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  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you think ABC can't get any better - you're wrong. With the great success over smash-hits, "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" they also picked up a few shows over mid-season hoping for more success. They got "Jake in Progress," "Eyes" and "Grey's Anatomy" - but "Grey's Anatomy" is definitely considered the best out of those three.

    Grey's Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo (who has starred in a few movies but was never really noticeable) as the narrator - Meredith Grey. Her mother is the famous surgeon and she is trying to follow in her mother's footsteps. The story revolves around her time as an intern and the people she meets and sort of is portrayed as "survival camp for medical students." The minute she arrives at work, she meets Christina Yang (Sandra Oh - flawless in her bitchy supporting role), George O'Malley (T.R. Knight - one word: breakthrough performer), Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heighl - very, very believable as a model who is more like the girl-next-door), and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers - plays sort of a not-so-likable person). Most of all, there is Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey - very attractive), the man that Meredith had a one-night stand with - he just happens to be her boss.

    This is a show that wants to be liked. It just sort of screams in your face "Love me!" with all its interesting characters who are very different from each other and a nice plot that you just have to be addicted to. The supporting work is clearly a winner. It has a very lovable supporting cast with T.R. Knight as the sweet and sort of the "average guy" as George O'Malley and Katherine Heigl who is very likable in her role - even Sandra Oh is a clear winner on top. And my personal favorite is "the Nazi" - Dr. Miranda Bailey who is played by Chandra Wilson. Very, very well done.

    This is sort of a soapy spin on "Scrubs" and "ER" but with light comedy/romance and serious and intense drama where character build up the plot. Some of the characters may get a bit annoying for your taste (ex. Meredith Grey) but the acting is just superb and you can't help liking it. It has a guilty-pleasure feel to it and you just can't help but stay up late for this show. This show is definitely not about "medicine" - when it has to deal with medicine, it has a clear soft side to it. The doctors play heroes (pretty clichéd, but yeah - this IS a hospital show) and save lives or care or has to live up to certain defeat. Just to be aware: This is a show about relationships-within-a-hospital and the life of each person that works there.

    The show breaks all the "bad" mid-season shows record. It is just extremely enjoyable. Go check it out - you'll definitely like it if not love it.
  • The Network From Nowhere really knocked me for a loop by smacking the viewing audience upside its collective head with THREE strong series that came out winners: "Desperate Housewives" and "LOST" being the first two.

    Now that we are well into the second season for both of those, and their story arcs are looking a little 'iffy', it's the third and most surprising contender, "Grey's Anatomy", that looks to be the strongest of the bunch. As the follow-up riding on "Housewives'" coattails, I was ready to dismiss it outright as "Ally McBeal in hospital scrubs." But not having much else to watch in that time slot, I decided to give it a try, and was I pleasantly shocked! Though there ARE some moments where the principal characters come off as self-centered, neurotic and at times downright eccentric, it never reached the level of absurdity that "Ally" often did, and thank God for that! Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey comes off as likable and probably more self-aware and introspective than self-absorbed and scatterbrained, though there are moments you do want to reach into the screen and give her a good shaking.

    And good call on the ensemble casting! You really have to give props to any show that FINALLY figures out how to effectively showcase the sweet-and-sour charms of Sandra Oh, who was good enough to elevate a sow's ear of a show like "Arli$$," if not to save it. And not to mention give assorted actors who have all been great in projects not up to their talents, the chance to really shine in some very well-written roles, and I want to single out Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson and especially T.R. Knight as George, who is really coming into his own as this season progresses.

    Not to snub Isaiah Washington, James Pickens, Jr., Kate Walsh or the so-hot-it's-criminal Patrick Dempsey. Seasoned vets all, it's just good to see them all land in a nice place where they can do great work with some sense of job security. (WE HOPE.)

    Realistic enough to be accessible but not a turn-off, and whimsically light enough at other times without straying into "Stefan-the-Frog" territory, (are you listening, David Kelley?), "Grey's" should remain as a dependable Sunday night staple as long as creator/producer Shonda Rhimes and her crew are able to continue to strike that balance, and keep its newfound audience interested and entertained with the trials, tribulations and trysts of the staff at Seattle Grace Hospital.
  • So far, I'm enjoying this show. I consider it a more serious "Scrubs".

