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  • I had the pleasure of seeing this short film at the Miami film festival this past Saturday and let me just say I was astounded. It was the only film out of the whole program that I loved. It is beautifully shot, composed, edited, acted and written. After the screening I saw the director at a party and asked him what he was doing next. He said that he was working on finding financing for the feature version of the short. He described some scenes to me. It sounded like the kind of first film that launches the greats into the industry. If you ever get a chance to see this short I highly recommend taking it. Hats off to star crossed.
  • First and foremost I would like to say, that before i watched this film i considered myself an accepting individual. Someone that cared about others, appreciated others, found no/barely any judgment against other people, and this film has (i think) changed my life or viewpoint dramatically. When i watched it, I didn't know particularly what it was about, i knew it was about some type of forbidden relationship, but other then that I was clueless, and as I began to see what was taking place between these two wonderfully depicted characters, i was in shock, disbelief, confusion and surprise. The first time i watched it, i was blind. Blind to their love, to their intimacy, to their connection, to their pureness as human beings, to their relationship. I watched it a second time, because i finally figured out how hypocritical I was being, saying to myself and others, "Oh i accept all types of people, and try not to judge them" while still judging this wonderful and amazingly insightful story, because of my fear I suppose. The second time I watched this film, I opened those eyes of mine that had stayed closed the first time, and really looked, not at the type of taboo relationship part that I'd heard about all my life, but simply at two human beings in love. And I loved it, i loved the storyline, i loved the slightly broken yet strong individual people in the film, i loved the sharing of feelings, and i loved the strong bonds created. It is a really eye opening, beautifully done film that made me cry at times, and I hope that people who read this and are going to watch the film eventually, remember that everyone deserves love, no matter what shape or form it is presented in....
  • I just watched this short at the PlanetOut Movies.

    Starcrossed was a very sweet, sad, little movie about two brothers that are in love. There is some great, subtle acting from both the male leads. Often times movies with this subject matter seem to get too caught up in the controversy and shock value of the plot that they forget that there is an actual story. Luckily writer director James Burkhammer does not do this, and instead lets the story play out with honesty. The sequences of the two boys first falling in love are very sweet.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've watched many short films in my day. Often I find them either too compressed (throwing too much information at the viewer in the short amount of time they have to run), too "artsy", or lacking a clear-cut vision. I can say none of these things about Starcrossed. In this review, I'll do my best to avoid any dramatic spoilers, but I'll also assume that the reader understands that the theme of this film is brotherly incest.

    As with any short film, the story is fairly simple, straightforward and easy to digest. It's clear that the film attempts to shine a light one one of modern society's most deeply held taboos. This film succeeds in every respect. In the fifteen minutes of running time, I found myself feeling a gamut of emotions. With only a little dialog, the viewer is rapidly pulled into the most personal moments and thoughts of these star-crossed brothers.

    From the opening scene set in their early childhood, one can see the very close relationship the brothers have. When the film progresses to the present day in the next scene, the excellent acting and honest, heartfelt performances remind the viewer that love can come in the most unexpected and harsh way. As the relationship progresses, any disgust the viewer may initially feel is quickly replaced by sympathy and emotional distress as the viewer suddenly realizes that there can be only one possible resolution. And the aftermath of that resolution is heart-rending.

    Anyone with an open mind would do well to watch this film and absorb its message. If nothing else, it boldly and honestly challenges the viewer to reexamine some of our deepest beliefs on the shame-filled and secretive taboo of incest. Though the film is only fifteen minutes long, it resonates in the viewer long after the credits roll. This is perhaps my favorite short film I've ever seen. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • Starcrossed stretches the outer limits between social acceptability and love in its purest form. Writer/Director James Burkhammer tells a moving story of two brothers and the close sexual relationship that develops between them. Burkammer's film follows the boys growing up from their early prepubescent years to their teens, and is able to effectively capture, in a non judgmental manner, the intense emotional connection the two brothers have for each other. At times you forget that the two boys are brothers, and instead enjoy the true beauty of their love for each other.

    J.B. Ghuman, who plays the protective older brother Darren, performed his part flawlessly and convincingly, with passion that resonated on the screen. Equally, Marshall Allman put in a solid performance as the younger brother Connor. Together both actors brought the perfect chemistry to their roles that made their relationship convincing and realistic. The turmoil and tragedy that ensues when their parents become aware of the relationship is captivating and unforgiving.

    The cinematography was average and probably could have been done better, although this did not take away from the effectiveness of this film.

    Regardless of where you stand morally on the subject of this film (incest), Starcrossed captures well the true beauty of unconditional love between two people. Not to be missed.
  • preppy-327 October 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Short about two brothers (beautifully played by J.B. Ghuman Jr and Marshall Allman) who fall in love with each other. This leads to sex and a depressing (but beautiful) ending.

