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  • This one is inspired by famous glam rock opera "Rocky Horror Picture Show", but the connections with that masterpiece ends with the title and the idea for plot. Young couple lost in the woods goes to the Gothic castle, where they take a part in regular orgy. That's the whole history, the rest is just a chain of XXX scenes. Some of them better, some worse. To be honest, I was expecting it would be more graphic, BDSM in here is, let's say, quite harmless. I must also say, that the quality of photography isn't too good: some of the sequences are very badly filmed. If you're only looking for normal porn, it might be enjoyable, but do not expect good porno-parody.
  • msatyr19 February 2008
    Private has turned out many films with erotic heat, but this is not one of them. As a fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and of kinky BDSM oriented films in general I had high expectations for this Kovi directed film.

    The opening sequence is an unwatchable seventies inspired black light sequence, and despite the attempts at visually interesting sets, the sex scenes are mechanical, and the acting is unbearable. Blue polka dot lights, corpses in spider webs, foot fetishism, spitting, anal sex, and the requisite dubbed moans and groans are features. A complete waste of time.