    To be honest, I started watching it because of the beautiful vistas of Seattle that they show at the beginning of the first episode. I love this city and most of the city views they showed so far would be very hard (or impossible) for me to get otherwise. Seattle is breathtaking on a sunny day.

    But this was just what caught my attention initially. I fell in love with the cast and up to this point I enjoyed every minute of "Grey's Anatomy". Some people think it's not realistic and I agree with them, but what TV show is? And if it WAS realistic, I don't think I would watch it. Have you ever been to a hospital? Was it interesting? I didn't think so.

    I hope the show stays interesting and funny and if you're looking for reality, don't watch TV.
  • HaloFive0030 April 2006
    Grey's Anatomy is a surprisingly addictive show. The plot lines are an interesting blend of soap opera, drama, and comedy--it's not really like anything else, but at the same time, it occasionally feels pedestrian. However, it's very well done--good writing, great acting, and well directed.

    Sandra Oh stands out for her comic timing, but the entire cast is superb. It's not as grave as ER, but is just as compelling. Also, it's a little more accessible than ER and some of the more serious medical dramas. The show is definitely worth catching--if you can't watch it when it airs, TiVo it or rent the first season DVD. It's well worth the time spent! It's great for marathon viewings!
  • I love this show. I didn't know if I would like it or not, because I'm not a big ER fan, due to the depressing parts, however "Grey's Anatomy" has a lot more depth to it on so many levels. Let's face it, who really wants to talk about death? This show involves some humor, unlike ER, but you also get the blood and guts popping out, very sad moments, more involved stories about the DR's personal life's, issues that are bombarding our medical care in this country today and the great music puts it over the top. It's more of a "tug at your heart strings" kind of show when it comes to death and also there are some politics involved, which i highly think should be brought up in this day and age-such as being a full donor and saving peoples lives, rather than rotting away. I'm actually surprised it's not a David Kelly Show (Boston Legal) - it seems like something he'd create. Anyway, you have to watch this show- it's completely addicting-- and I only watched it since i like Patrick Dempsey on the off chance it may be a good show--Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. I did also like Boston Legal, but not nearly like "Greys." Hopefully there is room for both of them on Sunday nights.
  • This television series is one of the best dramas I've ever seen in a while. The cast has great chemistry, especially Patrick Dempsy and Ellen Pompeo. The script is flawless, full of new obstacles for each character to go through per episode, with bits of comedic writing in it as well. I have compared this series with the ER series and personally, I like this series much better. Grey's Anatomy has bits of life lessons for viewers to learn every so often. Many episodes breaks your hearts, making you feel tempted to even yell or shout at the television screen! Great cliff-hangers, making viewers waiting impatiently until next Thursday to see what happens next! Overall, Grey's Anatomy is a wonderful show. Tune in!
  • This show was addicting, and I watch a few seasons. But I just could not handle the absolutely stupidity of the characters any longer. Stupid is forever. Ignorance can be fixed. They are all stupid. So, I stopped watching it.
  • flawedsevenfold25 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen every (and I do mean every) episode at least 3 times. It's a little sad lol but I'm a Grey's freak. Watching the characters grow and leaving the show, sometimes actually making me at the very least tear up. *SPOILER* watching the plane crash episode where we lost Lexie then McSteamy, Then McDreamy? God. Shonda Rhimes certainly knows how to keep viewers always wondering what could possibly happen next. I believe she (Shonda) said in an interview that as long as Ellen is willing to play the part of Meredith Grey the show will be going nowhere. At the end of last season we lost 2 major characters and then of course the obligatory cliffhanger season finale. Thank goodness it's back. I'm enjoying watching Karev with his new job of interim chief. I do believe if he left the show it may mean the end of my fanatical obsession and where I throw in the towel. He has been on the show since the very first episode it would be just like no more Meredith. No way the show could go on.
  • The 2nd Season of "Greys Anatomy" has commenced and it is just as great as the 1st Season! This season the writers appear to be focusing on the development of the characters. They are finally giving Alex a soul by showing the inner turmoils he possesses which gives reason for his rude demeanor.

