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  • Warning: Spoilers
    LOST is a cool experimental TV series. It has been wrongly labeled as a simple concoction of well known stories (e.g. Lord of the flies, The beach). Due to its complexity, you feel lost at times.

    The unnumbered flashbacks, which were conceived as a novelty at first, have turned off many unprepared viewers. A few flashbacks didn't seem to contribute to the overall plots and only broke the flow of the story, especially when the viewers were eager to know more about what's happening on the island. Admittedly, they helped build the characters and explained their behaviors and the choices they made, but in a very short-lived manner.

    I had an impression that the series was written and rewritten as it was filmed. There were very few plots that ran through the show. At times, the characters, instead of the stories, explained the rationales to 'patch up' the illogical parts.

    The quirky, thus interesting, characters dominated the latter part of the show and initial two main characters seemed to fade into the background. A nice balance could have been better. There were a lot of character pruning throughout the show. Introducing new characters at the latter part of the show was a mistake. It only confused the viewers. This shows that the script probably wasn't complete before the shooting had started.

    LOST played with the ideas of alternate realities, time travel, multi-worlds, life after death, and spiritual worlds. This complicated the plots but I commend the bravery and its nice execution.

    For me, the most fascinating thing about LOST is the philosophical questions it imposed on us: Do you have somewhere or someone to go back to? How far are you willing to go to save yourself or your loved ones? Is having a faith, blind or not, better than having no faith at all? Can you really get away from your past? Do you really know the people you wholeheartedly trust?

    If you like multi-plotted stories like LOST with twisted endings, you will love 'Somewhere carnal over 40 winks'.
  • sufyaan16 October 2018
    There are a lot of great shows, like GoT that many regard as the best out there. However you can't argue about lost, it will forever be legendary and the show all shows look up to.
  • With so many high-quality shows ending or getting cancelled recently (Friends, Frasier, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel), and with the decline in quality of many others (The West Wing, Smallville), not to mention the egregious rise of turgid and tasteless "reality" programming, I'd just about written off TV as an entertainment medium. I was seriously considering ditching my TV and cable subscription in favour of my computer screen and broadband Internet connection.

    Then along comes "Lost". I missed the first few episodes, but was able to catch up thanks to BitTorrent. Now I'm hooked. There are several things to like about this show, but here's a quick list:

    1) Outstanding, intelligent, layered writing. There are multiple mysteries here, and for every answer we get, more questions emerge.

    2) Rich, complex characters. Just when you think you've got a character pegged, you find out something new about them that's often surprising or even shocking. I'm enjoying watching the various relationships emerge and develop.

    3) Strong performances. This is a remarkable cast of mostly journeymen actors with a couple of newcomers, and they're all turning in star-making work. Even some of the cameos have featured recognizeable, talented actors (e.g. Mira Furlan, Victoria Hamel).

    4) A mysterious and fascinating setting. Of the four main story elements you learned in school, plot, character, theme, and setting, the latter is often the poor, neglected cousin. Not here. The island is dangerous, beautiful, creepy, and undeniably intriguing. It's like a character unto itself. Part of the fun of this show will be unravelling the Island's secrets.

    5) Thematic depth. This isn't just a soap opera on a desert island. There are rich metaphors and themes to be mined here, such as on the challenges of morality; on the nature of communities and civilization; on our relationship with nature/the environment; and on spirituality, even mysticism, as well.

    I'm grateful to see this show is a hit. Too often lately I've committed to a quality show early on ("Wonderfalls" being the most recent and much-lamented example) only to have a jittery network cancel it prematurely. I'm hoping "Lost" will have a long, successful run--if its creators, cast, and crew keep up the level of quality they've shown so far, I'm sure it will.
  • At first blush, "Lost" seems like an impossible concept: a bunch of people stranded on a mysterious island. How many story lines can you POSSIBLY take from that before the idea's been sapped completely dry?

    It's a legitimate concern, but in the case of "Lost," totally unwarranted. "Lost," unlike many shows today where the plot drives the characters, is in fact the opposite: the characters drive the plot. This isn't "CSI" or "Law and Order," where each week is a variation on the same theme. On "Lost," you have a group of fascinatingly different, tragically flawed characters who must somehow learn to survive together, while at the same time trying to keep their secrets hidden. That's a method for disaster. After living together for a long time, the characters are going to find out it's impossible to keep their pasts a secret.

