[first lines]

Guard: The one called Marcus.

Peter: I'm the one you want.

Marcus: No, Peter!

Guard: We'll get around to you later.

Young Man: I can't face it. I can't!

Peter: Come, come.

Young Man: If I were brave like you, it would be different. You don't know how it feels!

Peter: Inside you there's a pounding like your heart might burst... in the pit of your stomach, there's a knot... you want to run away but you can't... so if all the others weren't here, you'd cry like a child. Oh, yes - I know what it feels like to be afraid.

[last lines]

Guard: You there - the one called Peter.

Peter: Yes?

Guard: You're next.

Peter: Of course.

[to the young man]

Peter: Well, lad...

Young Man: Christ be with you, Peter... and I would like you to know that from now on he lives within me, too.