    Similar to a lot of other shows, in my opinion, the supporting cast steal the show! Christina (Sandra Oh) is my favorite because her character is so complex and hilarious! It may also be because she is the comic relief, along with George (T.R Knight).

    This show is great...and it just keeps getting better! Tune in! I highly recommend it! Grey's Anatomy has everything: drama, comedy, mystery, scandal and thrill.
  • ausafb30 March 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    As a final year med student about to be a neurosurgery intern in two months, I have spent several years in hospitals and several months as a subintern at major hospitals throughout the country. This is one of the most unrealistic medical shows I have ever seen. I'm sure it's fine as a drama or soap opera but don't expect any accurate depiction of what things are really like in surgery. Nobody expects an intern to operate solo. Getting a Chinese interpreter takes 5 minutes. Even a junior med student knows that. Interns and residents are not nearly as dumb as they are portrayed here. The job of the intern is to do scut work. It's really not that hard. You're just a glorified secretary for your superiors. You don't save lives. You don't dole out bad news to family. You don't really even scrub into cases that much. Cut-throat competitiveness is the exception among interns. Camaraderie is the norm. Also, for God's sake nobody touches their mask with bloody gloves. You don't take off your mask in the OR to talk. I could go on and on. It would be nice if Hollywood would hire even a med student as a consultant and pay them a nominal wage to get a little shred of realism.

    I might sound overly critical but the lack of insight in Grey's Anatomy is not simply annoying but actually forces you to not take the show seriously. On the other hand ER was the most faithful in this regard and I guess that's expected since it was produced by Michael Creighton. Too bad it was not about surgeons. Even Scrubs is much more accurate and ten times more entertaining. I bought two episodes of Grey's. That's 90 minutes and 4 bucks I'll never get back. I should have just read my Greenberg instead...

    I may be a tough customer because life on the surgical wards is truly exciting not only in terms of the science and medicine but in terms of social drama. Nothing I have seen on television or movies even comes close to capturing this real life excitement and drama on all these levels.
  • gabifontoura1425 October 2018
    The television series Grey's Anatomy began on ABC last March 27, 2005 and has since become a highly awarded and hailed medical drama. Revolving around the character of Dr. Meredith Grey, a surgical intern who starts at Seattle Grace Hospital in Washington, D.C., the drama has several sub-plots all of which include her many co-stars. Her fellow interns at the start of the show are Dr. Cristina Yang, Dr. Isobel Stevens, Dr. Alex Karev and Dr. George O'Malley.. In order to best understand the show, it is important to be able to have a clear understanding of each main character in the series. Doing an in-depth analysis of each one will give the reader, or viewer, a better idea of the complexities the series' plot offers. As such, the analysis will begin with the main character, Dr. Meredith Grey. Is a medical drama that encompasses the professional and personal lives of interns and residents as they strive to become surgeons. Throughout the seasons the backgrounds, and aspirations of the characters are explored, while following their present day lives. The series is based off of the doctors everyday lives, but concerns itself mostly with their personal lives, using their professional lives as a backdrop to character development. The medical cases aid the plot of the series most often by the patients saying things that relate back to the dilemmas the characters are going through. This along with the relationships between colleagues connects work to personal life, often mixing professional and private relationships into one.
  • I absolutely love this show! The characters are full of character and feeling and sense and everything that is in the best shows!!! The story lines are totally believable and there are sad parts, funny parts, intense moments, and refreshing insights...just everything I love in a great show. There are enough surprises to keep you guessing, but enough stability to keep me coming back to watch the next episode. This is truly an absolutely wonderful show! I cannot wait for the next season to begin and my daughter loves it too. All my co-workers love the show too and we watch it and look forward to discussing all the parts the next day at work! This show is if you haven't watched the first should try to rent it or watch the re-runs (if they ever come on again!!!) We (my daughter and I) say - when is it coming back on?!? Now - tomorrow is too late :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Grey's SPOILERS*

    Grey's Anatomy is the story of five Med Students - Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), the main character, Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), the Dr. Cameron (i.e. - annoyingly self-righteous - especially after her idiotic actions in last season's finale, which I hoped kicked her off the program - and the show - for good) of the situation, Alex (Justin Chambers), a breath of fresh air in this goody-goody show as the 'asshole', George (T.R. Knight) who should've been the main character, and Christina (Sandra Oh), an acerbic and ambitious person - and of their struggle through life as a doctor.

