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  • This is one of the greatest games ever made. The graphics, whilst dated now, are amazing for the time, though the pre-rendered backgrounds still look sweet. The storyline is worthy of a Raymond E. Feist novel (and ties into the books as any fan will know) and the gameplay is second to none. This is one of the few games ever made where it is actually a pleasure to level up, it is possible to spend hours wandering around the city of krondor experiencing brilliantly animated turn-based fights in the randomly generated interiors. A huge number of items exist to be collected and an amazing alchemy system is included that allows you to create potions for your own good. The only weakness in this game is the lack of meaningful side-quests. this game will mainly consist of following the main storyline and taking time out to level up (which as mentioned above is great fun because of the wonderful combat system and the random enemies and interiors), this game is great in every aspect except for being too short, the first time i played it through i completed it in two days. though despite the linear storyline the replay value is almost infinite. enjoy this gem of a game!!!