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  • This Tim Daly led drama is a very nice surprise. It has a CSI classy and glossy feel to it with a touch of humor like that found in something written by David E Kelly.

    If someone steals $100 from you, call the police. If they steal $100,000, call the FBI. But if you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and your chief financial officer embezzles $100 million on your watch, call Judd Risk Management. Harlan and his employees, including A.J Langer who plays over-educated secretary Meg, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon playing super Private Investigator Nora Gage and Laura Leighton as sly and very ultra slick lawyer Leslie Town, all operate on the fringes of the law, to obtain the necessary outcome.

    "Eyes" walks a fine line between sharp wit and fairly dark plot elements, and succeeds for the most part in making that tension in the script feel complex rather than clunky. Judd himself is engaging and strange, and Daly pulls off some very clever dialogue with abundant charm. He's well supported by the rest of the cast, including Laura Leighton who has finally left her well-known Melrose Place after-ego behind and A.J. Langer, who hasn't lost a step since "My So-Called Life."

    Eyes is witty and very sharp and if it obtains the target audience (i'm thinking CSI, Crossing Jordan and Law and order) it will do very very well.

    With ABC already having 2 break-out hits on their hands (Desperate Housewives and Lost), i'm sure they'll try for the tri-fecta with this one.
  • My wife and I tuned in to this show simply because we like Tim Daly and miss Wings immensely. So we thought, why not, let's give this show a chance.

    We do not regret taking this chance in the slightest. It's hip, hysterically funny, well written, and action packed. Sounds like a lot to fit in an hour-long show, but they do it.

    Tim Daly is great. He's a far cry from his restrained Joe Hackett character on Wings. Very dry wit and sarcastic. I can only compare him to Danny Ocean (George Clooney). Rick Worthy is great as Daly's more ethical other half. He reminds me of Sidney Poitier's character in Sneakers. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon is also very good.

    The other really nice thing about the show is that they have their character title screens aired each episode so you are always reminded who each person is. This allows you to pick up on the show quite easily even if you missed some of the earlier episodes.

    The show has an Ocean's 11 feel to it in the filming and editing. Can't explain it any better than that.

    Just give it a chance. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  • pvtwalsh27 April 2005
    This is a great show. Tim Daly is perfect with the one liners and sarcastic humor. The supporting cast, whose names I don't know yet, are also very good. All the acting is great, the story lines are engaging, and the suspense is at just the right level. Its been a while since I've seen a TV show that really captured my interest like this. Apparently the deceit and double-dealing has started early, but you'll have to watch the show to get that. Another good thing is that you can enjoy each episode on its own, but they are all linked to each other with the subplots. If you like your crime shows with some humor and class, less technical talk(a plus for us unknowledgeble gadget geeks) and characters you can care about, start watching this show now! Wednesdays at 10pm, on ABC.
  • I stumbled across "Eyes" last night, too, and was very impressed. Loved the stylish look, the acting, and the story lines. I found some of the characters to be over the top, but it worked. I was thinking I was watching son of "24."

    Good to see Tim Daly...still remember him so fondly from "Almost Grown," which was also unique in its day. It was also nice to see the two women working together instead of having the all-too-typical catty, antagonistic relationship women have on TV.

    I'll be watching eagerly next week to see if the show continues with the intrigue.
  • The pilot aired last night and I was amazed! I watched it because the beautiful AJ Langer is in it but now I have more to watch it then just her being in it! I would say it's like Boston Legal in the sense that it has a twisted sense of humor to it but I've never seen Boston Legal and I'm only comparing it to that on word of mouth that I've heard on it.

    The pilot was funny, cool, and entertaining--an all around cool show! Very high tech too!

    I hope the pilot was a sign of things to come.

    Hopefully the promos during Depserate Housewives and Lost and the fact that it's on ABC's awesome Wednesday lineup (with Lost) that it'll get great ratings. It'd be a shame to see this get canceled. I really enjoyed what I watched and it's got me hooked!

    I highly, highly recommend this over any reality show crap or Law & Order (which it's in the same time slot as) Law & Order is a great show and good to watch to kill time but it becomes run of the mill whereas Eyes is fresh, innovative, and entertaining to watch!

    If you haven't already, you too should have your eyes on Eyes!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the past television season, ABC has experienced quite a comeback with Lost, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal and now "Eyes" (although I have just learned that Eyes had a disappointing forth place debut among the top networks).