    Um... no.

    It's a soap opera, and a very badly written one at that; I like some characters (Alex, George, Addison, Christina, Mark) and keep watching to see what happens to them, but the show is really over-the-top, repetitive and laughable (Code Black - the Superbowl episode - was mind-numbingly bad, as an example), and worse, in a lot of moments sounds like a teenage fanbrat's bad!fic (hold a radio over my head outside your window kind of love? How DARE Shonda Rhimes ruin 'Say Anything' that way???).

    Enough with triangles and soap operaish story lines already!!! Oh, and if Isobel goes anywhere near Alex again this show is over.

    Grey's Anatomy: 4/10.
  • Angelus226 June 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is very slow and the narration is a little annoying, the characters aren't very interesting and it seems to always be based on the relationships. The whole 'choosing' gets really irritating....This is supposed to show how surgeons operate in the work place but seems to be a rip of an 'teenn soap'/ER....

    The actors have no real talent, they seem to be playing themselves and the story lines are weak...the only positive thing is that the hype will probably see that this show has at least six or seven seasons on the air.

    Overall it is slow and dreary......
  • This new to 2005 TV series focuses on the lives of a group of young, new surgical residents in Seattle. The title character is Dr. Meredith Grey, whose mother, now in early dementia, was a renowned surgeon. The young Dr. Grey is played by Ellen Pompeo, a fairly experienced young actress who has a face that is more interesting than beautiful, but her acting is believable, making her a good choice for the role. All the others think she may be getting preferred treatment, but we see that she appears to be a gifted doctor.

    The good ensemble cast includes quite a few, but I have three other favorites. Sandra Oh plays Dr. Yang, ambitious, always trying to get picked to assist in surgery, and in recent episodes has begun a clandestine affair with Dr Burke (Houstonian Isaiah Washington), one of members of the surgical team. The other is Chandra Burke, another Houstonian, as the 'nazi' Dr. Miranda Bailey. She is in charge of the new residents, and makes them understand early that when she is sleeping, they should only disturb her if someone is on the verge of death. She really is a good and kind character, but she has to play it tough to establish boundaries.

    So far I have only seen two or three episodes, but they have been interesting, well-written, and well-acted. Not the usual "doctor" soap series.
  • ek54127 February 2007
    Never in my life have I seen a worse show. The characters are shallow, have panic attacks literally ever 30 seconds, ignore actual patients and worry about each other, and the whole thing seems completely unrealistic. I wish Ellen Pompeo would stop with the George Bush impersonation and actually open her eyes. Just a terrible show. A better title would be "girl doctors who complain about their sex lives and pretty much whore around the whole time". If you want to see a near-perfect medical show, then hit up FOX on Tuesday nights to see a doctor at his finest: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House. Laurie's character, a pain-killer addicted M.D. with no regard for manners but a genius doctor, brings sheer brilliance to the screen, making the show unbelievably intense and suspenseful, yet manages to be completely realistic, and he ACTUALLY DEALS WITH HIS PATIENTS, rather than sleep with his co-workers. Grey's is just extremely sub-par, and fails to attract any demographic other than females who've had "every kind of boyfriend." In other words, ditch Grey's, watch House. Period.
  • kdfan165 February 2007
    Imagine a Medical show where you take out the wit of Scrubs, the excitement of E.R., and the drama of St. Elsewhere, and you'll start to get the feeling of what this show is all about. From the bland acting of Ellen Pompeo, to the pseudo-indie rock (Portions for Foxes by Rilo Kiley) that blares through every scene, this show is definitely aimed at the 18-35 year old demographic who happen to have penchants for over-acting and scripts filled with melodrama. I can't get over how everyone seems to be enthralled with a show that basically comes up with the worst catchphrases in the world, AND THEN RUNS WITH THEM. Why does America tune in every week for a show that makes The O.C. look like it was written by James Joyce. Mcdreamy? Mcsteamy? Mcgag me.
  • Sadly overacted, unrealistic, predictable series with 10 carbon copies of one character. The surgeons & residents all stammer, grow speechless, have the same tone, similar reactions, lines, mannerisms, tears streaming down their faces... and these are doctors in a hospital. Have the show's creators and writers ever been in a hospital? It's all unheard of.

