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  • Plot summary: Sammi and Andy are a pair of successful thieves. Happily married, they've been stealing together since their teens. One day, as they were splitting up the gems, Andy suddenly announce he wants a divorce. Without an explanation, he leaves.

    To years later, you find a business tycoon named Steven proposing to Sammi but she only agrees if she is given a piece of the family jewels. But the sly soon to be mother-in-law doesn't trust Sammi and makes her agree to a contract. Sensing that this is going to be too much trouble, she decides to just steal the necklace herself. Only she is beaten to the punch by her ex husband. As she tries to recover the stolen necklace, the passions between the two are once again revived. However, one question will always remain: Why did he leave her two years ago? Not of a fan of either Sammi or Andy, I was pleasantly surprised to discovered that this movie was very enjoyable experience. The two lead characters had great chemistry together as they played very in-sync thieves as well as lovers. Although Andy is always a step ahead of Sammi, you can help but see that these two were made for each other. The supporting cast does their roles well. You feel sympathy for the blinded tycoon but know that Sammi is not for him. As well as the funny pair of comic relief detectives.

    Another notable aspect is the settings and the placement of all the characters. There are scenes that are like art displays. Nice camera angles and no lagging in the duration of the whole movie. The actors and plot line successfully pulls you in to a roller-coaster of emotions as you guess along with them what the other is thinking. With the benefit of knowing what the other is doing, the audience also gets to anticipate whether the other is aware. A fun puzzle like quiz. In the end, you will leave with a satisfied 98 minutes of delightful entertainment. Hope you like it as much as I did. =)

    something to look closely at: each time Andy gives Sammi a choice between two questions.
  • Another much hyped movie in Hong Kong in 2004 came in the form of "a third on screen union" between Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng, who have fast become the darlings of the Hong Kong RomCom genre. Actually, this is their sixth film together (according to IMDb), but never mind how many, it was the impact their first outing in Needing You that most will remember most, which they followed up with in Love On A Diet.

    Yesterday Once More is a story about two thieves, played by Andy and Sammi, who end up divorcing when the wife refuses to share the loot fairly from a recent steal. Two years later, she is proposed to by the son of a wealthy woman and she agrees - if only to steal her "fiancé's" heirloom, a very expensive necklace. Meanwhile, her ex-husband also has his eyes on it, and in a game of cat and mouse, they try to locate each others' stolen possessions whilst finding love again.

    Yesterday Once More was quite refreshing. Johnnie To has strayed slightly away from the formulaic movies that most HK RomComs are usually done and has added some darker emotions into it. There's a little suspense too, as you can never tell when a character is lying or not. And personally, I think it is a cute romantic film. But straying down the line he has, the comedy element seems to have been left behind. Gags are fairly basic and the actors who play peripheral characters who supply them don't really match up to Sammi and Andy. And I'm guessing it is this that has brought the lukewarmish reception from cinema-goers in HK.

    However, I personally think it is one of the better RomComs offerings you will see from HK this year. One for those looking for a steal.
  • kkoo-127 December 2004
    It wasn't the "perfect" movie. Take it for face value. The plot was good, but not super deep like something you'd expect from Wu Jian Dao (Infernal Affairs1/2/3), et all. It was light hearted and meant to get a few good laughs and entertain you - isn't that the purpose of a movie? Basically it's two people who are kleptomaniacs (people who are obsessed with stealing anything). Andy & Sammi give stellar performances. I've seen their previous two pairings under Johnnie To - Needing You & Love on a Diet - both of which were wonderful movies. Their chemistry is like that of Gregory Peck & Audrey Hepburn. Just.. something about it when they're on the silver screen seems to bring everything together. Well, as I pointed out before the plot's easy to follow. Basically they break up after a heist because of problems w/ the "distribution of assets" or so they say. Two years later she (Sammi) is about to marry some rich boy, but there's this necklace. Andy comes back out of nowhere to steal and so begins a little race (with plenty of pretty clever jokes) to figure out where the necklace is - and then some more.

