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  • I can't believe why FOX decided to put this show on Fridays where the show wasn't going to get real fair in terms of ratings! Jonny Zero is a drama about a guy named Jonny who is freshly released from prison for drug possession and is now caught between his need to redeem himself in the eyes of his family, and the temptations and influences of his own dark past. Jonny goes back to work for his former boss, shady club owner Joseph Garret but this time he uses his criminal knowledge of New York's club scene to solve crimes. Meanwhile, the FBI is trying to force him to go undercover and bust his old friends in the underworld. FOX should have put this show on either Mondays or Wednesdays and the show would have not been canceled by FOX in the first place. Fridays isn't really the best night of the week for any prime-time network because everyone is out doing stuff on Friday nights. But thought this show was cool and FOX should bring this show back!

    User Rating: 9/10

  • I was literally blown away by this new action drama. Johnny Zero is definitely a must see. I see this series becoming a classic if those involved actors, directors, producers continue doing what they are doing , well they got the hell of a series in their hands.

    Calvo (aka Johnny Zero) a former drug user turned private eye is quite an inspirational character. I like to see when people who once made bad choices turn their lives around and become upstanding members of their communities, helping those who are battling the same demons he once battled himself.

    He's a very compassioned individual. In today's episode he went as far as saving the life of someone who wanted to torture him. That who scene and dialogue was quite funny in fact.

    The natural acting abilities of the entire cast will surely make this series a must see.
  • Not that bad of a show. Jonny takes a lot of pain but can also dish it out. Also seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but just lucky enough to scrape by with his life. shows how hard it is to keep your nose clean after getting out of prison and finding yourself back in your old prison that was your life. Decent acting and action. hero has many hit points. since it has action and plot, will probably be canned for a new reality show "Life after Prison" (we follow five ex-cons as they compete for the ultimate prize! Watch as we tempt them to return to a life of crime! who will succumb?! Just Watch!) I would like to see this show continue for a full season or two. Good potential for this show.
  • I was not shocked that Jonny Zero was canceled. In a schedule of "reality", where is there room for a show like this? Action, dark characters, cleaver plots, exciting guest stars and cast members and not to mention the star Frankie G., are a few traits of what this show had going on. We as an audience were just getting to know the characters and they unmercifully yank them away. There have been a hand of shows that I couldn't wait to watch, this was one of them. There was more realness in this show than in many. A person would think that the network would at least show all the episodes before making such a stupid and rash decision of canceling a show with such great potential. For such a brief relationship you will be missed. RIP in Jonny Calvo and friends.
  • Jonny Zero is a show involving a man who is released from prison and is trying to change his life for the better while dealing with the demons from his criminal past.

    Many things about this show are very cliché such as the bumbling "mafia" men and the comic-relief sidekick. The director(s) are also to blame for the quick camera work (that only fits some scenes, not all) and musical choices. This show had some of the worst music I've ever heard in a show or movie. However, at one point Jonny sees his mother again and in the background you hear some nice, Latin salsa music. That was the only example of music that actually fit the scene. Other times it was weird techno or music from a band you probably don't care about. Another problem I had was the offbeat humor. I'm a fan of humor, but the kind in this show was asinine and again, didn't fit the scenes they were in. At times, there were some funny parts but out of maybe 13 or 14 attempts at humor in the show, only 2 or 3 of them worked.

    The best thing about the show, so far, is the action. I was surprised at the level of violence shown and how real it looked. In once scene, "Jonny Zero" showed more blood than ANY "Twenty-Four" episode. The gunfights were well done from a TV show standpoint and Franky G fits his role perfectly. Sometimes, Franky does come off as a little stiff but that's probably due to his inexperience in a lead role. Something that will certainly get better.

