George: Now remember, Sal does this thing where he's staring at you when he's looking for weakness. Just stay calm and show him you can handle yourself.

Brooke: But weakness is my strongest quality.

[first lines]

Senior FBI Agent: [inside undercover van] That's it fellows, smile for the camera.

Candace: Don't worry about what Professor Kingfield said in class today. Maybe one day plain and ugly will be in style.

Brooke: Look, I am a fashion student. I design pretty clothes that don't include gun holsters.

Brooke: [first time meeting her henchmen] Hellooo everyone. How are you? I intend to learn all of your names. Cuz you know, that's what a leader does, she gets to know and gets along with everyone. Um, I heard a famous designer say that once.

Brooke: So, I have no experience in what you guys do. What ever it is that you do. But I intend to work very hard. People at my school can vouch for that, let me tell you. I mean the people that know me. Not a lot of people know me, ya know, not very popular at my school. You know because clicks - click just get together and I'm telling you... I just wish we could put all that aside and come together, and we can make beautiful, yet affordable clothes, as one!

Brooke: So are there, like, any questions?

Brooke: [nervously] It's funny actually, this whole time it didn't even think you knew my name.

Marcus: I don't.

Brooke: [dumping her date] Next time you want to spend an evening with a mobster, rent a movie.

Brooke: You're not wired or anything are you?

Jack Lawton: No. The only thing undercover was my job. My feelings have been out in the open the entire time.

George: You cheated. You stole someone else's designs and claimed them as you own. Put that on your resume.

Candace: Well, what about Brooke? She's, she's a mob boss.

George: Nothing in the rules against that.

Sal Hugo: You know, they mentioned that you was a chick, but no one said nothin' about you being a skirt!

Brooke: Hope I did the right thing.

George: You're da boss...

Sal Hugo: This is what I do best. I lie, I extort - except on my taxes, cos I don't even pay taxes. See, I do bad things to good people, and I enjoy it. And the best part is that nobody can stop me. Nobody. Huh? That's a nice ear ring you got there.

Jack Lawton: [stepping out of the shadows] You don't pay your taxes, huh? That's not good, Sal.

Brooke: [holding up the ear ring] Smile, you're on government sting TV.