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  • without a doubt my favorite horror TV series,different stories each episode about people who find them selves in odd situations. a fine cast that had a mix of actors and actress, from home and the USA.such has Dennis waterman,chad Everett Barbara Bel geddes, patty duke,carol lynely,Patrick Allen. this must get a DVD release?the opening titles to the show makes the hairs on you stand out?the word cult comes to mind with this show if you get a chance to see it do so.their not been a TV horror show like it or likely to be.the top episodes are poor butterfly, faces in a crowd,jane browns body, which stars a young stephanie powers.
  • JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN was an American TV series produced by Britain's Hammer Films, lasting only 17 episodes which may explain why 8 of them were compiled into four ersatz feature films exclusively for television syndication, this title of the same name (hosted by Hollywood legend Joan Crawford), plus Patrick McGoohan's "Journey into Darkness," Sebastian Cabot's "Journey to Midnight," and "Journey to Murder" (again hosted by Crawford). First up is "Matakitas is Coming," one of the very best episodes, starring Vera Miles as a librarian doing research on an executed strangler (Leon Lissek) who continues his murder spree from beyond the grave. Sadly, bringing up the rear is "The Last Visitor," a predictable Hitchcock ripoff with Patty Duke as a young woman recovering from a nervous breakdown at a seaside resort where someone appears to be stalking her. It's a little depressing to see Joan Crawford hosting both "Journey to the Unknown" and "Journey to Murder," as they are among her final on screen appearances, requiring little of her besides reading cue cards.