    Enjoy it! Ended the movie with that nice-but-kinda-solemn feeling you got when you watched Roman Holiday. (haha) the box wasn't joking when they said it was a surprise twist :]

    P.S. still a little confused about the ending though. =___=
  • goodmen17 December 2004
    It been 3 years since they were pair up again by Johnnie To, before that they were a couple (though not leading couple) in Infernal Affair and Magic Kitchen. Well since Johnnie To is directing i had high expectation for this movie, since Love on a Diet and Needing You is one of my favorite romantics film.

    Plot: Sammi and Andy is a couple and are thieves, which they recently sold 170 million in diamond. Suddenly, Andy Lau call for a divorce because "they can't split the money evenly". Of course that not the official reason, and you wouldn't find out why until the end. 2 years later, and we see Sammi Cheng dating a rich kid, but she's not really in it for love has she still in love with his ex-husband (andy Lau). She here because she wanted the guy family jewel, a necklace. So, she planned to stealing it, but somehow Andy Lau stole it before she did. Now we see Sammi Cheng desperately begging Andy Lau on where the necklace.

    The movie was surprising because it wasn't really a romantic comedy, which i seriously was hoping for. The movie wasn't has good has the 2 previous movie they made together (probably because Wai Ka Fai is not co-directing), but it was still above average HK romantic films. Sammi Cheng is a gold digger, who rather has jewellery than love. Andy Lau is a character who is smarter than Sammi Cheng and always wins in the games they played. They really have good chemistry together, which really made this film more enjoyable. The plot is pretty good with some nice interesting twist and character involvement.

    The movie is worth watching because Johnnie To doesn't make bad film, though this year he didn't make any spectacular film. The really down side is they didn't play the song that Andy Lau sang, which I really like!
  • NightFlights-130 June 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    Caution: This review mentions certain spoilers in the movie, don't read this unless you've already watched the movie or just don't care at all.

    After watching this movie, I must say I'm torn between of giving this movie a decent and a bad rating. A big part of you wants you to see both of them together however it doesn't end like that. At the end of the movie, I ended up having mixed feelings about it and felt a little confused. I'm guessing the director, like mentioned earlier, is trying to portray love and happiness in a different light rather than following the usual trend of two people ending up together. (I don't claim to be a Johnnie To expert or anything, but after reading the previous reviews I'm guessing the endings of his movies with Andy Lau and Sammy Cheung are usually different from this one and I'll probably end up liking those movies more than this one) The main reason why I'm struggling how I feel about this particular movie is because of the style Johnnie To uses to portray love between the two couples. I had a little difficult time trying to keep up with the couple's true feelings for each other and the changes in the dynamic atmosphere. For instance, there's the scene where Sammi is in bed in the hospital; before you know it, Andy is too. I wasn't sure how to interpret it as a comic relief or as a serious situation. Then right after the bed scene in the hospital, I had a hard time readjusting to the mood afterward when both are out of the hospital. This happened to me maybe twice, but I won't go any further than this example I just wrote about. In the end, I was a little confused why the ending happened the way it did, but I guess I'll have to accept it as the director's way of giving the movie a different approach and try something different for once. If a person can follow the movie just fine and is able to deviate from the American norm for romantic comedy movies, then I think they would enjoy the movie more than most. But this movie went through too many twists for me to truly enjoy this movie to its full potential.
  • dreamity29 October 2014
    Andy Lau, have been my idol in the Hong Kong movie scene and so is Sammi Cheng which also mesmerises me with her superb singing talent. A beautiful couple amidst the backdrop of the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan Hong Kong. Two vivid lovers too in love with each other, but one of them is more aware of the reality of life thus lets his precious lover amuse herself thus amusing him also. A loving couple since school times and have been looting together and perfecting the job after repeated success. Mr. Do(Andy Lau)was analysed with a terminal disease and thus played up an act to provoke Mrs. Do(Sammi Cheng)until she files for divorce to have a chance to tell her about his sickness. Never did he thought that she didn't believe it and fakes her own sickness. Not wanting to feel more hurt himself he decided to leave town and retired to Italy to relax and retire to his sickness. To keep his lover occupied and not suffer his loss he assigned Mrs. Allen to arrange precious jewellery, of which his wife loves the most to be offered to lure her to steal again and again and again...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Somehow most of the people here reviewing did not seem to get the plot...


