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  • Filmmaker Skye Blue is definitely into astrology, which makes her "Zodiac Rising" fairly incomprehensible to us laymen. There are six hot sex scenes as its saving grace, but the whys and wherefores of the match-ups soared over my head.

    Each scene is meant to demonstrate how hook-ups benefit from astrological compatibility, and that gimmick doesn't really inspire or substitute for solid story values. Skye is an old hand at directing vignettes for both Playgirl and Penthouse, so this ends up resembling one of those no-content compilations.

    The cast is interesting, chosen for physical beauty, so you can't go wrong with Lauren Phoenix and superstars Katie Morgan and Aurora Snow. Their couplings with quality male talent, or the inevitable lesbian scene starring Felecia with Tanya Danielle is all that matters. Among the obscuro talent given a chance to shine are Becca Bratt and Ciera Sage, both appealing enough to warrant more viewing in other features.

    One recurring pet peeve surfaces here. Dale DaBone has a scene on a motorcycle opposite Katie Morgan but nothing much happens. In the BTS he performs all sorts of fun and even complicated-looking stunts on his bike on set, yet none of this sort of material is included in the film proper, a missed opportunity and evident casualty of the "sex is all" mentality.