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  • lor_28 October 2019
    This edition of the hit jail-bait series from Sin City has director Bud Lee in the BTS short subject expounding eleoquently on the differences between Couples porn and Gonzo porn, occasioned by his encounter with an ignorant porn magazine critic/reviewer.

    Lee notes the much wider options for distributing Couples content (this is back 15 years or so) on cable, hotels, video on demand, etc., compared to gonzo's more limited viewership. Unfortunately, this interesting monolog has become dated, now that internet streaming services have changed the calculus, with gonzo ruling the roost.

    Feature itself has Lee donning his Gonzo hat, using his more real (I assume) name Cameron Bennett in the credits. The five vignettes spotlighting young talent have extremely brief, almost silly set-ups, turning the show into an all-sex edition.

    Several of the ladies went on to fashion impressive careers, notably Kimberly Kane billed as "Kame" here, in blonde mode and the great Brooke Banner as well as the uninhibited Ariana Jollee. One casualty is Paris, an attractive brunette whose credits are minimal - a non-starter in Adult.

    Sex is routine, almost all of it staged outdoors. One of the five scenes has the stud wearing a condom.