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  • a series. like many others. virtues of family, single father, brave doctor, seductive characters, problems of different ages, dramas, sickness, courage and high spirit of duty. almost nothing new. except the air of a small town, the humor, the tension and the memories about different other series. and, sure, the good performances, very useful for a holiday film. because this is its secret of seduction - it is a perfect holiday series, easy, soft, nice and full of adventures from the events of every day. ordinary people. and new and new challenges. so, right choice for refresh after a busy day. or for comfortable evening.
  • Vincentiu7 January 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    far to be a surprise, it is a warm series about ordinary things, events, dramas of a family. lost of loved people, children and teenagers, love and medical cases, all in a sort of Neckermann package , not very complicated plot, a lot of touching and amusing scenes and not bad cast. the axis a doctor and his family. drops of wise solutions for illness and life difficulties, a lovely town and few adorable characters. nothing new but perfect recipes for entertainment in afternoon. and the German has new nuances in dialogs, the air of holiday is seductive, the stories of each episode fruits of precise science to create wise stories. a film for every age and many preferences. so, nice at whole.