    John McNamara, former show runner of Fastlane and Lois & Clark, has created a promising new drama starring Tim Daly (who also appeared in MacNamara's TV remake of The Fugutive) as Harlan Judd, owner of a multimillion dollar private investigations firm.

    In a way, Judd is kind of a cliché--you know the kind of hip, good looking, smooth talking, charmer who's amused with himself, but in this case, rightly so. The commercials promoting this new show reminded me of David E. Kelly's failed dramedy series, Snoops. Then again, lest we forget, "dramedies" were a failed genre all together, neither funny nor satisfyingly dramatically. Which is not the case at all for Eyes.

    The premiere episode revolves the story of a corrupt business man who has stolen one-hundred million dollars from his company. The CEO, and former best-friend of this thief, can't go to the police because the company would be probed by the government and subject to heavy scrutiny that would undoubtedly plummet their stock while leaving tops execs in deep trouble.

    The pilot episode moves along at a breezy pace, introducing it's cast of sympathetic and not-so sympathetic characters: Judd's best friend and most valued asset, Chris Didion, a man recovering from a nervous breakdown; Trish Agermeyer, a woman caught up in an affair with her opportunistic and dispassionate colleague, Jeff McCann; and Nora Gage, your multipurpose, ass kicking, woman of many talents and questionable loyalties. Towards the end of the first episode my mind hadn't been blow away, but I felt satisfied and I was looking forward to seeing more episodes of this sugary, light hearted series. But then in the last five minutes I was blow away (along with a character I assumed would be a series regular, but not anymore). In those last five minutes, a deliciously dark element was introduced I hadn't expected and now I can't wait to see what dastardly things lie ahead.
  • This show was fun and utilized the great on-screen personality of Tim Daly. It was fun and entertaining with a bit of angst that made you want to tune in the following week--and then it was gone.

    Maybe just maybe, networks need to give ensemble pieces that appear to have chemistry but need time to get to the public--the chance to do just that. The cost of the pilot and the first shows should at least make it financially prudent to show all of the shows in the can.

    This one is gone-----but maybe next time the same mistake won't be made. And maybe, someone will find a vehicle for the multi-talented Mr. Daly.
  • Hello to all the "Eyes" fans out there. Seems like you guys are all over the globe and not just in North America. Great to hear. The bad news for all of us is that there's probably a better chance of all of us walking on water than there is for the network to give "Eyes" another chance with t.v. viewers. That doesn't mean that we should give up though and I hope everyone will sign the petition to renew this short-lived show. Our second option, which is more likely, is to have a DVD release of ALL the episodes. So how 'bout it guys? Can we all send a message to the powers that be and let them know we'd be interested in purchasing a DVD of this intriguing, smart and witty show. The Nielsen families do not in any way shape or form represent the more intelligent viewers and we're sick and tired of all these idiotic reality shows. We want intelligent shows like "Eyes."
  • I was so excited when I saw that ABC was going to air a new show called "Eyes" with my favorite actor - Tim Daly. It was all I expected it to be. Slick - cool- and the bad guys lose. I was so disappointed when it was pulled from the schedule. ABC has some of the best shows on the air and some of the worst. Perhaps some younger viewers might enjoy such shows as Super Nanny or Brat Camp but as the person who pays for programming I want to see something other than kids behaving badly and parents who tolerate it. Please bring back "Eyes" even if you have to slide it into a different time slot. Good Luck to Tim and the rest of a great cast. I'm pulling for you.
  • I have watched the series since ABC first aired it after Alias on Wednesday evenings. The show has a great "fit" in the Wednesday lineup since the two shows proceeding it are action/suspense/dramas in the form of Lost and Alias. With the viewer ship of those two shows already tuned in I think they will find this show to please their viewing taste. It is a very impressive series with a smart cast including of course Tim Daly in the lead role and great intermixed story lines going on both long term and short term. I sincerely hope the folks up at ABC don't judge this series too fast as it has fantastic potential and hopefully they will realize they are putting it up against an established heavyweight with "CSI".Personally I think CBS has went overboard on the CIS theme and it's refreshing to see a action/drama series like Eyes on the air. In recent years it seems harder to find series that are original and ones that contain some concerted thought when they were developed, this series has the earmarkings of being one of the rare gems in the lineup. From a personal viewing standpoint, I am tired of seeing too many of the reality series that truly aren't reality at all but just glorified game shows more or less where they offer prizes to folks in order to get them to participate. We as an audience could use a little more variety including action adventures like Eyes and maybe a little less "thoughtless" shows with no real entertainment value. The question to ask is will this show be one that you will remember years from now, for most reality shows that answer is a resounding "NO". For the producers of the show Eyes, I congratulate you on your originality and I hope you will find success with this creation.
  • I'm rather upset that it has not been on again since a lot of us really put it on our favorites list !!!

