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  • Madison-818 January 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I hadn't been much of a fan of the then-just started TEACHER'S PET series when it came out. However, by volume 3, it started to get a little better. A lot better, in fact. This was the volume that I feel made the series a decent one in the adult "deb" genre, just below BARELY LEGAL, but far ahead of EXTREME TEEN.

    This semi-gonzo, semi-film is set up in four segments, each with a different attractive young woman, all set in a school environment (junior college, supposedly, to avoid any, er, ramifications).

    The first segment stars a woman named Allaura who ends up basically being gang-banged by an entire football team and their coach. Not the best of the segments, but more skin per square foot than the rest.

    Segment 2 is my personal favorite, and it stars Drew. Here, she and a scruffy-looking bus driver find every possible position they can think of to have sex on and over bus seats. Some of the positions are positively impossible looking, and Drew has such a great, innocent look to her that I didn't mind the man in the scene looking like a potential serial killer.

    Segment 3 features Claire, and in it she plays a sex-ed student whose female teacher encourages her and a male student to work out their lessons in the classroom. The three have some pretty nice moments, and Claire is dynamite.

    Finally, the fourth and final segment features the powerhouse that is Ashley Blue. This girl has some serious greatness, and she's not afraid to show it. Whereas the other segments take place at schools, this one is a homebound scene, where a teacher comes by to help out Ashley. It's still quite nice.

    All in all, well shot with some fantastic girls. Now if they'd just do something about those potential serial killers...