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  • In place of the experimental, quirky approach to porn that made David Stanley a force to be reckoned with in porn a decade or so ago, he applied little or no effort in fashioning this standard Savanna Samson vehicle for Vivid Video in its heyday.

    Story and characters are boring, with nothing of interest occurring, other than the usual XXX sex with condoms filler. Sam plays the title role, girlfriend to cop Dale DaBone whose son TJ Cummings (too old for the part, obviously) resents her. That's about it, with clumsy direction and rather poor acting.

    Even DaBone, one of porn's more reliable thespians, gives a lousy performance, somewhere below his familiar and pat Dwayne Johnson impressions that he trots out on seemingly every BTS interview. Sam likewise appears disinterested, humping away as per her contract and failing to develop her character beyond the surface.

    Sole point of interest is casting Adult Cinema's two famous TJs in the same film, though they don't share a scene together. Cummings is unconvincing as a brat named Brack, constantly talking back to his dad and insulting Samson as a "whore" and "homewrecker". Hart contributes anal sex to the content. NOTE: IMDb has oddly treated their listings inconsistently, as Cummings gets the correct (but against IMDb style rules) TJ spelling while Hart is changed to T.J. for the database.

    Evan Stone pops up with no character name and no dialog in a foursome with Hart, Sam and fellow cop Dale. Michelle Michaels with curly blonde hair gets the jail-bait role taking both son and father to bed.

    Final reel has a very clumsy use of flashbacks, off-screen (wimpy with sound FX) violence, and misplaced soap opera dramatics to lead to the intentionally overly cynical final line by Sam to Dale: "A good time girl like me is what you deserve". Pretentious Dave begs the question: what did a loyal Vivid Video audience deserve back in the day? Certainly not this junk.