    Yes, there's a monster on the island. Yes, there are mysterious happenings.

    Yes, a sense of dread often hangs thick in the air. But to me, the exterior problems presented by the island itself are NOTHING compared to the INTERNAL problems the characters must face, both with themselves and with each other. That's where the REAL drama lies. And it's fascinating to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched the pilot of this show and for the first 15 minutes my jaw was hanging by a thread. I have never seen a more intense, gripping sequence in my life. As an actor and budding filmmaker, I was amazed by the skill of the writers, actors, director, camera crew, f/x peeps, and composer to fill the screen with images of a plane crash aftermath. The woman screaming and Dom Monaghan wandering around clueless were brave,

    effective choices to show the absurd realities of trauma. And just when it can't get any worse, women start having babies and things start blowing up. And then the trees are crushed by some...thing....which the characters avoid for the next 45 minutes.

    While some may say this is unrealistic and gimmicky, I maintain that this is a brave, bold choice for ABC and like other bold movies and shows, if given the chance it will change the art. I can't wait for next week.
  • Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of the hit show LOST. You've seen the previews, read the 5-star reviews, and heard the conversations about it at the water-cooler. If you haven't started watching it yet, you might wonder if you should start watching. Well, let's put it this way.

    If you like shows with action, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with complex characters and interactions, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with drama, mystery, and suspense, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows with humor, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows where you can watch an episode twice and view it in an entirely different way, you will like LOST.

    If you like shows where each and every scene has a meaning... Get the picture?

    Quite simply, if you have ever liked a TV show at all, you will be hooked.

    LOST is a show about a plane crash on a mysterious island. 48 people survive, but the show centers around 14, all with secrets. At first, there is confusion. But as the show goes on, friendships develop, and we learn that there is more to the island than what it seems...

    The characters are fantastic--don't pay any attention to those who say the cast is so diverse it is clichéd, those are probably the same people who would have criticized it if it was all white.

    In short, watch. You will be hooked, unless you're one of those nitpicky people who have a hernia if every single detail in the very first episode isn't exactly correct. Otherwise, I must ask the question... Why aren't you watching?

  • LOST transcended TV Drama writing and encapsulated theme theroy when it burst onto the scene in 2004. That's 14 freakin years ago, and the show still holds up. Seriously. Jack, Kate, Saywer, Hugo, Locke, Sayid and yes, even Benjamin Linus' story lined were crafted in a manner few, in any have since. My then-16 year old Son said it was the best written show of its time, and now that he's 30, and a writer himself, maintains that commitment to this day: all the other show follow in the shadows of LOST
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show could have been brilliant, if it hadn't spent so much time trying to convince us it was brilliant. The problem with Lost is that it does not come through on it's central premise--- to explain the unusual events on the island.

    First of all, the show is basically a revved up version of the show Mysterious Island, based of the Jules Verne book of the same title, which I believe was a Canadian television show. But Lost did bring a lot to the table that was promising, if not wholly new. The acting was generally good, and every now and then there were outright fantastic performances. The drawn out emotional montages in the first few seasons actually worked quite well. And the mysterious elements of the Island were intriguing: Smoke monsters, 'Others' weird scientific anomalies, possible conspiracies, etc... but then, once it becomes apparent (around S4) that the writers can't explain anything they've set up within the established reality they've created... they start adding alternate realities. They even jump the shark and add Time travel. And this wouldn't even be problematic for many viewers --- these are good sci-fi staples, and Lost always had a sci-fi appeal --- but rather than explain anything with these clichés, the plot is simply muddled. By the last episode, it becomes apparent that neither the 'alternate realities' or the insertion of time travel into the story actually explain anything, but rather complicate an already complicated story into obscurification.

    The final episodes of Lost, where 'all is to be revealed' leave plenty to be revealed. Even if you're willing to accept that there are god-like beings (or maybe gods, it's never clear) or simply 'magical' folk running things, this is not enough; you must accept that these gods act without any clear purpose, insisting on the legitimacy of 'rules' that they can't explain. And once you accept that, then you see that those 'rules' don't actually have any purpose, either. Anything an audience holds to in effort to make sense of the reason the island matters, or the reason these supernatural god-figures who can't leave the island (but do) should matter will be disregarded within a few episodes. In the end, Lost, which was so promising, doesn't really mean anything.

