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  • lor_16 November 2018
    At first I was confused by the DVD's scene sequencing/advancement mechanism for this Italian import: there was a 3-minute intro scene and then the main featur begins. It turns out that this translates into 3 minutes of story followed by endless sex scenes, the wall-to-wall sex approach.

    In that intro we meet lovely Anita Rinaldi, a Euro porn legend who is fronting for this extremely poor excuse for a feature. She and her husband are driving to the environs of Budapest to claim a castle she's inherited. Upon arrival at night, he suddenly insists on leaving (without her) to see a notary. This suspicious behavior had me expecting a "Gaslight" plot line, but any plot would be better than the all-sex junk that follows.

    Left alone she reads a book about the history of the place, causing her to imagine a series of sex scenes, mechanically executed by random Euro porn talent. When hubby finally returns, the trick ending is so predictable the viewer is likely to groan, audibly.

    This 1998 production was imported to the USA in 2002 by Tip Top, the label that released a great number of Luca Damiano and Joe D'Amato videos of varying quality, but all better than this junk.