    I worked in a hospital with surgeons for 7 years and never ever saw one of them cry or scream of grow out of control the way these characters do every day on the job. It's totally ludicrous - doctors are very cool-headed in their work, to the point of almost lacking compassion at all - especially surgeons. They are criticized for being totally heartless, but you have to be to cut into human flesh. THey are never melodramatic the way ALL of the characters on this show are... not to mention the rotating bed partners and switching up sexuality -- although most surgeons are sleaze-bags, the philandering is usually with nurses, not with other doctors and never same-sex. Grays features all kinds of unrealistic craziness. Please give the American public a break and stop producing and airing this silly junk.
  • mosu19718 June 2006
    Nothing gets better than this. Leaving work early every Sunday night to see what's up with 9PM block on ABC in HAWAII. Love to be on that edge, wondering if she is going to have her McDreamy. It makes the suspense so intense! Grey and Shepard are a wonderful duo. The cast in the show are so awesome. Remembering Patrick Dempsey in "Can't Buy Me Love" and now a very mature individual who achieved so much to get where he's at now. Ellen Pompeo as a very fresh face in the Primetime Segment, and many other characters as well. As my four daughters would say, "There must be more to life than Grey's Anatomy, Mom!" I replied, "I have you four girls first, but now it's my time for McDreamy & Grey." They all laughed and now leaves me alone for only one hour of laughter and tears.
  • So the show is about the trials and tribulations in the lives of five surgical interns (that is, first-year surgeon residents who just graduated from med school). I see "Grey's Anatomy" as actually a cross between "ER" and "Dawson Creek" or "The O.C."--a show primarily centered around the growing pains of a group of young adults, but plunked down in the middle of a Seattle hospital instead of the picturesque coast of Massachusetts or California.

    Also in the same vein of "The O.C." and "Dawson's Creek," my favorite characters aren't the bland starring ones but the quirky and FAR more interesting co-stars: Sandra Oh is just plain awesome as the intense and ambitious resident Christina Yang, infusing her personality with a unique combination of ruthlessness and sensitivity that defies the generic stereotype of the overachieving Asian; George O'Malley (T.R. Wright) is absolutely adorable; and the handsome jerk of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) looks like he may turn out to be more interesting than at first glance. But the characters of Meredith Grey and Izzy Stevens blur together as two generic pretty and smart blonde doctors.

    This is definitely more of a soap opera than a medical drama: A lot of times, it seems like they just throw in a couple token surgery scenes every so often and then rush back to Meredith telling Dr. Shepherd for umpteenth time that she doesn't want to date him. And there is enough angst on the show to fuel a couple new WB dramas. But Meredith's struggle with her mother's Alzheimer's Disease is a unique and heretofore overlooked type of story, and the show does reveal the interesting facets about the dynamics of the patient-doctor relationship.

    "Grey's Anatomy" doesn't have the realism of "ER," the utterly hilarious absurdity of "Scrubs," or the intrigue of "House," but it suits nicely as a soapy drama with just enough medical context to keep it from being just a guilty pleasure.
  • I find it amazing to be in this minority but i feel this has come from the dumbing down of television. I can understand the need for a light hearted view of hospital life. However, this show from ABC heads in that direction with almost an identical rip off of Scrubs, with narrations, musical moments, and even some of the same jokes and situations.