    And worse, as it loses any attempt at making sense of itself, it revels in drawn out sentimentality. All the cut scenes become interchangeable dumb expressions of people refusing to explain themselves, or acting shocked when they're promised that they're about to be told something.

    Why can't women on the island have babies (even though they do)? This is never explained. What 'sickness' on the island drives people crazy? Never explained. What is 'the light'? Never explained. What reality of the many glimpsed in this show is 'real'? Never explained.

    There's sooooo much unexplained; and what does actually get explained is usually just explained poorly, and upon some examination falls apart. But all this aside--- is it a good story? Is the action worthwhile? Yes and no. The action scenes are good eye candy most of the time, although the actions of the main characters become more and more contrived. People begin initiating fights for no reason, and the characters seem to be acting very willfully against their own interest, as often pointed out by more reasonable characters; but it doesn't matter; these type-A characters are driven to act by fate itself, apparently. In fact, many of the 'main characters' (Jack, Kate, John, etc.) become irritating and unlikeable, despite their continual hero status. But action? Yes, as implausible as it all is, some of it is good action. There are good plot twists, but these are entangled with repetitive clichés; guards are always easily overcome; something will always give one second before the explosion; someone always got away from that explosion, even though you didn't see it. It eventually just gets boring.

    In the end, is Lost is the best-made dumb show ever. It severely underestimates the intelligence of it's audience, and this is a mistake when you're selling what's supposed to be a 'smart' show.
  • I've watched lots of TV in my lifetime, perhaps too much. However this is the best TV series i've seen in ages. Probably even the best ever. You just can't predict what is going to happen. Each week the show seems to tell you something new about the Island and its inhabitants. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what's going to happen, then before I know it the programme is finished and I have to wait to find out what happens next. Utterly gripping! This show is amazing and I hope they continue to make it because often fantastic US shows get cancelled because the ratings start to dip slightly or the executives think the shows are too weird. I really hope the series continues so that we get it over here in England because it is a fantastic show and I would like to have DVD's of this series so I can get all my friends hooked too.
  • While originally reluctant to jump on the bandwagon of watching "Lost", I accidentally caught one episode at the beginning of season 1—the one with the polar-bear—and it has had my undivided attention ever since. The show, that is. Not the polar bear. So bear (heh) with me while I throw out as much rambling, semi-coherent praise as I can muster.

    "Lost" takes a simple idea of a passenger flight full of people crashing onto a desert island, and gradually adds extraordinary depth to its premise by exploring each character deeply and unflinchingly—what drives them, who are they? Where did they come from? It soon becomes clear that the island upon which they are stranded acts as a common denominator for many things in their lives, whether they're running away from something (Sawyer and Kate among others) or getting in touch with spirituality (Locke, Claire). But "Lost" also zooms in on the island itself and the mysterious horrors that it houses... and they all seem to be strangely connected.

    While television actors are not exactly known for their subtlety or dazzling acting abilities, most of the cast of "Lost" are, in truth, spectacular actors for their respective parts, projecting heart and humour in their performances. There's also a multitude of eyecandy, but not generally of the plastic Hollywood kind as most TV shows. The characters all feel very real and they are extremely compelling to watch. Their interactions rarely fall prey to predictable sappiness, petty arguments or cheesy melodrama (although they are annoyingly secretive) – these people are first and foremost trying to survive and whatever relationship appears is treated secondary to action. The realism of these characters facilitate an already well-sculptured plot.

    About this plot... Imagine a tree as the template plot, then the branches as subplots (in this case, one branch for every character) – well, Lost adds twigs to each branch and then tiny twigs to those twigs as other story lines. If you're a brother/sister to one of the main characters in the flashbacks, you will get your own storyline. If you're a DOG you will have your own storyline. Unless the writers manage to weave them all together into some glorious culmination in the end, they are setting themselves up. I am more than a little worried there will be some disappointing cop-out to this show, as I'm sure most people are.

    But assuming the writers do pull this off, "Lost" is possibly the best show ever to hit television.

  • I have no words. No movie or tv show has ever touched me deeply like LOST has. I could go on an write a 6 page essay as to why LOST is the greatest tv show ever made. It rarely ever happens that massively popular Tv show like LOST lives up to all expectations. And yes I'm one of the few who loved the ending :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The finale to "Lost" failed on many levels, and not just because it did not answer questions. It was poor writing that was an emotionally manipulative, contrived, and done-before piece. I got it. I saw the different alternatives integrated into the characters' memories. I saw the after-life reunion that would bind them all together in eternity. But, the finale served to diminish the integrity of the entire series because SO MANY small questions were left unresolved.

