City of Sin (2003)

Video   |    |  Adult, Comedy

Cultured and snobby brothers Harlan and Harcourt Harkelstein, with rival camera crews, cover the Adult Video Expo in Las Vegas. Each tries to out-scoop the other before getting hopelessly drunk.


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26 October 2006 | vampyrecowboy
| Do Not Confuse The Title
City Of Sin - what a title.

Do not confuse it with Sin City...they are by far very different.

City of Sin is a dark film.

Many times cast will have their entire body - legs, ass, arms or back directly in-front of the camera shot.

Makeup and hair is not done to full effect and lighting is just atrocious.

The plot has lots of holes and things that just pop up for little reason.

Camera angles are very poorly shot and sometimes the action just repeats itself.

Many times there will be editing mistakes or re-using the same footage as in a previous shot.

Dialog is not very creative. There is plenty of repetitious words...sometimes for minutes on end...

Then there are times when the dialog is barely audible.

The plot is very jumpy and up and down.

People come in and out in just about every scene.

The finer points of editing, lighting, film making in all aspects is kept to a virtual none here.

This looks like it was all shot on a first take, with no rehearsal or knowledge of script.

Several characters look like they are actually faking their lines and do not really make believe they are truly interested in their character.

The story is pretty much the same as in other movies of this type.

Boy meets girl, they have sex...the end.

Girl meets girl, they have sex...the end.

Boys and girls meet...they have sex...the end.

There is not much creativeness put to work here.

Costumes are pretty much non-existent. The clothing for numerous scenes is very dull.

There is no real twist or story arc.

Poor direction in general with very little effort given for any real effort for the film.

Not enough mystery or suspense.

Far too much action which stems from almost no reason for it.

I felt like I was watching a movie made by a horny teenager instead of a professional movie maker.

The budget lacks and this shows in the final undercut and under-produced film which reveals all it's shoddy work is put out in a final package.

If you think you've seen a movie similar to this, you probably have. Story lines are so overused as is's almost 2000 other scripts with little difference in action or words or clothing.

The final shots are kinds of spurting...they come just for no real reason aside to end the shot.

If family viewing and adventure are your thing, I would not recommend this for a viewing at the local theater with the kids.

This is mildly amusing, but in times will just make you want to play with yourself instead of getting into the film itself.

While some of the action goes deep and even is pretty intense and hard action, it leaves plenty to the imagination.


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