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  • Terence_Z1 December 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    When I first watched it, I was thinking, ' gosh it's a waste of time" but then I watched it a second time and really learned how to appreciate the show. Everything fell nicely into place and although the first part does start off slow, it is not without reason. Because the movie gets more exciting as it delves into Zhao's past, contrasts with her present state. The actors all did a good job and the last part was the most exciting part. The ending was shocking, it totally caught me off guard and I nearly cried. In Goddess of Mercy,Zhao Wei give a professional & outstanding touch.TIME AISA said "With her elfin stature, Zhao couldn't intimidate a jaywalker, but her convincing portrayal confirms her status as one of China's best actresses." Overall, this is a movie which is tragic yet beautiful in a way. This is a movie which is to be savoured and enjoyed. It is definitely a movie I would recommend.
  • crossbow010611 February 2008
    This movie begins with a playboy wannabe Yang Rui, who wants to pick up the maid at a martial arts studio. She resists him, bike riding away from him. It appears this pretty but quiet young lady is harboring a secret (of course). Somehow, they come together, starting a courtship. She turns out to be an undercover police officer, trying to stop drug trafficking. Also, it turns out the deal would be made with Mao Jie, who fathered her child. The film is formulaic, a little too coincidental and, at times, a little slow moving. It is a nicely shot film, the cinematography is very compelling and Director Ann Hui is, of course, widely heralded. The last twenty minutes of this film are very good, but you have to watch the rest to get to it. It is watchable, but I wouldn't wholly recommend this unless you're a fan of the actors and this kind of drama.
  • Yu Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) has a compelling plot, which presumably accounts for the popularity of the novel it is based on. Unfortunately, Vicki Zhou, who did so well in the light entertainment "So Close," just isn't convincing in the role of a lovelorn policewoman. How could a woman who repeatedly squeals at every surprise, cries at any excuse, and wails in a baby voice be a supercop? She looks as comfortable in a battle helmet as Michael Dukakis. This role needs an actress with the skill and range of Brigitte Lin, but Zhou is more like Gidget Lin. As for Nic Tse, he may be a heartthrob to Hong Kong teenyboppers, but he's no actor. The only real acting is from Yunlong "who's he" Liu, who plays the narrator, and who hopefully will get more roles in better films.

    Further detracting from the film is the ridiculously large and stiff doll that replaces the baby during action sequences, and the irritatingly wise father figure, Captain Pan. This film can be safely missed.
  • Not the worst movie I've seen, but easily one of the most poorly constructed. There *is* an intriguing story buried beneath everything but you have to keep reminding yourself what it is while you wonder why it's not being told very well. It's not a nice looking film either. Zhao Wei has never looked more lost and out of place. The scenes of her fighting off armed criminals while holding her baby in one hand would have been funny if they weren't so disgusting. The fact that it looked completely phony doesn't redeem anything. The scenes of warfare-like gun play that are just plopped in from time to time look like they were lifted from a middle-schooler's Super 8 film project.

    I knew in the first fifteen minutes this thing was a mess but I kept the faith, and while it hinted at getting on track from time to time it just kept failing. Someone brought a bucket full of story-boarded scenes to the party but neglected to introduce them to Mr. Story.

    You can't just claim that because this isn't run-of-the-mill Hollywood fare that it deserves respect. Good film makers (Ann Hui is one of them) can fail too.
  • lia0002719 December 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    The main plot is about a woman police officer (Zhao Wei) undercover herself as pe teacher to catch drug trafficking but she never realized that she instead fall and made love with that drug trafficker (Nicholas Tse), she already had a fiancé. When Nic get caught and his whole were dead (father and mother whom were also drug trafficker) he wanted a revenge with his brother to kill her, her husband, and her newborn baby who is Nic's child. Finally her husband was dead and she and her son (little Xiong) escaped and hide themselves. Until 3 years then she met a new guy whom later on she left on afraid that he caught onto her past, however this guy found her and changed her mind to back in her hometown whereas her husband was dead. Nic and his brother found them, Zhao Wei killed Nic's brother and Nic kidnapped his own son without realizing that little xiong is his son and shot the guy but he was able to survive. When Nic contacted Zhao Wei regarding her son she confessed he was his son but he didn't believe it. At the end when Zhao Wei met Nic she realized that he killed him and she wanted him to kill her too so she was able to be with her son. He kept saying that he is not the child's father be she kept saying that he is her son's father, her subordinate who following Nic shot Nic on the head but he able to shot Zhao Wei make her die. The guy continued his journey and revealed that Zhao Wei is similar with Kwan Yin Goddess of Mercy.

    This story could have better written ending with Nic the only one died not his son or Zhao Wei should be die too. The movie is not that bad even though its showing China's villages and the life of the villager. I feel this movie is quite tragic and how drug could make somebody become insane even to kill a child. May be the hidden message of this movie is "Say No To Drug See How Drug Could Ruin Your Chance of Life". Sad but so real.