    I think the writers created mysteries and twists as they went along with no clearly defined answers or resolutions in their own heads when they created those mysteries. That is just plain lazy and sloppy writing. The classic "Twilight Zone" always had convoluted turns and deep mystery, but each episode always ended with phenomenal and imaginative explanations. (Think of the Agnes Moorehead episode). The "Lost" writers ended the series with some absurd and puerile after-life reunion, rendering all the possibilities regarding what was "real" a total unexplained mess.

    So... whether they all died in the plane crash, or whether the island experience really happened, or whether they all lived out their lives in an alternate universe where the plane never crashed, or whether all possibilities happened in some Quantum physics world and all the options were integrated into their memories.... nothing was explained in terms of the events WE WATCHED for years on the island.

    The whole ending was a major cop out because the writers kept building mystery after mystery, twist after twist, cliffhanger after cliffhanger, and they never tied anything up with clear explanations in the finale. The ending was terrible. The worst. They went for the manipulative tearjerker, but when the eyes dry... you have a disappointing empty suit.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just finished watching the premier of "Lost!" It was absolutely wonderful! I was mesmerized the entire time. You have to admit the premise is anything but realistic, but the execution is awesome. You might start out scoffing at the idea that anyone could survive the crash, let alone be marooned without rescue, but after the first 10 minutes you're hooked on the suspense. I'm not a big TV-watcher... but you better believe I'll be on the couch with remote in hand every Wednesday at 8 p.m. this season. A media reporter on another site gave this a great review but predicted it would be cancelled sometime during the season, mostly because of its poor timeslot. Let's make sure that doesn't happen, because I have to find out what kind of enormous bellowing creature ate the pilot, and who's jamming the radio waves so they can't call out for help on the transponder.
  • This is a really good program with very good writers. There are many subplots that keep you interested and waiting for next week for more answers to the many growing mysteries surrounding the island where a group of plane-crash survivors have wrecked.

    I also like how the writers go into the history of each main character, making them more interesting for the watcher. This looks to be a hit.

    There are a lot of mysterious goings-on at the island and a lot of drama between the characters of the show.

    Great to have some TV that doesn't involve CSI, cops, lawyers or doctors!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show, as do many shows, started out great and actually continued to be great, with it's interesting premise. A group of around 40 plane crash survivors trying to survive on a tropical island. (basically "Cast Away" but with more people and some downright interesting things happening on the island) It doesn't take long until some wacky things start happening. Before the first episode was over, one of the survivors was eaten by a giant monster! Then the writers continued to add on to this, we quickly saw polar bears appearing (keeping in mind this is a tropical island!), crazy french ladies spouting messages of death and a mysterious hatch that won't open (and when it does, just before the first season ends, we see- A LADDER!). The writers had us hooked, what was going on on this crazy island? BUT alas, having seen all of season one, i realized they did not answer ONE single question. It's like they're dangling a treat in front of a dog and every time it gets close to grabbing it, they pull it away! They drop us little tid bits of useless information (the monster might be a machine! oooh!) then fail to do any kind of follow up (how a "machine monster" got on a tropical island is anyones guess).

    Having invested an hour each week (minus the countless weeks in which the writers went on vacation and showed reruns) I feel cheated, like i've been watching paint dry. Keep to the tried, tested and true shows- 24, Desperate Housewives (which has certainly proved itself) and the rest. Steer clear unless you have A lot of patience!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A TV series that started with real promise & potential, plummeted — losing a good deal of steam and momentum, and ultimately was rendered completely pointless from leaving so many "loose ends" and not providing any real answers nor resolution.

    As stated above, LOST started really well its first couple seasons.

    However, before long, some characters became the object of plenty — or way too much focus and development. While others suddenly became overlooked and forgotten about: Mr. Eko; Anna Lucilla; Michael and his son Walt; and Bernard the dentist and his wife — making only the most token of appearances — if acknowledged at all.

    And frankly, I became quite sick of all the show's focus and development being on John Locke, Jack Sheppard, Kate Austin, Sawyer, Sayid, and Hurley Reyes — and to a lesser extent Desmond Hume, Claire, and Benjamin Linus.

