The film is composed of nine Steadicam shots, each ranging from 10-12 minutes.

Robin Wright and Jason Isaacs asked director Rodrigo García what the back story was of their characters and he told them "I don't know, why don't you guys go talk about it, but don't tell me," so they did. After they shot the scene, Garcia asked them what they had come up with. They told him they figured they were both reporters in a war zone during the Bosnian War when they met.

All nine stories take place in real-time.

While the film was largely overlooked by moviegoers, critical reaction was generally favorable and both Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper included it on the year end top 10 lists.

Every permanent member of the crew owns a piece of the film.

One of the two movies released in 2005 starring Glenn Close, Jason Isaacs and William Fichtner as part of the ensemble casting, the other film being The Chumscrubber (2005).

The role of Samantha was written specifically for Amanda Seyfried.

Was nominated for the William Shatner Golden Groundhog Award for Best Underground Movie. The other nominated films were Green Street Hooligans (2005), Mirrormask (2005), Up for Grabs (2004) and Opie Gets Laid (2005).