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2 December 2011 | dpfacialfan
| Solid movie from Woodman...
This is the sequel to "Private Gold 47: Bitches". I haven't seen the first part yet, but if it's anything like the second part I would probably enjoy it. I enjoyed this one quite a lot, but there were some room for improvement that could have made it spectacular. This is somewhat similar in style to "Private Gold 45: Riviera 2" which I reviewed a while back. This one is also a story porno with a running time close to 3 hours. Like "Riviera 2", "Bitches 2 also has time for longer scenes because of the longer running time. One thing that also is present in this movie is the overuse of close ups and some bad angles here and there. But luckily we also get some really hot shots of the beautiful women in between, so it doesn't affect the movie as much as in many other porno movies. But the one thing that makes this a much better movie than "Riviera 2" is that it contains a better variation of scenes. Plus the fact that this doesn't really contain any bad scenes, because every scene was at least somewhat enjoyable. That is not a bad job considering this movie contains a total of 8 scenes.

Another thing that surprised me was that the female stars in this movie didn't have much experience from the porn business, but performed like true porn sluts. Especially the two leading ladies Sunny Blue and Gabrielle Marceau gave great performances and looked like they were born to be porn stars. Gabrielle also seemed to enjoy herself a lot from the backstage footage on the DVD. Despite that, these two girls have done only a few porno movies during their career according to IMDb. I know that a "shitload" of porno movies are missing from the IMDb register, but if they only have a few according to IMDb, there is no way these two girls have done 300 - 400 movies like many of the other female performers. But they certainly have the talent for it.

This movie kicks things off with two scenes with the lovely and sexy blonde Gabriella Tcheckan. In the first scene she has sex with one guy. I liked the scene and Gabriella gave a spectacular performance. It looked like Gabriella was totally in the moment when you look at her facial expressions. In the second scene she takes on two guys. Unfortunately this is only a blow job scene. I would have really liked to see this chick taken to the limit by the two guys in a double penetration scene. The scenes that were of the more mediocre kind were the scenes with Timea and Asian Shan. Both scenes were boy girl scenes. I did like the cumshot in the scene with Timea. First the guy blew his load around Timea's asshole and after that he still had one load to shoot on her face. The second load on Timea's face was surprisingly big for a second load.

Sunny Blue and Gabrielle Marceau performed great together in their threesome scene were they took care of a guy together. It starts out with Sunny and Gabrielle taking a shower together. After some soft lesbian action they move on to the bedroom were the guy is sleeping. In order to wake up the guy Gabrielle starts licking his asshole and Sunny starts sucking his cock. This guy is a very lucky guy because he gets to try out both girls three holes so to speak. And from the looks of it both girls have very tight pussies and assholes. This scene is pretty much every guys fantasy and probably some girls fantasy as well.

For the final showdown we have basically three scenes setup and taking place simultaneously. Well the scene with Gabrielle Marceau and the scene with Coreena were taking place at the same time with the action switching from scene to scene. The scene with Sunny Blue was just setup but it actually was shown first after the two other scenes were over. I usually hate when they do this but here both scenes were great so it didn't bother me. Plus, the scene with Coreena ties in with the other scene at the end, so it makes sense in that way. Gabriella takes on two guys while Coreena takes on just one guy. One of the guys from the scene with Gabriella joins in on the fun at the end of the scene with Coreena. Too bad Coreena didn't get to enjoy any double pleasure like Gabriella. Instead she had to settle for just sucking his cock. Gabriella however got to experience some hot DP action. To my big surprise she even took a double anal penetration and she did that before she took the normal double penetration. Damn this girl enjoyed the treatment she got and it's not often you see such a big smile on a girls face after being DP:ed. Sunny just got one guy to work with, but on the other hand it was a "nigger" with a pretty big dick. Sunny gave a great performance and I was surprised to see that Sunny took it up her ass before she took it in her pussy. Usually,it's the other way around. Well seeing as Sunny has a really tight looking pussy, I can understand that she might not want to make it loose by shoving a big black dick up there for a full sex scene. She probably thought that it would be better to wear out this "nigger" with her asshole first, so she wouldn't have to feel him pound her tight little pussy for 30 minutes in order to blow his load. My theory might not be that far fetched because Sunny also gives him a quite long blowjob before he finally blows his load. I must say that Gabrielle, Coreena and Sunny all gave really great performances for the final act of this movie.

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