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  • lor_28 October 2016
    "Sexual Rendezvous" is a fetish video with explicit XXX content that nearly succeeds in achieving feature film status, but falls back on its "fetish is all that matters" pedigree. That won't mean a thing to the genre fans, but prevents crossover to a wider audience.

    The succession, nearly a fashion show, of pastel colored fetish gear worn by the femme cast is arresting, as we witness a couple of women arriving at a mansion for a session of debauchery. Anastasia Pierce and her friend engage in plenty of BDSM exercises, lesbian sex and a surprising portion of boy/girl action from guest stars Cheyne Collins and Steve Hatcher, but the pantomime goes nowhere. Like the work of British practitioners Tanya Hyde and Kendo, fetish is an end in itself.

    That's a shame, because some imagination is evident from erstwhile hack BoB Zak in the director's chair. I had a very similar reaction to his more famous opus "The Asylum" but in both cases Zak undermines his artistry with an emptiness and lack of thematics that used to be written off as "experimental". It's his loss, as the audience for this sort of thing remains quite limited, even in the wake of "50 Shades" mania.