    The pair divorced two years ago from the movie scene was simply because Mr. To knew he was sick and dying.

    He then let her enjoy her life a little and look for someone she could remarry.

    The fact that he stole the necklace in the end for her (in the help of the others), was because he wanted to give her hope that he was still somewhere watching her and caring about her, even though he was buried to the ground by then. This is how much love there is.

    This is a really romantic movie just like Jonnie To's "My Left Eye Sees Ghosts". If you have seen that one, you will easily get the emotion from this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie despite of the usual HK cliché and its over the top extravaganza and major flaws in the storyline that does not make any sense at all.....yes despite of all these ... It is still one of my favorite romantic movie of all time.

    The main reason is because the love story. That even in today's society, where marriage are tangled in with prenup and the whole financial problems, with the lack of trust and the reluctant to let go to your own concept of the self and embrace the "we"....there are still certain romance that comes out of it.

    As ridiculous as the storyline of jewel thieves and millions dollar heirlooms, what essentially hit home to me is Andy Lau character, and his love for his wife. He knows of her competitive nature, he knows of her selfishness, her childishness, and he leverage that to pull the ultimate scam, to spare her the grieve when he's gone.

    For her it was the battle of wit, and she has always been holding a grudge because he's much smarter than her, and much wiser (for this I can totally understand, as someone who's competitive in nature and has fallen for someone who was much much wiser than I was) ... He always wins... And even in the end... He has successfully pull off the biggest lie. However, ultimately, he was always at the loosing end, he loves her so much that it doesn't matter if it's just a cheap ring, million dollar necklace, or all of his worth, he was willing to spend his time to entertain her with the cat and mouse game, and ultimately let her have everything, as long as they make her happy.

    The love story in combination of the classical guitar music and just the whole feel of the movie... I was ...for lack of a better word...touched by it all.
  • Sammi Cheng & Andy Lau are coupled yet again in their 3rd film -- YESTERDAY ONCE MORE -- directed by HK's actioneer Johnnie of To's action films will be disappointed to find not a single gun was used in the filming...furthermore, fans of Cheng & Lau's previous films, NEEDING YOU & LOVE ON A DIET, will also be disappointed to find that YESTERDAY is no where near as funny or endearing...

    Mr. & Mrs. To (Lau & Cheng) are a divorced couple...both affluent HK citizens...both incredibly mischievous...both just happened to be professional thieves -- 'two birds of the same feather'....A couple years earlier, they divorced over an inability to find middle ground on splitting the loot...Now she's the son of a rich heiress -- a total momma's boy (Carl Ng) through & through...The soon-to-be mother-in-law (Jenny Woo) is suspicious of Mrs. To's past & thinks she's only marrying her son for the family jewels -- the heiress' priceless ruby necklace...

    The necklace is it Mrs. To's materialistic eye that gets the best of her?... or is it her ex-husband, Mr. To's way of sabotaging the marriage to steal the jewels for himself?...

    This is not a movie about two pple falling in love or rekindling a love...its about two pple who have always been in love but have somehow been to foolish to realize it...they let pride & greed overwhelm them...

    Overall: YESTERDAY is one part caper/heist film & one part homage to classic Hollywood glamour from its golden years -- i.e. Cary Grant & Grace Kelly's TO CATCH A THIEF...Johnnie To is riding too heavily on Cheng/Lau's chemistry from their previous films...hoping Cheng/Lau's immense popularity & fan base will be enough justification for this third film....I think Sammi Cheng is one of the most likable/charming entertainers working t'day...& Lau is definitely the Tom Cruise of Asian cinema...

    I really enjoyed their first two films & consider the Cheng/Lau pairing comparable to those classic Hollywood couples of the 40's & 50's...but YESTERDAY falls very short of expectations...terrible writing, ridiculous situations, product placements galore, & all the subplots & supporting characters were unnecessary...come to think of it...this film was unnecessary...unless you just love celebrity watching...