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  • IMDb incorrectly credited David Stanley with this soggy Vivid Video, but (i'm correcting it) the culprits are not Dave but rather Paul Thomas and his frequent scriptwriter Tony G., with PT hiding behind one of his pseudonyms (used for quickie projects) "Bo Edwards".

    It's a vehicle for contract star Sunrise Adams and has an experimental element that is more expedient than creative. The claustrophobic production never gets behind a couple of rooms in Sunrise's home, and the experiment is that characters appear or disappear arbitrarily, giving the feature a surreal or rather sloppy aspect. What is real? Who cares?

    It's the relationship between Sunrise and drunken boyfriend Chris Cannon that is supposed to matter, but it doesn't. They have heartfelt talks when not humping, and her ex Cheyne Collins and buddy Tony Tedeschi also get sack time to fulfill PT's contract to deliver XXX content to Vivid, however sorry it may be.

    For variety's sake a 4-girl lesbian orgy is tossed in featuring Sunrise adored by great beauties Dee, Cherie and August. It's all taking place around New Year's Eve, but Tony G's script never creates any interest in these boring characters. Wasted in the shuffle is the wonderful April, just on hand for an easily excerptible sex scene, just what Vivid wanted in the first place.