    Now the reason i state that there is danger coming is ABC is trying to sweep the ratings now with a bold move to Thursdays next season. if i am correct, they are aiming to bring 'Grey's' to the nine o'clock slot which is already the most competitive. PArt of me is pleased with this seeing as how there won't be a cheat on ratings for all the desperate housewives viewers being trickled into the ten o'clock spot where Grey's resides now. This could very well be the downfall of the show and i believe it is high time for it. The other shows on at that time deserve much more credit than Grey's.

    I still can't believe that this show is on the air. The writers have to know how bad some of their ideas are when they are coming up with them. At times i feel like they just went and filmed the first draft. I mean seriously, if an intern stole a heart, the interrogation wouldn't lose focus and become a therapy session. Not only that, there would be many more people in that room from all areas of the hospital. and let's not forget the sudden changes in character behavior. It's almost as if no one knows the priorities in a hospital. I'll tell you one thing. If i were to find myself a patient in that hospital, you would find me wheeling myself out of there within five minutes. Why would i want to seek aide in a hospital that puts all of the focus on the doctors first and then the patients.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My girlfriend insisted, and continued to insist that I watch Grey's. Eventually, I gave in, and loved it. The first two seasons are gold. That's where it ends however, as the third season was simply more of the same. That should be good, right? It isn't. Some of the characters who previously annoyed me a little (notably the protagonist Merideth) have all of a sudden become so unable to establish (and maintain) a proper relationship that their stupidity makes me want to do something bad.

    ...Yes friends, more of the same, more of the same will-they-wont-they rubbish, which is now rolled out to encompass George and Izzy. (George by the way going from my favourite character to my least favourite within season 3).

    It's not as bad as all that, but I expect more development, which has not happened. I think at the base of it all is that I am now bored and annoyed with the entire cast of characters (save the Nazi, who has remained a rock throughout).

    Hope this helps in some way
  • jlhracer24 October 2007
    How is this show entertaining? All I see on this show is doctors making out and not doing what doctors do.

    This show is probably the most overrated show on television. Like I just said, all it shows is doctors and nurses making out during shifts. Hell, usually when they do have a patient, it dies because they are too busy having sex in the operation room.

    Now we have to suffer Private Practice? This show is unrealistic and is stupid. Try watching ER instead. Now that's a good show other then this piece of $hit.

  • And that word is rubbish. If you want an engaging hospital show that shows it as it is, watch Scrubs. If you want a show which maybe is dramatised, but is at least entertaining, watch House. If you want a badly miscast show (only Sandra Oh looks like she might be a doctor: Ellen Pompeo looks at least 3 years OLDER than everyone else), with overdramatised turgid plot lines, all about how dreadful the life of the special person who becomes a surgeon is, watch this.

    Surgeons have little contact with conscious patients: this rubbish that surgeons give up their life to save others is insulting to nurses, allied health professionals and the other specialists who actually deal with patients. Would that there be justice: shows like this wouldn't get made.
  • With all the bitching and childish behavior that goes on in this show anyone would expect it to be set in college, not in a hospital. With a great name like Grays Anatomy, one would expect a high premise of medical situations, procedures and indeed, the feelings of the doctors and patients within the hospital. We get none of this. Instead we get a bunch of grown adults acting like children. This is ( and should be classified as) a soap opera, not a "medical drama" as the network would have us believe.

    However, I am aware that some people enjoy petty squabbling between stereotypically pretty people pretending to be doctors by wearing white coats and steamy "will they wont they" situations arising between interns and residents. This show has all of that, with none of the complicated (or realistic) medical or hospital business to get in the way of a "good" juicy storyline.

    It really does seem out of place being set in a hospital. The characters don't act or speak like doctors and the hospital is just a backdrop for their petty squabbles or torrid love affairs.

    This show is saved ONLY by fairly decent acting from the main cast. However, I will add that none of them have any extremely notable charisma, they are just decent actors.

    If you want to see a good medical drama with real human emotions, comedy, love, friendship, etc...I suggest SCRUBS or BODIES. They're a millions times better.
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