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24 September 2011 | dpfacialfan
| Not much good to say about this one...
This is a good example of a boring porno movie. There is nothing special about a porno like this. It's movies like this that give porn a bad name. And the sad thing is there are a lot of porno movies just like this.

Every time I hear someone saying they don't watch porn because it's boring, I know the only encounter of porn that person has had is seeing movies like this. Hell, if my first couple encounters with porn had been as bad as this one, I wouldn't bee watching porn either.

The problem with this movie is that we get a total of 9 boy girl scenes during the 1 h 40 min. running time. All of the scenes also fallow pretty much the same pattern and the "fucking" seems to be so mechanical in a way. It's like there is no passion. All the girls are also pretty much in their natural state. It wouldn't have hurt to fix them up with some make up before. Pretty much the only really naturally beautiful woman in this movie was Sabrine Maui, all the other girls would have benefited from some make up. Out of the other girls the only one I found attractive were Jackie Moore and August. I don't understand why they put a girl like Mone in a porno movie. I mean a young girl doesn't get much uglier than this girl. Hell, I wouldn't even be able to bang a girl like this with morning wood.

The only scenes that were somewhat watchable were the scenes with Sabrine Maui, Jackie Moore and August, and the reason for that is probably that these were the only 3 girls I would like to bang out of the 9 girls. Even if Jackie Moore gave a pretty decent performance, I was most disappointed by her. That's because I have seen some really good performances by this girl in other porno movies and expected much more from her. The only reason I give this movie a 3 out of 10 is that it is still much better than the horrible porno movies I've given a 1 out of 10. Here we still get decent camera work and at least some good looking girls. And you can actually see the "fucking" here unlike movies like "Briana loves Jenna" and "In Aphrodite".

What really surprised me was the fact that there weren't even any anal sex in this movie. This movie would have been much better if they had thrown in some anal, some threesomes and some double penetration. Well, hopefully some porn directors will read my review and stop making movies like this, but I doubt it...

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