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  • Gosh. I'm not sure what to make of this show, I'm really not. Now I accept that it probably requires you to be into car boot sales, which I am really not. However I do recognise that there are loads of people who flock to them to get bargain knick-knacks for the home or maybe for selling on and perhaps some of them are so into the experience of wandering around a car park that they want to watch others selling and buying.

    For this very select audience the show may well do the job but I found the whole thing rather distasteful. Perhaps it is the fact that I earn a comfortable living at the moment and the idea of a bargain, getting basic goods at low prices or collecting general tat for the house but I'm sure it is also an issue associated with the show itself. What I mean by this is the fact that it is mainly lower middle class families clearing out possessions to buy basic domestic equipment, package holidays and similarly comparatively "low cost" things and at times it feels a bit wrong – that those that have less are forced to sell it off cheap to get the basic desires.

    I know this is the snob in me speaking but at times it is rather tawdry; for example one episode had a very interesting old man selling off items of good value (£100) to get a cooker despite the fact that all items had really good stories behind them. It was hard for me to shake the feeling that I was watching people selling off memories just to try and get by – something I found all very off-putting if I'm being honest.

    Other than this I had very few other strong emotions – and really none of them were positive. I hated presenters Spicer (who is cheesy and cheap) and Franks (who is pretty hateful in my opinion) and generally just felt a bit weird when it came to the members of the public involved. Daytime filler that smacks of poor taste.