Meg Bardo: Hi. You were here last week, right?

Melody: I'm here every week.

Meg Bardo: I'm Meg.

Melody: I'm Melody.

[looks her up and down]

Melody: You need to talk to Sheri. I don't do girls.

Meg Bardo: What? Uh, me neither. But I have $1000 chip that's yours if you can tell me the story on the player who got ripped off last week.

Meg Bardo: Sir, with a soundproof room, a butane lighter and a pair of pliers, I'll get him to tell where that girl is.

Chris Didion: Well, be all that you can be.

Meg Bardo: Yes, sir.

Chris Didion: Let's keep that for the backup plan.

Meg Bardo: Right.