    Also, there are some real nagging questions that just haven't been answered nor addressed at all: why did "The Others" kidnap Walt? Why did Richard Alpert and Ben Linus and the rest of The Others commit mass murder upon the Dharma Initiative members? And even though for some time pregnant women couldn't successfully give birth to living healthy babies (Claire being the lone exception in ages), why did the others want to kidnap pregnant women?

    Also, after Ben Linus and Locke left Jacob's cabin (this being the first time Locke "met" Jacob), why did Ben shoot Locke and leave him for dead in a mass grave? Then sometime later, Walt appeared (after leaving the island with his father Michael no less) — having obviously grown and matured — into helping Locke out and surviving — there was never any explanation whatsoever for that.

    And again, why did Ben murder Locke when they were off the island? Again, this program may have begun well, but it went off on too many tangents — which soon became loose ends — which couldn't possibly be possibly tied up.

    Because of these facts, this show was ultimately rendered pointless and a complete waste — and robbery for some — if not many — of us viewers.
  • There is no denying that "Lost" is the best new drama of the season. It has already been nominated as Best Drama Series for the Golden Globes and it's headed for great things. Creator and Director JJ Abrams brings his amazing talents into this show to help make it the great success that it is. Along with "Desparate Housewives," "Lost" has helped ABC in its comeback for the 2004-2005 season. I have no idea what the previous review was talking about -- this series will not "tank" after a year. And it is like nothing that has been before. Sure there are similarities in plot but there is SO much more to talk about in "Lost." And I am confident in the great writers that they have on the series as well to create new, exciting, energetic, and interesting plot lines for each episode.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (this may contain spoilers so do not read on if you haven't seen it)

    I remember the night of the Pilot episode and how amazed I was by this show. It had intense and emotional scenes, great character development and intriguing flashbacks that gave viewers a look into the characters past's and the events that put them on that plane. Unfortunately, however, the charm and mystery this show had only lasted through the first season. (SPOILER ALERT!)- I found the show got much less interesting the minute the hatch was opened and the 'Darma Initiative' came into play. The idea that the island was a home to researchers in the past destroyed a lot of the islands mystery that the first season so meticulously created. The only gripe I had with the first season was the very random and unexplained Polar Bear appearance (END SPOILER!). The second season did very little to bring back the magic of the previous season and the only reason I kept watching was because I was really intrigued by all the flashback scenes. With each season the story became more and more difficult to follow. It was painfully obvious that the writers had absolutely no idea where they wanted the show to go and were pretty much making it up as they went.

    (SPOILER ALERT!) The last two seasons featured the worst of the story. I don't know if anyone else had this issue, but I had no idea what was going on when they were showing the 'flashsideways' scenes. I simply thought that they were showing what their lives would have been like had they not crashed on the island. That theory was completely shattered in the series finale when they poorly explained that they were essentially in Limbo trying to find each other to pass on to the after life. This seems like a touching ending but it was executed poorly and there was a ton of stuff left totally unexplained, and what they did explain was barely satisfying. (END SPOILER!)

    Overall, I give this show a 5 out of 10. It started off as a truly amazing adventure and ended up as something completely ludicrous. So if you're going to give this a try, be prepared for some awful story telling in the later seasons which lasts from seasons 4 to the finale. Not an awful show, but very far from a great one. it had a lot of potential before the writers destroyed it.
  • I love this show! It's like watching a mini movie each week!!! The first episode was so gripping and was part 2 of the pilot... I'm definitely gonna keep tuning into this show! This is the real Survivor! I've looked at a few of the other comments and I can see that already after just one or two episodes the morons here are already crying wolf... Sorry if it's not another reality show, kiddies! There was once a time where there brace yourself! Actual TV shows! And this one is actually good unlike most of the crappy sitcoms today or the ump-teenth carbon copy of a Law & Order or NYPD Blue or CSI series they're dishing out... Watch this yourself to form your own opinion, don't take one from the boneheads here!
  • Where do pressing questions go if they want to remain unanswered forever? They go LOST... :) - Mysteries have a tendency in LOST to appear to be of major importance, even seemingly let the world depend on them (sometimes quite literally!), while in fact there's not really much there that deserves thinking it through. That's the sad truth after the curtain went down on this show after a mostly extremely bland final season. Even the iconic moments the show definitely featured during the first seasons to a great deal become meaningless on retrospect. Even main characters that were set up as key players in the grand scheme of things turn out to have no clue whatsoever eventually. So the authors choose not to reveal too much as they go along, just tease, keep things interesting and suspenseful with immense cliffhangers and what not, yet often let mysteries die due to old age after some seasons have passed.

