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  • lor_21 August 2017
    The forgotten porn label Nectar Entertainment specialized in dreamy, abstract romances aimed at the couples market over a decade ago, and "Into Dreams" directed by the mysteriously named Daeshim Tokei (Japanese or a warped anagram?) is representative of its drowsy product.

    This is pantomime porn, unspectacular XXX content with an attempt at artsy stagings or camera-work. It fails on both counts, not erotic enough and not creative enough.

    The opening segment was my favorite as the great British import Ashley Long (almost as good as her countrywoman Angel Long) emerges from the mist to hump a big lug named Dick Delaware in his chop shop, amidst various motorcycles.

    The other vignettes are more of the same, until the sixth one, designated a Bonus Scene (to fill out the modest running time) that is devoted solely (pun intended, of course) to foot-fetish action. Evan Stone gets a 4-feet foot job after plenty of lesbian toe-sucking and footsie, leading inevitably to a cum shot on one of the gal's feet. For the proper audience, that sequence is known as a "saver", for a pretty mundane video.