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  • I don't know this for a fact, but I think it was always intended as a limited series. But I could be wrong.

    Overall, it was a show about the tenants in the building (Robson Arms) and the lives they lived. Each episode had good quality actors and comedians. All the tenants got an episode or two and a chance to shine. The acting was good and each episode had a few very funny moments. I was hoping for more of the Megan Follows and Mark McKinney storyline to show up though.

    I hope CTV saw what they had and tries this format again. I'd watch it again.
  • From what I saw of this show, 3 episodes scattered in total, I thought it was an instant Canadian classic. Not too many shows are based in vancouver, and it serves it perfect. Lot's of familiar Canadian actors..some of the same work on Corner Gas. This show is edgy at times, free use of language, and hella funny, because it tells the truth! 3rd season is listed, name titles and all, but where are they? I've asked many people of they've seen this show, and they have no clue it ever aired. I have a feeling it will be a sleeper classic, popping up in a few years as a rediscovery. I give it 8 stars so far, as I have not seen very many shows.
  • I'd like to see this show get a lot more respect from the CTV network. It would change my opinion on how they manage to skew shows into oblivion. It took a long time for it to finally get aired. Don't kid yourselves by thinking we the public don't pay-no-never-mind on how to read them-there newspapers. (also see below links)

    The episodes were scattered all over to begin with. Who knew when to watch or find it? Please find a regular night for Robson Arms, give it a prime time slot, and keep it there. It's worth it, we like it, please don't compromise anything anymore with the show.

    The episodes are great to watch. There are enough identifiably Canadian characters to find a niche with more viewers.The actors are top notch, the scripts are unique, and the opening songs with an acoustic guitar and voice, etc are quirky attention grabbers.

    September 8, 2004 "...Robson Arms: Already promised several times by CTV (it was originally entitled Keys Cut Here), this anthology series about the denizens of a Vancouver apartment building is finally in production and ready to go...(Mid-season)" CREDIT SOURCE: Friends Of Canadian Broadcasting website archives

    "March 12, 2004 And here's a press release about Robson Arms, the CTV drama that Mark's currently filming in Vancouver, which will air in the fall." CREDIT SOURCE: The kithblog website archives
  • This is a great comedy-drama that we both loved. Gabrielle Miller is awesome. There are some weak links in the rest of the cast (it is mostly an ensemble type show with a lot of characters getting a lot of story time each), but mostly the acting is average to better than average. Decent writing. I would say it is actually more of a drama with comedy elements than vice versa, but definitely worth watching, just don't expect it to be hilarious because it is more about the characters with just some comedy sprinkled in.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So sad. Awaited the first show of the third season with anticipation, but was left disappointed and confused. What is being promoted as the Season 3 Premiere, is actually episode 3 of Season 3. I couldn't figure out why I remembered seeing shows with Dave Foley as the new owner. The first 2 episodes played last fall. So if you were running a TV network, would call episode 3 of the season, the season premiere?

    In any case,the Season Premiere (aka episode 3), entitled Mean Girls, had next to nothing about the building and the various residents, except for Bobbi.

    Most scenes take place away from RA: Bobbi's women's group meeting hall and a picnic. It could just have easily taken place anywhere, oh say, at some wacky prairie town. A view brief token scenes at the apartment with a lame story line of the new owner's wife telling another character to follow the new house rules, which ended up with him kissing her.

    It was kind of funny at first, with Gavin Crawford in drag, but the dominating story descended into a cheesy sit-com plot that was far below the usual standards of previous seasons. I sure hope things improve!
  • castingcalls7 December 2010
    This show was boring.

    For the first thing I do not know at all why this show is on the comedy network.

    It clearly is not a comedy show! Second off the show is just boring, I don't like any of the characters and hate all the whining that takes place in the show.

    Hank and Lucy from Corner Gas are the exact same two characters they play in that show, one of the reasons they are so boring.

    I don't care about the characters or stories, it's just a bad, boring show.