    According to a website that collects all mysteries the show presented to us the series leaves us after the final episode with no less than over 60 major questions entirely unanswered and about 220 minor ones that aren't addressed properly either. The show turns out to be more like a puzzle construction kit where you can put together what you like and how you like it, but a deeper meaning is, well, seriously LOST. If you are lured into the intriguing web of enigmas and hope that there might be light at the end of the tunnel revealing what island, monster, the so-called others, the legendary numbers or that fabled guy Jacob are all about, you're in for major disappointments. The characters are basically running around in circles, dealing with and fighting against what they don't know. Which is especially difficult to watch in the final season, where the few things that are dealt with turn out to be a mess standing on shaky feet, and the ending feels tucked on. There are in fact only seasonal arcs, peppered with references to what is yet unknown at the point of a particular episode, but the arc that connects it all, even semi-constructively, is missing entirely.

    "It's all about the characters" the show runners explain their lack of interest to deal with answers and yet they threw in one twist after another in six years, thus building the "character" of the island. Only to leave that latter as shallow as you can possibly imagine. There are dozens of fan theories out there which prove to be way more creative than what the LOST writers managed to come up themselves - which isn't that difficult if you consider that the master plan was to just focus on one aspect of the show in the end, leaving everything else to everyone's own imagination.

    "Every question you ask will only lead to more questions" someone says in the final season implying to stop asking questions altogether. I recommend not to start with it, as in case you do you're likely to crash like flight 815 on trying to process the material. You can watch the show for light entertainment with no expectations, and you might enjoy it thoroughly from beginning to the end. However, LOST promised to be so much more given the grand themes that were set up in the first seasons.

    Thus: 6 out of 10 from me for the whole series, which ultimately didn't deliver. Especially the last season makes a good deal you've watched entirely pointless. Oh, maybe there's one message the show really conveys effectively: Get over it, move on! Point taken.
  • aaanero19 April 2018
    The first few seasons of Lost were amazing! They kept you entertained all the while being intrigued and often times confused, but in a good way. The series gets a little weird towards the end, but you can't help but love it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first time I watched "Lost", I thought "Wow, this show has great potential". The show was filled with many actors, all of which can act, a great story, and a brilliant idea of showing one persons background each episode. Unfortunately, the show isn't as great as it could be.

    The story starts off with a passenger airplane from Australia, on it's way to the United States crashes on a mysterious island somewhere in the Sout Pacific. The crash leaves 48 people alive, the main characters being; Jack, a doctor on his way home after his father died in Australia. Charlie, a member of a one-hit-wonder band with a drug addiction. Kate, a prisoner. Syiad, an Iraqi soldier. Sawyer, a man that steals and plays everyone on the island in order to benefit himself. And, of course, Locke. Locke is the most interesting character with many secrets. On the first couple of days on the island, they figure out that there's something else living on the island... A gigantic polar bear. Yes folks, polar bear in the middle of the South Pacific. If that wasn't hard enough to swallow, we have to believe that there were other people living on the island BEFORE the plan crashed, a crazy french women, and a hatch in the middle on the jungle buried in the ground.

    All of that could be looked past if it was executed right. Unfortunately, it doesn't. What we're left with is cliffhanger endings every episode, each episode unveiling some new secret on the island, and more character development. I have yet to see one secret revealed on the show. Most of them have been forgotten altogether, and will probably never be answered. Instead of intriguing the audience by answering one question and bring in another, we are left with a million unanswered questions, which is just annoying. Eventually, people are going to catch on, and the sooner the better. Hopefully, the audience will slowly stop watching, which will force the writers to answer some of the questions. Until then, more questions are going to come, and no answers will be resolved. And if that isn't annoying enough, we have the idiots at ABC show an episode or two, then a 3 week break before a new episode comes.