    Overall, the first episode is an example of good things a show can produce and bad things it can produce. Luckily, all these negative things can be fixed within a few episodes until the show levels out and produces its own identity (its set in New York, like millions of other shows). Better humor (or ditch it altogether), sensible music, and a steadier camera work should even things out nicely for a show which will surely become more entertaining as it progresses.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    One of those great mid-season replacement shows. A cast that is more believable than most of todays reality shows. A down-on-his-luck chap who is trying to clean up his act and every time he turns someone from his past attempts to draw him back into checkered past in the criminal world. It is a race to keep everyone in check and happy and Jonny is balancing his needs to reunite with his family and loved ones. Jonny partners up with a wise cracking disc-jockey who bites off more than he can chew and only realizes his mistakes when it is too late to turn back the clock. The question that pops up is - how much grief can you put up with when you move back to your old neighbourhood? Unsure how long this series will hold out but it sure beats the current run of deadbeat reality shows that pollute our video waves. Play on. CDB
  • I have to say that Johnny zero is a bit different from the other action shows that I have seen on TV for the past few years. I have to agree with an other user's comment saying that Franky G is sometimes a little too stiff in certain scenes but I can see that he fits the bad guy / good guy mold know, rough around the edges but smoother in the inside!!! He will grow into his character and then he'll be able to make us relate to that guy (Johnny) because it will come out a lot more natural. Since he seems to have all the right ingredients for that part I'm sure it will get way better!!! I have to say something about the sidekick (GQ)...from the first episode the character seems to be a little too comfortable in being shot at or looking at a gang of thugs waiting to beat you up and acting somewhat a little too calm about all this. It's like Johnny has found someone who's been waiting to be a sidekick all his life. Johnny has been in jail so he's somewhat used to that...but him??? I like GQ (Random)he's all right but the writers need to have this character step back a little and slowly get to be the friend, partner, sidekick of has to be a lot more natural people!!! My opinion also is that he needs to have somewhat of a better reason for wanting to hang around Johnny...not just because he wants to be pals with him. We all know why johnny bends in that direction, we know his angle...what's his??? With a little fine tuning I see a future for that show!!!
  • I can't believe the show was canceled. I noticed it was not on my TVO and in its place was a rerun of some other show. Friday nights are a terrible night for shows. No one is home to watch them and therefor they don't get good ratings. I liked Zero. I watched every episode. Its not like they will get better ratings on any rerun of some other show. Leave the show to the end of the season at least. Fox does this all the time. No one watches your shows because you cancel them too fast. For example, Dark Angel, the spin off show of fast and furious with Bill Bellame and Tiff amber Theisen and I am sure many others. Very frustrating.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw a commercial of this show and I didn't really get a good feeling for it. But after watching the three first episodes I really love it. It's about an ex-con getting back on the streets trying to escape his past and former lifestyle. All the above not being to easy. All he wants is a new start but all the people from his past is after him to get him back in his old job. I sure hope we get to see more of this show, it's like a fresh new era of shows on TV. Yes there is a lot of violence in it but that is how life is. Now days a lot of new great shows get canceled, for reasons I don't know. So I really hope this one don't get canceled too. This one I see a great future for.
  • I agree with most of the people who have spoken. This show has a lot of potential, but it needs some work. A lot of the stuff will probably work itself out as the writers and actors get more familiar with the characters they are working with. The sidekick character seems the most out-of-place and needs the most adjustment. I would like to see more of the impact being restricted by parole has on the main character. Could he really work in a night club? Not in my state, he couldn't. Someone else mentioned that he seemed to run from a lot of the fights, well on parole, any arrest can get a parolee right back in front of the parole board and sent right back inside, they don't even have to be convicted of the crime. A new charge of a violent crime would result in a revocation faster than ever. I think the show could be great and it is a definite improvement over the current "reality" show crap all the networks are shoveling.
  • I thought that this show would be good, as the producer behind ER was doing this show...boy, was I wrong. For being marked as another "tough guy who doesn't play by the rules," Jonny runs away from almost every fight in the show. Other times, he simply gets beat up by bouncers, the FBI, and even a 17-year-old girl who kicks him in the 'nads. That's not to mention his acting, in which Jonny always sounds like he's tired, whining, or both. And his sidekick "Random" is another stereotypical "lame white boy trying to act black." Why, oh why did a man who produced ER decide to attach his name to this piece of crap? If this show is lucky, it will get five episodes out before being cast back into the darkness from whence it came.