    Obviously, it's nothing personal, But I don't watch but 3 prime-time shows per week, EYES being only the 4th. It's a smart, witty show, the cast are perfect in the assigned characters they play.

    Tim is just thee Best and being humorously Irreverent is just such a delightful kick, and the show rings true.... I'm telling anyone that wants to hear... from this discriminating female, This is thee ultimate role for TIM DALY !!!!

    WE'VE GOT TO ENCOURAGE THe almighty "network" or 'producers' Or the 'powers that Be'..... TO PUT THIS SHOW BACK ON THE AIR !!!!

    Please "Our Eyes, want to See EYES about 40 more episodes.

    Signed Blue Eyes, SV
  • ivyplain2 March 2015
    I stumbled across this show while channel surfing one day. When I found nothing else to watch I returned to the channel it was airing on. I am so glad I did because this is one of the most interesting TV series I have seen in a long time. The setting of the show couldn't be more perfect, the plots always managed to keep me in suspense, and the actors performances were spot on. All of these left me begging to see more episodes. I think this show would give Burn Notice and Leverage a run for their money. I am extremely saddened to hear it has been canceled. I wish they could find someway to do a show revival, because I would definitely be Watching.
  • Annoying Characters Played By Great Actors Are Still Annoying With a phenomenal cast like Tim Daly, Gregg Henry, Geoff Pierson, and Graham Beckel 'Eyes' appeared to be a must see. The premise of high tech PIs was also intriguing.

    Unfortunately 'Eyes' fails miserably by giving us more annoying characters than a David E. Kelly show. Each and everyone of these characters is a socially crippled, selfish, nymphomaniac glutton.

    Of course this never held back the flawed characters of 'LA Law' or 'Wise Guy.' The main difference is they weren't annoying and had more substance behind their flaws.

    Instead of coming across as intelligent and strong, these annoying characters are weak. Morally and mentally.

    It's extremely unrealistic how these sub moronic gluttons are able to start legal wars with global criminal billionaire organizations. John Gotti would've had these guys whacked within the first 5 minutes of every episode.

    Since the financial wealth of every opponent is mentioned. "International arms dealer Mr. Greaseballo has $100,000,000 in his checking account and connections to the Chinese communists. So he can afford a $1,500 an hour attorney." Yet when it comes to playing hardball these criminal masterminds and their high priced attorneys fold like Superman on laundry day.

    These conflicts are both unrealistic and unsatisfying. In order for heroes to be heroic they must overcome stronger and evil villains. The billionaire villains of 'Eyes' are so weak the audience ends up actually feeling sorry for them.

    The writers of 'Eyes' are truly talented in their ability to reduce such an amazing cast of actors into bratty children playing with fire yet never getting burned.

    Avoid 'Eyes' at all costs!
  • Could easily be mistaken for an addition to the insipid CSI franchise. It looks like they bought the glitter they spray their sets and actors with from the same supplier, as well as the computer chips they insert into their robot actors with the programmed pauses and rise and fall cadences to turn every banal line into a shakespearean monologue. It's hard to imagine how anyone other than upper income Ken and Barbies could accept any of these characters as representations of human beings, either actual or idealized. I would find it difficult to tell you what actually happened in most scenes but I'm not sure whether it's because the writing is so vague or just because the daytime soap acting threw me from even following it.
  • After watching the second episode, I have to say that I've lost interest. None of the various plot lines seemed to have any oomph, especially the one about the high-powered business guy whose testimony was needed to save a young fellow from going to prison. Why didn't the police interview him before the trial? Seems obvious to me, and it would have saved a lot of effort.

    It is also very difficult to keep all of the players straight, at least it was for me. Some of the characters I was looking forward to from the first episode, but I couldn't even recognize them in the second. Lots of pretty faces, but many of them looked the same to me.