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31 January 2017 | lor_
Beware of soft core
I live in New York and bought a copy of "Mystified" on DVD, inscribed XXX right on the disk's label, but it turns out to be the 81-minute soft core edition, as mentioned on IMDb. Slicing out all the naughty bits neuters the value of this exercise.

Sure, I watched many a Playboy VHS release in the '80s, receiving review copies in the mail during my days as a film critic for Variety newspaper. They all seemed the same, Playmates and other models posing and tedious beyond belief repetition of content, restricted to strictly soft-core. Such is the problem with Marty Zion's project, which could only be watchable in its unadulterated version, as witness the intact Parts II and III in my collection.

The great star of a decade back Venus (Angelica Costello) is the show's highlight in the final of five vignettes, her shiny, vast nipples/aureolae a sight for sore eyes as she dry humps a stud. Except for a brief shot of Talon's limp dick in the opening scene featuring Bobbi Eden, no penis is shown on screen, so we have no money shots, no penetration, and just the crummiest look of simulated sex (even when it's real, it is the soft-core angles that are used to represent couplings) is shown. Not even a split-beaver close-up is permitted.

For all three videos, Zion pulled the stops out for an amazing studio set accurately representing a forest with pond and water feature as backdrop for the humping, and the cast of lovelies including Taylor Rain cannot be visually faulted. But in 81-minute soft version it amounts to little more than animated wallpaper, not even of interest to the target Andrew Blake fan base.

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