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4 September 2018 | lor_
A David Stanley disaster
The title refers to black magic or voodoo, not the alternate profession of the porn talent employed in David Stanley's oh so precious and moronic fantasy for Vivid Video.

Sillier than most of his tongue-in-cheek porn exercises, it revolves around a perv played by Eric Masterson, Stanley's usual alter ego on screen. Show opens with a typical meet-cute scene of him interacting (but we don't see his face yet, call it suspense) with lovely Ava Vincent in their apartment building's communal laundry room.

He steals a pair of her black panties, which he uses in a voodoo-style incantation ritual (instead of a doll) to cause her to feel at a distance what he's doing. This cues the movie segueing into the fantasy territory brilliantly essayed in that Barbara Hershey horror classic of 1982 "The Entity", in which she got to have sex with an invisible demon, a terrific acrobatic acting exercise if ever there was one.

This being a Vivid vehicle for contract star Briana Banks, not Ava, the busty wonder gets to have a couple of sex scenes as Ava's friend, but the show belongs to Ms. Vincent. She is terrific even given the silliness of Stanley's script, which runs the voodoo gimmick into the ground thrice-over in an attempt at comical revenge motifs. Another Vivid girl, Sunrise Adams, is tossed into the mix for extraneous sex content, wearing a most unbecoming black wig.

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