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17 May 2016 | lor_
Typical Adamo XXX
"China Box" is mysterious on purpose, as filmmaker Antonio Adamo indulges his penchant for porn over plot. He likes to emphasize what Hitchcock called the MacGuffin, in this case a night club called China Box where a big event is scheduled.

Mike Foster is the mastermind here, constantly on the phone asking for updates. What the film is actually about is kept secret, but is basically irrelevant to the string of sex scenes, in which Laura Angel, severely styled beauty with her hair tightly drawn back, is the chief sexual interest amidst a long list of femmes.

I won't give any spoilers, but suffice it to say that Adamo is doing a shaggy-dog routine, with little boxes containing invitations the link between the many protagonists. Agatha Christie he ain't. His signature motif of gals staring directly at the camera during blow jobs and other sex scenes is used here repetitively. The English dubbing is not terrible but not helpful to getting into the story -rather one watches it merely as a voyeur, safely distanced and remote from the action.

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March 2002



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Cyprus, Spain