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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Busi Cortés tell us another female story, but what bunch of females! All leaded by the outstanding Evangelina Elizondo, these family of black widows are formed by Pilar Ixquic Mata, Lumi Cavazos (still sweet), Marta Zamora. This wealthy family runs an asylum for old people, so imagine what a bunch of looney characters walks around. Still, Marina de Tavira is a young actress that achieves a highlight performance as well as Jesus Ochoa's girlfriend in the movie. A total delight! Busi Cortés leaves the drama (not the feminism) to give us a light black comedy, with good taste, in a modest production that deserved better publicity and distribution. The good cast and the story deserved to be seen by far much more people.

    A different movie, highly recommended for a relaxed moment. Good Cinema is also that.