Random Zombie: Send more security guards!

Cody: Shoot her man!

Julian Garrison: I can't shoot her! She's my friend! I lost my virginity to her.

Cody: Man, everyone knows your first time sucks! Split her damn head open!

Julian Garrison: What's all this for?

Charles Garrison: Ain't it obvious? World domination! What else is everything ultimately for? Hahahaha!

Mimi: [distracting guard] Hey, big boy. Ever get your freak on with a triple-jointed Sagittarian gymnast?

Zeke Bordon: Do you ever feel like taking a drill and boring a fricking hole in your head so you can let the screams out?

Becky Carlton: [runs over a zombie] Sorry!

Julian Garrison: [Zeke has become a zombie] I'm gonna kill you, Zeke.

Zeke Bordon: In case you haven't noticed, I'm already dead, fuckhead!