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  • This old series from Robert Hill is clearly an acquired taste, its content as dated as the use of Negro (already dated at time of release) in the title.

    First scene takes tastelessness and sophomoric humor over the top, as a mother and daughter say goodbye to husband/daddy, off to fight the war in Iraq. No sooner as the stoic breadwinner left, then two Black studs appear at the window, grunting and presented as utter savages. Mom welcomes them gladly, promising to show her daughter how to hump a Black man. So we get two couples going at it side by side on the bed, anal sex emphasized. Topping things off, the mom/kid actresses look to be roughly the same age.

    After this horrible opening blows over, a husband goes to work, admonishing young Black stud Junior not to fool around with his wife, so immediately the lady comes out and Junior has sex with her. Anal spoken here one more time.

    Third vignette has series regular Dino Bravo as a neglectful husband, telling wife Lisa Sparxxx that he won't be home till midnight, first playing golf with his buddies and then a poker game to boot. She complains but is ready for immediate servicing by big-dicked Boz. Lisa is one of porn's all-time great naturals, with her big floppy breasts, and a penchant here for sneaking a peek throughout her sex scene at the camera.

    Finale dispenses with any set-up, just having Ciera Sage having generic sex with a Black dude. Absent entirely is the series' usual saving grace, comedienne Wally Wharton who generally serves as host but not this time.