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  • I must admit when I first came to watch this, my expectations were not high. In fact the only reason I watched this TV show was because a friend of mine was one of the main roles (Fay Morgan as Billy). But I was certainly proved wrong after half an hour.

    It's 2003. The show centres around a young student called Rory Busby. His teacher keeps on getting him to make long though out projects on various major historic events.

    It's 2274. The future. Everyone has their own personal robot called a Morris. One of these is Billy. But her robot is useless and never does anything she wants. Anyway, she and her class mates go on a trip to the past. 2003. It's here she drops a disk. Rory sees this and being the helpful fellow he is, picks it up for her. But it is at that precise moment everyone is going back to the future. So he is brought along.

    He then realises that he can use the help of Billy and her Morris, to travel back in time and get useful research for his History projects. But that Morris always gets them in trouble...

    The supporting roles Mr. Busby (the amazing Kenneth Collard) and Miss Rankin (Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty) are both played out well, and add to the fun. Billy (Fay Morgan), is great! So good in fact, that she went on to be in a spin-off of this programme called "Billy: Girl of The Future"; which unfortunately was nowhere as good as the original. Morris (Kurtis O'Brien) is appalling. I know Kurtis is a good actor from seeing him in "Sugar Rush", but in this it is just painful to watch. Really as the character does nothing it was a pitfall from the start, but whatever the reason it's horrible to watch. On the other side of the spectrum, Rory (Joseph Tremain) is just amazing. His timing is excellent, and gives a strong believable performance through out. He also does a good performance in "Doctor Who" (2 episodes). Although the jittery action-movie-like way it is filmed can be a bit hard to take at times, the programme is still very enjoyable to watch. And yes. I do recommend it.