Occasionally mentioned Berwyn, Illinois when reading fan mail or at other times during the breaks with the host, Svengoolie (before going to commercial, etc.). Doing the name of the Chicago suburb was a running joke for the show.

Early episodes and occasionally newer ones will have "Svensurrond" included with the movie being shown to fill time. Svensurround was bits of the presented movie with comical voiced lines inserted and clever film editing to make a humorous short story.

The "Three Stooges" footage that is briefly shown in the intro sequence comes from Sing a Song of Six Pants (1947).

Though he plays the ghoulish horror host Svengoolie, Rich Koz is actually credited on-screen as "Man in Hat". Likewise, musical director Doug Scharf's character is known as Doug Graves, but he is credited on-screen as "Man in Other Hat".

The show uses (and reuses) many audio clips taken from old cartoons, movies, and TV shows. Among the most commonly heard are two soundbites from classic Bugs Bunny cartoons, which have come to play before the credits at the end of each episode. Bugs's line, "So long, Screwy! See you in St. Louie!" is taken from Hare Trigger (1945), and the "We're the boys of the chorus; we hope you like our show..." ditty is taken from What's Up Doc? (1950).