    I want this show to get better, but if no answers are resolved before the season finale, I will not tune in next season. I'll stick with "24" for now.
  • Lost, probably the best t.v series ever made. the storyline is clever and when all your questions are answered watching one episode, 100 more are raised. if lost can carry on it's magnificent ways and not get too carried away then it will be stapled the best show ever. The survivors of a plane crash are forced to live with each other on a remote island, a dangerous new world that poses unique threats of its own. after reading this your thinking how on earth can that be interesting? and heres your answer, every season SO FAR has always been full of surprises, your always questioning your self why did that just happened and what's gonna happen next each time, very unexpected thing's happen and the story goes on wonderfully SO FAR! The series just sucks you in, it's chilling and very addictive, everything from the wonderful creators and directing to the magnificent performances by the cast creates a very believable story. Lost is simply unbelievable, amazing, highly entertaining, top notch, t.v at it's best.How ever you want to put it.

    Lost beat's all other show's by a landslide. And if your hating or criticising Lost you don't know how to watch t.v or watch drama. Lost simply doesn't disappoint, you would think a series carrying on for so long can't keep getting better. But it does! It just keep's on flowing it's unlike anything you would ever think off. "Every thing happens for a reason." And that is truly shown in the series. Eventually you will reach a point were all the clues and everything that's happened or being done adds up. You will feel and realise how the characters have changed and how and why everything is going on.

    The 10 minutes of excitement: You see something you didn't see coming, something major has happened to character or on the island. There's hope somewhere. You see a major twist that can or will change everything. You hear your thought's churn, you wonder what's gonna happen next. Your heart beating. The 30 minutes of brilliance: You see a flawless scenes, tension building, you hear wonderful music by Michael Giacchino. You see great flash backs, impressive acting. You see wittiness, chilling atmosphere, which then get's converted back into tension.

    Everyone has there show that they are addicted too, that they can't get enough of, that they admire every minute and can't wait for the next episode, That they talk about 24/7. Too me and many others it's this series. Lost. Once you start watching, you won't get enough. The creators did a flawless job. Lost is completely unique and original, you won't see anything like it. The clever idea of "flashbacks and flashforwards" and something major and different in every season sucks your thoughts. Would they ever make a series like "LOST"? Something so interesting and something you will always remember. It simply has stunned the world when it hit t.v. A new generation of dramatic/sci-fi. A instant classic before it reached out to the viewers.

    I'm sure you all heard of lost and it's 5 star reviews, and your annoying friend that won't stop telling you about it, so what's stopping you from watching?

    Every episode leads to something new and it just doesn't stop getting better and better, you get more interested as it goes along, you learn things that are on the island that you wouldn't even think off. The characters start to become very likable, and if your the critic type you would love to see Lost in further detail, things like how the relationship between characters develop and how they learn the ways to under look and take on challenges from the Island. All together it's a great drama and a flawless series. I guess we just all hope that lost will not have a downfall in the episodes to come and go to if you don't watch lost, read the comment from the top again and you should change your mind. Seeing is believing, so until you start watching you will never know .I strongly recommend this masterpiece of series: LOST!! start watching!!! You have not seen nothing until you watch LOST!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Since Lost has wrapped up some time ago, I write this review in the hopes that it might have some influence on those that had missed it and want to go back and watch the series. I recently heard someone suggest to a friend that they go back and watch the show, so I feel the need to hit on the main weaknesses that I saw with the show. I preface my review by saying that I have watched almost every single episode of Lost from beginning to end, with the exception of a few episodes in season 5 when I could barely stomach continuing to watch the show. Although many might say that the show was about "developing" the characters, I will only examine the flaws in the overall plot of the show.

    First, if you are the type of person who likes questions/mysteries for the sole sake of presenting them, then this is quite frankly the show for you. However, if you expect more than a completely half *ssed attempt to address the questions once posed, avoid this show like the plague. Maybe it's just me, but I believe that the whole point of highlighting important questions/mysteries is the attempt to try to explain these topics to best of one's ability. Since I don't have days to point out each plot inconsistency or unanswered questions/mysteries, I will try to sum up the plot via analogy. Imagine you have a 1000 page murder mystery book that starts out following a detective that is trying to solve a case involving a rapist-murder. After spending about 500 pages laying down clues the detective follows and it feels that the case will be solved and everything will come together and make sense, the detective all of a sudden catches another completely unrelated case and then dedicates all of his time and effort to solving case 2. The book then spends the next 498 pages almost strictly focusing on the second case while from time to time making enough references to the 1st case to make you think the writer will eventually come back to it by the end of the book. Now for the grand finale, in the last 2 pages, the detective hears that both murders were picked up randomly for jaywalking by a beat officer and then both confessed to their crimes voluntarily. The book then ends without bothering to answer why the killers committed the crimes in the first place and offers a half *ssed attempt to explain the relevance of 20% of the clues, while acting like 80% of the other clues just didn't exist. Add 10,000 more pages, 40 characters (half of which you ask why they were even included), and 200 more unanswered clues/questions/mysteries, and you have Lost.

