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  • This is a case study in what heaping money onto a project can accomplish. That is to say that it results in a film that looks like a real, Hollywood-style picture, replete with top-notch film stock and state of the art camera equipment, but lacking any degree of substance or import. It is really a microcosm of the entire Hollywood problem. It looks fantastic, but lacks a script with a story that one can sink their teeth into.

    What's worse, is that it goes up against a generations-old genre (science fiction), which is full of its own masters and tropes and archetypes, and appears to disregard them all. It seems as if the screenplay adaptation was the product of a short story that has been written a thousand times before and better.

    It is some troubled material.

    I would give it a 1 or 2, but the sheer dollar amount used to create this short film has resulted in some cinematography that is appealing. It looks pretty, at least.
  • I just saw this at a friend's screening of the no-name indie stuff she's collected over the years. This is akin to another disaster at that screening called "Metamorphosis" (believe me, the writer never read the Kafka). In any case, it is the sum total of a rich kid with a lot of money and a camera. It's a hobby. An experiment. This is not serious film-making. It's just a proof of concept reel. The story came from, if I'm right, and I may not be...the guy's brother? Come on. The film stock cost more than the cash it would have taken to option some poor guy's GOOD short story. Anyway, what a wreck.

    Go buy a winery with your trust fund and leave the industry alone. There is no heart here.