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  • This is a splendid study about the buildings of the American architect Bruce Goff, once a collaborator of Frank Lloyd Wright. Goff's houses are visions of combining nature's elements with houses and there is a great variation of forms. He adapts his buildings to their surroundings. Emigholz visits the sites of buildings of Goff and films them. Shot in 35 mm the images and beautifully lighted the images create an atmosphere of the location which enables you to get an feeling for the buildings. There is no commentary, the beautiful images speak for themselves and draw you into the world of Goff. The excellent sound contributes a lot to the atmosphere of the locations. Heinz Emigholz is a master of the craft of film-making and creates pure cinema of great perfection and beauty.
  • I was able to rent this DVD through Netflix and was very disappointed. The viewer should not expect ANYTHING close to an "American Experience" documentary. In short, filmmaker Heinz Emigholz has traveled the United States and "filmed" 62 of Goff's sometimes stunning architectural fantasies. I use the term "filmed" loosely because 95% of the shots are static and fixed, almost like watching a slide show. Whatever sound was happening in the background...birds chirping, dogs barking, lawnmowers mowing, motorcycles/trucks/cars zooming get to hear well as Herren Emigholz's thickly accented English director's comments that offer virtually no insight into Goff the man. Emighholz's choice of a 50mm lens that basically reproduces the field of vision that a person has doesn't help matters either in trying to get a "feel" of Goff's expansive interiors. Nor does his choice of filming in the spring when the trees are leafed out, making most of Goff's houses hidden in their more-than-usual wooded locales. My suggestion to those who want to learn more about this vastly under-appreciated architect would be to read "Goff on Goff: Conversations and Lectures" or even get the set of ViewMaster reels, "Bruce Goff: Three Houses."