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11 October 2018 | lor_
I plan to watch a few more episodes in this crummy series, though after suffering through the first two it seems impossible that any semblance of quality exists. Many have tried to cash in on IR content in porn, but Robert Hill and his untalented crew fail miserably.

Samantha Sterlyng is back as the lovely blonde shrink who listens to Mr. Jones (an uncredited white actor, in the usual Cuckold genre central humiliating role) complain about his fears about his wife's infidelity with some Black dude. This time he's found a telltale pubic hair in their bed which doesn't match his or young wife Brittany Skye's blonde locks, and jumps to the obvious (and correct) conclusion.

Sterlyng is given to writing insults about Mr. Jones on her pad, but takes his money for psychiatric services anyway. In the movie's dumbest plot twist, she suggests that he watch his daughter have sex with a Black man on her office couch to get him accustomed to being a cuckold, and for the fans at least Sterlyng joins in and humps the dude herself too after we watch the jail-bait youngster go at it.

This is standard XXX content, gussied up with the silly satirical story lines. Melanie Jagger gets top billing, and is certainly a crowd-pleaser, doing the sort of stimulating IR action she delivered opposite Mandingo in the infinitely better "Once You Go Black" series.

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