost", I accidentally caught one episode at the beginning of season 1—the one with the polar-bear—and it has had my undivided attention ever since. The show, that is. Not the polar bear. So bear (heh) with me while I throw out as much rambling, semi-coherent praise as I can muster.

    "Lost" takes a simple idea of a passenger flight full of people crashing onto a desert island, and gradually adds extraordinary depth to its premise by exploring each character deeply and unflinchingly—what drives them, who are they? Where did they come from? It soon becomes clear that the island upon which they are stranded acts as a common denominator for many things in their lives, whether they're running away from something (Sawyer and Kate among others) or getting in touch with spirituality (Locke, Claire). But "Lost" also zooms in on the island itself and the mysterious horrors that it houses... and they all seem to be strangely connected.

    While television actors are not exactly known for their subtlety or dazzling acting abilities, most of the cast of "Lost" are, in truth, spectacular actors for their respective parts, projecting heart and humour in their performances. There's also a multitude of eyecandy, but not generally of the plastic Hollywood kind as most TV shows. The characters all feel very real and they are extremely compelling to watch. Their interactions rarely fall prey to predictable sappiness, petty arguments or cheesy melodrama (although they are annoyingly secretive) – these people are first and foremost trying to survive and whatever relationship appears is treated secondary to action. The realism of these characters facilitate an already well-sculptured plot.

    About this plot... Imagine a tree as the template plot, then the branches as subplots (in this case, one branch for every character) – well, Lost adds twigs to each branch and then tiny twigs to those twigs as other story lines. If you're a brother/sister to one of the main characters in the flashbacks, you will get your own storyline. If you're a DOG you will have your own storyline. Unless the writers manage to weave them all together into some glorious culmination in the end, they are setting themselves up. I am more than a little worried there will be some disappointing cop-out to this show, as I'm sure most people are.

    But assuming the writers do pull this off, "Lost" is possibly the best show ever to hit television.

  • vtecrunner15 March 2019
    This show was really the starting point of my real interest in tv shows. This show was so intriguing for it time it was amazing, there was nothing like it, such a thrilling, suspenseful show. Amazing my top 5
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