    I caught this on YouTube. Didn't even know it existed--I came upon it by accident. Incest is a tricky subject and it has to be handled carefully. This movie handles it just right. It's not loud or in your face. It has a laid-back feeling and there's very little dialogue. The direction is great and the music perfectly fits the mood of the piece. The movie isn't explicit in terms of sex. All you see is the brothers in their underwear in bed kissing and holding each other. Also neither of the young actors (both in their 20s BTW) look even remotely alike so I never found it uncomfortable to watch. Touching, quiet and moving.
  • Vincentiu19 March 2013
    delicate, impressive, touching. a story like many others. but, in a strange manner, very different. for idea. for acting. and for its flavor. it can be a version of Romeo and Juliet and, in same time, a common story. it is credible. and poetic. fragile. and provocative. it is that case of short movie who remains seed for long time emotions. not for images or script but for flavor. a love story. and a risky message. two men. a circle. a image. an option. nothing comfortable. nothing easy to be tolerated. but this is its secret. to broke rules. to open new vision to dark page. to seduce. and the work rolls. like silence behind a poem words.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i guess if they are not brother this film will became very common. how long were they can keep this ? if we were part,what should they do?so natural feelings,so plain and barren words.But I almost cried last night blood relationship brotherhood love knot another word,the elder brother is very cute.if they are not brothers,they won't have so many forbidden factors,from the family、society、friends、even hearts of their own at the very beginning.The elder brother is doubtful of whether he is coming out or not at the beginning .maybe the little brother being so long time with his brother and even can't got any praise from his father,this made him very upset and even sad,maybe this is a key blasting fuse let him feel there were no one in the world loving him except his beloved brother. and i want to say ,this is a so human-natural feeling ,there is nothing to be shamed,you may fell in love your mother、brother、sister.Just a frail heart looking for backbone to rely on
  • a love story.real special. for solid story, acting, delicacy and dramatic.for remembers about great love stories. for the touching credibility. and for the science to be support for reflection about solitude, friendship, solidarity, compassion, desires of parents about children and a form of affection who escapes to precise definitions. a film great for its scent. like the scent of a field flower in early spring.
  • Tahhh23 September 2007
    I'm rather surprised that anybody found this film touching or moving.

    The basic premise of the film sounded to me like an excellent, if provocative, idea for a movie about a rare sort of relationship, but one (if I can judge by the real-life examples I've known) is extremely deep and loving.

    However, the film is cheaply scripted--poorly scripted--and although it has a number of very pretty-looking shots, I didn't find it to be anything special.

    Probably the biggest problem is that it is far too short and poorly-composed to give its audience time enough to invest, emotionally, in the characters: we don't really care about any of them, and so their stresses and obstacles don't really touch us.

    I think a REMAKE--from the screenplay up--with some character development by some really good writers--could improve it greatly. It is instructive to compare this film with Brokeback Mountain, which the screen-writers took to far loftier levels than did the author of the screenplay--screen-writers who were clearly conscious of how to write a classical tragedy, and carried out their task with care, planning, and superb craftsmanship! However, people only seem to remake those films that don't need it! You're not really missing anything if you skip this one: I found it very disappointing indeed, and it is only saved from getting a 1-star from me by virtue of the daring and gumption it took to make a film on this sensitive subject.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Starcrossed" is a 2005 12-minute (without credits) short film written and directed by James Burkhammer, an actor you may be familiar with if you have seen "Prison Break". The two lead actors in here, you are probably not familiar with and I cannot say I am surprised that they did not manage impressive careers in the last 10 years, but stayed fairly anonymous instead. Here they play brothers, who fell in love with each other. So Burkhammer is taking it even a step further and does not only make a LBGT film, but one about incest as well. I guess that is why this one is so well known. However, even if it is atmospheric at times, I thought, this movie lacked something, namely a convincingly elaborated story. Instead it just offers us controversial images, one after the other, and drama that just happens without leading us there. There are many gay-themed short movies out there and this one here is not among the very worst, but it's not even close to the best either with an ending that is far too melodramatic. This film would have needed more subtlety from start to finish. Not recommended.
  • sandover20 December 2010
    I love the way people delude themselves. And I wonder slightly, just slightly, if it is not incest that drives people delude themselves, I mean into investing some kind of interest in this soft corn short. A bad dad supposedly and since their oppressive childhood under his military demeanor towards all things perfectly executed, forces two brothers into love for each other, love that takes a deviant turn, but we never have a quasi-sexual acting out that would heat things up and draw the line we want or not to transgress. As it is, Marshall, the younger actor, cannot but resemble some kind of Brent Corrigan's amanuensis. Both brothers are so athletic that it's a pity they don't tease us directly with all the incestuous potential. And it's a pity people draw themselves into a tender delusion of incest acting like, but not out, into the common light of our world, some alibi for tenderness. It is not even that tenderness has some incestuous alibi. Or maybe this is the point. For this film is not alone in such matters. Can we please have some kind of ultimatum concerning matters of star-crossed tenderness, not crossing over into quasi - and queasy - incest?

    Psychoanalysis claims that incest is impossible AND it has to be prohibited. And it is simply like this guys. Otherwise one's sentimental crossbreed runs the risk of being impossible and prohibited. Tenderness can change the world. It does not need an incestuous alibi. Why, would that heat up the crime of affection?