    It became rather obvious to me halfway through the series that the writers had absolutely no idea where the show was going and were using the idea that if we throw a bunch of *hit against the wall, maybe some of it will stick. My belief is the reason why the writers refused to answer any of the questions they posed is that they didn't want to box themselves in and they wanted to draw the show out as long as possible and continue to keep the money flowing in. Lots of people will tell you that each scene had meaning, but at no point in time do the writers actually demonstrate what they believe or think are the actually meanings behind these scenes. The writers merely leave it up to the viewer to fill in the lion's share of the meaning behind the show, which is why everyone and their mothers have a different hypothesis about where the show was going/went. I admit that I like movies and shows that keep you guessing or have you fill in a few holes at the end that result from a well laid plot, but I find it the hallmark of lazy and incompetent writing when the viewers are expected to try to answer almost every question posed. I am all for show/movies that make the audience think, but this method of script writing should never alleviate the burden of writers having to think. I believe the reason why so many people liked the show is that I think they give the writers way too much credit and think that they had a deeper meaning behind everything they did. It seemed to me around season 3 or 4, the writers were so lost in convoluted plot lines that went nowhere, they decided to ask a bunch of 6th graders where they think the show should go. In an attempt not to hurt any of the 6th graders' feelings, despite the fact that most plot lines didn't make sense or fit together, they decided to incorporate all of them with the brilliant idea of when one has run its course, just throw in another to distract the audience from the fact that none of the earlier 200 mysteries/questions were ever addressed. Bottom line, I felt cheated out of the time it took to watch the entire series, and if you expect the plot of a story to make sense and loose ends to be wrapped up, you will feel cheated too.

    Overall, I felt fairly insulted by the writers who seemed to believe that either I forgot most of what happened in the show or I would unquestionably accept the pathetically few incoherent answers they offered. While I found the characters to be bland and sometimes completely pointless, others may find that this aspect of the show makes up for the rest of the nonsense that was vomited onto scripts and shoveled into our living rooms. The best advice I can give at this point, if you think that you can't handle the issues I raised, don't suffer through the entire show like me waiting for a coherent explanation for 80% what happened over the course of the series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What can only be described, as the Ultimate Screen Writers Nightmare or Revenge, "Lost" has achieved the "ignominious" title as "Nuttiest TV Show of All Time !" Even crazier than the movie "Tootsie!"

    Just think of all of the plots from unused Sci-fi films from the 30's,40's, and 50's, that were thrown out for lack of merit, well here they are , all put together for your amusement, Enjoy, while you vomit ... With no less than 21 screen writing credits, "Lost " truly is a remarkable achievement of "incredulity." I suppose , it is a testament to honor the stupidity of man, and his philosophy of thinking, throw enough crap at the wall, and some of it will stick, that is the basis of "Lost".

    We can only hope that their next attempt will be to put a room full of monkeys with typewriters, and get their next greatest TV series.

    I really applaud the Actors for taking a stand, albeit one with severely low standards, as for as quality of work , and their desire to present something fresh and bold, that will be their next series.

    "Lost" is just a convoluted attempt to present something, Anything , to fill the airwaves. Wow, I just watch it for its' inherent Nuttiness, how bizarre can a TV show be ? "Lost" is it !

    It has unlimited upside hilarious potential, I mean it, there is NO limit as to the amount of laughs this show can provide, because there is NO reason in the world , to take anything serious about this manure pile. Even Bizarro World makes more sense !

    Spoiler Alert, 90 percent of this show is FILLER. No substance whatsoever. Thank the Academy, for it truly deserves an Academy Award for impersonating entertainment !

    7 Seasons, didn't see that coming !

    Terry O'Quinn, get therapy....I don't think you will ever get another job... And one more note for the Actors, save your money , you will never get a free ride like this again, .....

    Addenndum: After watching the series closer, Josh Holloway said it best, "Lost should be remembered as a character driven show."

    That says it all...
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