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  • This was a terrific video. You play a man named Nick Scryer, who was held prisoner. Then in the beginning you are let out of your barred cell by an undercover agent named Sara. As you go along in this game, you get different powers. The powers are reawakened as you go along because you had your memory wiped. The powers you get are telekinesis, remote viewing, mind drain, mind control, pyrokinesis, and aura view. Of course you also get to use guns on the soldiers patrolling all through the building. The soldiers are called meat puppets, and the psi-ops strategy tells me that they get harder to beat as you go along. This is worth your $50 dollars of paying for a new copy that you get to keep. It's a very fun game and I assure you that anyone that plays this will immediately love it. That's all I have to say. Goodbye.
  • monstar200611 January 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    Holy Cow! this game was unbelievable. all the Psi powers and shooting peoples heads off. it was more fun when i learned that you can kill a guard without high places or barrels. if you want to know this and have PS2 just hold both the l3 and r3 down for about ten seconds and the guard will commit suicide. although this only works in mind control and the guard has to have a gun. use this in Campaign. i would suggest this to any gamer who is into sci-fi and shooting bloody gore games. oh cant forget to mention the graphics. one would (GREAT) especially the side movies. i give a huge thanks to the makers for such a good game that i never will sell or trade.
  • I rented this game on the recommendation from a friend, so treat me as a friend. Rent this game. You will love, so then you will buy it!!!This game is so much fun. Your name is Nick Scryer. You used to be an agent of a secret government organization called Psi-ops. You were then captured, your face changed, and your memory wiped. You set in the army. Then during a battle, you and your men were taken control of "The General" the leader of "the Movement". You shot a guard, and were put in a prison cell. A unnamed (as of now) woman helps you get out of the cell, thats where start off.

    Graphics: The gameplay graphics are OK. The movie graphics are really good. What are really spectacular are the psi power graphics. They are really cool.

    Features: What are really spectacular are the Psi-powers. I have only 3 as of now, but they are pretty cool. You first get Telekinesis, the power to lift objects. This is awesome because you can pick enemies and shoot them, or throw stuff at them, or throw him at stuff. If there is fire , you can throw him into the fire!!! Its really awesome. The second one, I forget its name, but its the ability to look through doors, and possibly see secret codes. The last on i have is Mind Drain, which is the power to drain Psi energy from a person through there head. This doesn't work very well, because if you kill someone, it only gives a tiny bit of psi energy. If you want half back you have to sneak up on them when they are alive, the suck on their head until it pops. But one of the other powers is the ability to create fire and throw it.

    Gameplay: Pretty good. It can be challenging while easy at the same time.

    Overall, this game is really good. 10/10!!! This should be more popular.
  • This game does have a fun little thing going for it. It has great game play. You can get numerous powers for Nick the main character, but it is short. It can be beaten in 6 to 7 hours. I would've enjoyed this game more if there had been more to it. Aside for the shortness. The characters are generic. Most of them are just there. Main enemy is fairly bland as well. There a few mini games that you can have some fun with, but they become quickly repetitive. This game had potential and could be expanded upon if there ever is a sequel. If you're looking for a really short game with fun game play and bland characters this game is for you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just if you want to glue to my views of this game i'll give you the gist of it. in Psi Ops, A UN Group called Mindgate studying Paranormal Psychic abilities took extensive research into using Psi powers to be put to aid in war. The group had been rejected. So most of the Members were forced to disband. Many Months later one of the UN oil rigs Were attacked by PSI Terrorists Including A big black Mafia Boss who can lift practically anything with his mind by Telekenesis and A blind Cliché' Bad guy assistant who can control thousands of Soldiers to attack the enemy with his mind Control Abilities and perfect Omen Style Satan music when he Does it. The last remaining UN soldiers are taken as P.O.W and some hard-out give the game a Nasty as hell expression for the Terrorist group called the Movement. "Do not attempt to escape. The Movement is your world. The Movement is your life. This is the Movement." It is the movement. Yup. The character you play as makes a foolish attempt during the Leader of the movement boring speech to steeling a guards gun and shoot him. good thing there was an interruption. Luckily there were plenty of other comrades nearby so The thick ass general can't tell which of the two prisoners killed the guard so he just decides to shoot at the one who did nothing wrong the other prisoner is dragged off to solitary confinement. He wakes up. His name is Nick Scryer and he's the hero of the game and the man you play as.The game starts off with action unexpectedly quick. You begin with just a Gun given to you by a Female soldier who helped you escape. You shoot down soldiers which is extremely unentertaining when you realize the fun of the Psi Powers. As for Psi powers there are Six which are vary variable All the bosses you encounter wield one of these and your abilities become futile against them so you have to think of your own ways to combat the Bosses. As the game progresses you unlock more Psi powers and you have a Flashback of Your training for that Psychic power your trainer is a sharp lame mouthed Face stuffing Edgar. "You've been Juiced up with unlimited psi energy for this training." He sure could've used that in the real mission :).

    The game took me two days to complete, but using cheats and on arcade mode should take you less. I played it without cheats to get out of total boredom. The sound is average, terribly placed music, Never suits the mood, pretty authentic voice acting, Great graphics (Just make sure you have a TV that supports 60hz mode). A terrible amount of Goofs. but still entertaining, challenging, frustrating & not scratch enough for amazing. You would be a lot more impressed by this game if you never played second sight.